Kereke sued over unpaid chemicals


A LOCAL agricultural chemical manufacturer, Windmill, has filed a
$100 000 claim at the High Court against former adviser to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Munyaradzi Kereke over unpaid fertilizer and pesticides bills.


According to court papers under case number HC7841/12, sometime in November 2010, Kereke approached Windmill and obtained fertilizer and pesticides worth $110 370 on a credit facility.

The firm said Kereke made a part payment of $20 318,10, but allegedly failed to pay off the balance which had accrued interest totalling $103 547,60.

In another case, medical supplier Pulse Medical Care, also approached the same court seeking to force Kereke’s medical institution, Rock Foundation Centre, to settle a
$23 000 debt for pharmaceutical products supplied to the hospital.

In the matter under case number HC13429/12, Pulse Medical Care claims it supplied Kereke’s hospital with various pharmaceutical products of which payment was supposed to have been paid within 30 days of the delivery of drugs.

“The defendant’s payment for the drugs delivered was erratic and it fell into arrears. The total due from defendant up to date is $23 392,41 which amount defendant has failed and/or neglected to pay,” the medical supplier said.

In response to the drug claim, Kereke’s firm denied owing the drug supplier any amount, arguing that the express term of the agreement was that the hospital would remit cash to Pulse Medical Care once the products were sold.

“Defendant admits that the pharmaceutical products were delivered, but pleads, however, that the money being claimed by plaintiff is not due and payable because the products not paid for are still in stock, therefore defendant is not liable to payment of unsold products,” Rock Foundation Centre said.

Both cases are still pending at the High Court.


  1. Hindava kugara uchingobuda mubepa nenyaya dzakadai nhai Kereke? Ndiko kutsvaka mari kwacho here nhai Munyaradzi? Kana zvanetsa dzokera kumusha kuBikita undotengesa harurwa.

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