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Kasukuwere breathes fire


YOUTH Development minister Saviour Kasukuwere has renewed his attack on foreign-owned banks, saying they should “ship out” if they fail to toe his line and support numerous youth initiatives.

Report by Staff Reporter

He also took aim at diamond mining companies that were failing to honour their promise to release funds into the Zimunya-Marange Community Share Ownership Trust.

Speaking at a ceremony for the handover of field office equipment to several districts in Manicaland last week sourced from the International Labour Organisation, Kasukuwere funding and support of youth initiatives was a priority.

He said the youths should not be perennial recipients of aid but that in every economic activity in the country there should be 25% youth representation.

He said he would not sit back and allow foreign-owned banks and diamond mining companies “misbehaving” and disobeying his orders.

“Barclays should come on board. Standard should come on board. Of course, CABS is doing great. We are working with CABS to fund the youth programmes,” Kasukuwere said.

“If you don’t want to fund our people, you have no business in this country. Get out. Go back to your country. You cannot come into this country and misbehave and expect that you are going to be protected.”

Kasukuwere took a swipe at diamond companies, saying if talking failed to work he would employ other tactics.

In July last year, President Robert Mugabe launched the Zimunya-
Marange Community Share Ownership Trust in Marange amid pomp and fanfare, but the Trust’s coffers remain dry.

“I agree with you (Manicaland) governor (Christopher Mushohwe). For those who think that as individuals they must benefit at the expense of the people, that is out, it is foreign,” he said.

“Everyone should benefit and more so when the resources are coming from here. So with regard to the funding of Manicaland, we will not rest, Cde Governor, until they pay. That money must come. If it means we go beyond talking, we will do that, but those funds must come. When they come, let’s see more irrigation schemes being developed, roads being built and huge portions of those funds being set aside to help our young people.”

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