Journo attacked, left for dead

CHINHOYI — Freelance journalist Paul Pindani is battling for his life at a local hospital after three masked men abducted him from his house and severely assaulted him.

Own Correspondent

Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara confirmed the incident which occurred on Friday morning at around 4am.

Police said on the fateful day, Pindani (38) was asleep with his wife Cleolinda Bushu (28) at their house in Hunyani, Chinhoyi when three unidentified men wearing masks knocked on the main door.

Pindani reportedly went outside to attend to the “visitors” who immediately gagged him with pieces of cloth after he opened the door.

“The three assailants, who were wearing masks and work-suits shoved a piece of cloth into his mouth and dragged him to Mt Tikwiri shopping centre about 80 metres from his house and beat him up with unknown objects before disappearing,” said Mabgweazara, adding that the motive of the attack remained unknown.

Complainant is said to have staggered back home and narrated the ordeal to his wife before falling unconscious.

Pindani was rushed to Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital where he is battling for his life.

Police said investigations into the kidnapping and assault case were in progress.

No arrests had been made at the time of going to print yesterday.

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  1. Law & Order Guy

    These guys must be caught… And then they must be executed quickly.

    1. vanhu vezanu pf vaneutsinye. ko vanoroverei munhu?

      1. this is a pathetic situation but we should not rush to cast aspertions on anyone without evidence.lets wait for police to investigate.let us pray for the speedy recovery of our fellow

  2. So they say zimbabwe is the most peaceful country

  3. The police officer says the journo was dragged for 80 metres from to the shopping centre. Did the journo live inside one of the shops. Its just a question Zim journos are an engendered species. Treat them OK!

    1. English should not trouble you uch.The journo was dragged to Mt Tikwiri shopping centre wich is 80m from his house.Read between the line boy.

  4. Occupational hazard for jornos. If controversal one risks being butchered remember the Zimind jorno at Harvest House

  5. Ma1

  6. I hope this one is not going to be an endless investigation as have been other numerous cases that still wait for results.May be this time ZRP is going to be professional as expected.

  7. there will be no arrests any bets

  8. I don’t enjoy this guys cause next time its you so let God intervene i don’t even like this eish this is brutality

  9. That’s true noone will be arrested for sure

  10. We all know which party recently attacked a Journalist at its HQ.

  11. These are the scare tactics reminiscent of dictatorships in China and Russia but they did not stop change. Change is coming.

  12. Artiful Dodger

    may the good Lord of all heavens And earth send His Holy Spirit to forgive and lead u to repentance hope u had a good a very awesome fathers day

  13. cio please leave us in peace, we want to vote

  14. Ladies and gentleman some of your comments are just a digrace to our ‘Creator’,Lord, Jesus Christ.
    Remember, Mwari vakasika munhu nemufananidzo Wavo.What do get from boasting nekurova kana kuuraya munhu? Ko, iko kutukirira kwamunoita hamunyare neyi nhai vanhuhwe ? Right, vamwe venyu kana mukanyora izvozvo zvamunoda zvinonyadzisira munodini kutanga maratidza vabereki venyu kana mumwe wehukama musati maposta.
    Pliz, vadikani ngatiedzei kushandisa rurimi rwakazara nerudo nguva dzose.
    Kutukirira vamwe kwamunoita hakuchinje munhu iyeye asi kutaura naye zvakaka zvingatobatsira.
    Machechi anoswera akavhurwa, tendeukai vadikani nguva ichiripo.
    Kwauri urikufunga kuti urikutadzirwa nanhingi kana kuti wakatadzirwa, muregere mwana waMwari chivi achafamba nacho orara nacho Mwari vari kumuona 24 hours.
    Kasiyekeleni ukuzondana bakwethu sixolelane njalo sithandaneni kungelani ukuthi silombono otshiyeneyo lapho esihlangana khona loba kweze politiki.Qhaphela muntu kaNkosi, inzondo izala ububi kodwa ukuxolela kuzala uthando esizweni
    Dear Zimbabweans, let us learn to forgive and forget. This hate language will not bear any fruits for our country.Brothers and sisters,uncles ang gogoz let’s all put aside our past differences,either social or political and work towards building our country.
    Calling each other names and beating someone will yield nothing for our nation.
    Let’s we fear God the owner of life before we engange in any form of cowardly and inhumane behaviour or act.Pliz,let’s love one another and stop using hate speech anywhere in our social or political life.lmagin what will be of this country if each and everyone of us takes the iniciative to preach PEACE and LOVE from now onwards.
    Remember, peace begins with’ YOU ‘.
    Clean your heart today, for Jesus Christ !

  15. zvatotanga so……..

  16. Complainant is said to have staggered back home and narrated the ordeal to his wife before falling unconscious.I quote
    my question where was the wife all this time haana kumbofunga kuda kuona kuti ndiya atora murume wake at that hour. Pamwe dai akatevera she could have seen what was happening and called for help in time to save the husband. Ndango bvunzawo zvangu.

  17. Mageja Siziba

    This is total cowardice!!!! Imagine three grown up men trying to kill someone in bed with his wife!! MDC T pliz sungirai imbwa dzenyu.

  18. majakathatha mojalefa

    Why was he opening the door at 4am?

  19. the devil takes delight in death,suffering,cruelty and so forth.the devil shares your bed every night as your husband,brother,uncle or whoever.he takes the same kombi with you to and fro work,you even sat next to him at that other funeral.he lives with the memories of taking away people`s lives every day.the guilt is so strong the devil becomes withdrawn.he has lost his humaine aspect.he is the guy who will give you a lift and never whisper goodmorning greeting to you.he has gone to the other side of life.he awaits jugdement.


  21. mabasa imbwa dza mugabe

  22. dofo rakadzidza

    iwe mukadzi iwe! kutonakigwa negumbeze usingaone kuti murume aenda pa door ndivana ani vauya? vamwe vanhu ka? beats me zvokwadi,,, kudodhonzerera gumbeze kwahi baba vaenda kuno attenda vaenzi at such an hour? handisati ndamboona kupusa kwakadai. imi ma journo, roorai vakadzi vakati ngwarirei kwete ZVEKUNGONHONGA… yours is an endangered profession especially as we head towards elections, …..nxaaa zvimbwasungata izvi dai zvabatwa ,,,

  23. He was beaten up by Zanu PF savages sent by some deranged politician.

  24. george bachinche

    Why don’t you let the police investigate and issue a statement?

  25. nonsense

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