I believe he is at peace —Mandela daughter


JOHANNESBURG — Former president Nelson Mandela’s eldest daughter says the family is taking it one day at a time as her father remains in a critical condition in a Pretoria hospital, but she believes he is at peace.


“All we do every day is take one day at a time and pray to the good Lord,” Makaziwe Mandela told CNN.

“All I pray for as a daughter is that the transition is smooth . . . He is at peace with himself. He has given so much to the world. I believe he is at peace.”

The family was unsettled by some media reports.

“Nelson Mandela’s blood runs through these veins. Our veins. Give us the space to be with our father. Whether these are the last moments with us to be with our dad, or there is still a longer, but they must back off.” CNN reported that she also addressed how much medical treatment her father should receive.

“In our culture, the Tembu culture
. . . you never release the person unless the person has told you: ‘Please my children, my family, release me.’ My dad hasn’t said that to us.

“So these people who want to talk about, you know, release him: he hasn’t said we should release him and we haven’t come to the end yet. It is only God who knows the end.”

Meanwhile, people waited with bated breadth for news about Nelson Mandela on Monday morning after the presidency said his condition was critical.

“The condition of former president Nelson Mandela, who is still in hospital in Pretoria, has become critical,” the presidency said on Sunday night.

The 94-year-old anti-apartheid icon has been in hospital since June 8, fighting a lung infection.


  1. Crocodile tears. Is this not the same Makaziwa Mandela who is suing him because of his money?
    Stop pretending to care for the old man when you know very well that you want him dead. In actual fact to you he is already dead that’s why you want him money. Shame on you

    • Mandela is the greatest in this world but you should not waste your time talking politics while others are enjoying their lives with money without talking politics. See how this Zim poor woman became a millionaire just by buying and selling accidented cars. Very interesting idea. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM) to see the methods and companies she was using to do that. (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM), a very simple idea but a very powerful one, Wake up Africans

  2. For me the world is full of hypocrites. Especially the western world. For 30 long years they watched and did nothing while Madiba was being cooked alive at Robin Island and other Boer prisons. Even the lung infection is proximated at Robin Island prison. Yes, he was never to live forever, nobody does. The Western world please shut the hell up with your beatitudes of falsely praising a person you persecuted for so long. Shame on you and Zuma too. It seems he is also being used. Pathetic!!!!!!

    • Maki is from NM’;s first marriage to Evelyne so this Makazi if fighting hondo ya step mother uWinnie the lioness of Africa

  3. Thats true Chingara. Not only do they watch ,wait and see but when you do get your freedom they swiftly want to dismiss those people that have been actualy helping you like the chinaman, then they want to introduce you to a new game called elections and democracy and teach you gay rights like in SA as if you where fighting for gay rights all along. Not RG Mugabe, God send, he didnt forget what he was fighting for did he and they will never forget him and we wont either

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