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Youths embark on road maintenance


FAILURE by rural councils to repair gravel roads has forced youths in remote parts of Chizanga and Chidiya Villages in Murewa West to embark on a road maintenance exercise.

Report by Jairos Saunyama

More than 20 youths have taken it upon themselves to repair the roads, a move that is meant to develop the community.

Most of the roads in the area are in a bad state, which has seen villagers facing problems in travelling from one point to the other as most commuter transporters have shunned the routes.

When NewsDay visited the area, the youths were busy covering potholes along the road at Shavanhohwe Bridge in Musami Area.

In an interview, the youths said they were doing it for the betterment of their communities since their Members of Parliament had not done anything since they took office.

Leader of the group Peter Shonhiwa said responsible authorities had failed the area to such an extent that their roads and other infrastructures were in a
bad state.

“Our roads are in a bad state and this is a big disadvantage to us who live in this area as most bus companies are shunning this area.

“We appealed to responsible authorities including the District Development Fund, but nothing materialised. So we mobilised each other and embarked on this project of repairing our roads.

“We are just off the rain season and the rains did a lot of damage to the roads and it really needs us to work hard,” he said.

Another youth Morris Mhonda said they were using simple tools and were working about two hours a day.

“We have other things to do, so we just commit ourselves for two hours each day for the road work and this is working.

“We have simple tools like wheelbarrows, hoes and picks, but we are trying our best. We have covered much area in Chizanga and Chidiya Villages and we are now in Musami
Village,” he said.

An elderly villager Robison Mhonda from Chidiya hailed the youths for doing community development projects.

“I am very grateful of what these youths are doing. They are doing well for the community through maintaining our deteriorating roads,” he said.

Murewa West has some of the poorest roads in Mashonaland East.

The state of the roads are an epitome of a neglected area despite having most of the successful market gardening farmers in the country who use the roads to transport their produce to Harare and other areas.

And it needs youths like those from Chizanga to arm themselves and do the work.

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