Water crisis blamed on plant breakdown

HARARE mayor Muchadeyi Masunda has blamed the current water shortages which have seen most suburbs going without the precious liquid for weeks on end to a major breakdown at the main treatment plant, Morton Jaffray Waterworks.


Addressing journalists at Quill Club in Harare on Wednesday, Masunda said eight of the 14 pumps at the plant had broken down.

“We have at Morton Jaffray a total of 14 pumps. Of those 14, we had nine working, but now we are down to six pumps. We need to get the money to get engineering firms to fix the pumps,” Masunda said.

“We don’t expect to get any funds from government because there is no money, but we can use the resources that we have. Do you know that the city owns between six to seven thousand cattle? The city owns five farms on the periphery of Harare.”

Water demand in Harare alone is currently at 1 200 megalitres a day yet the municipality is currently producing 620 megalitres for Harare, Chitungwiza and Norton.

The city’s water crisis has also been blamed on shortage of treatment chemicals amid reports that water consumed in the capital contains 50% human waste.

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  1. Look at MDC efficiency!

  2. Devolution is needed,crowding harare with everything now the infastructure is underpressure

  3. Action must taken soonest else Mayor Masunda and his council risk a serious disease outbreak in the capital..with citizens having already lost confidence in the city fathers a face lift is needed in the structure and way the municipality goes about its priorities…..

  4. Why do they wait for the system to break down first! Planned maintenance! Strategic planning! Mxm! Africans! Are we a degenerating race?

  5. At the mayor is not blaming zpf for the shortcomings of a mdct dominated Harare City. For this, the mayor has my support

  6. At least the mayor is not blaming zpf for the shortcomings of a mdct dominated Harare City. For this, the mayor has my support

  7. This is one big fat lie..the council does not have chemicals to treat the water, period. And by the way whatever happened to the new water treatment tender which was floated by the GTB around mid April..are they still adjudicating or are there guts on the floor with big political wigs fighting over who should get the tender? The tender for Alum for example is worth USD12 million and among chicken thieves there is sufficient reason to send a few bodies to the morgue over who gets the chunk..I have it on good authority that if the council is paying anything above 50 cents per kg for solid Alum they are being ripped off BIG TIME as they have been over the years.This is why the send IDIOTIC bills which they know no one can pay to cover up for the GROSS THEFT. To get direction as regard pricing for this vital ingredient..visit http://www.ICIS/lor.com and click on the aluminium sulphate link. This is an independent body which trends chemical and metal commodities world wide. This alum must have 17% minimum content of active alum not the trash we have been getting from China of late. Assigning a reporter to look deeper into this will not be a waste of time. As our voice and eyes we expect the Newsday editor to take an active interest in this as the lives of your readers and you are at stake. In any case why should thieves cash in on our livelihood while we applaud them on the sidelines? ENOUGH!!!

  8. masund is the worst mayor harare has ever had, but voting mdc-t all the way daddy

  9. in terms of infrastructural development it has been nothing else but talk and talk over the years.If you look at Morton Jaffray(MJ)
    this water works is an inheritance from the pre-independence era just like the power generation plants namely Kariba etc.Talk about Kunzvi and Zambezi water pipeline in Matebeleland ministers,governors,mayors you name it have come and gone but alas it still remains talk.Everything has a life span nature has it that way and if they is no vision or let me say foresight or plans as to how long some of these last will continue to run everything down.Pumps yes they do breakdown but most importantly is the pipeline e.g
    we have reservoirs next to Heroes Acre getting their supply from Warren Control feeding mostly greater Hre.The area around Zesa Training Center were these pipes run along into Ridgeview you’ll be shocked with how much water is lost everyday.No matter how much mega litres you can pump to this reservoirs either from Warren Control or MJ an entire an entire reservoir is lost and with
    that you cant expect to fill Letombo /Donnybrook down stream.It doesnt matter which part you r affliated with they is lack of commitment.If you go into the parliament today they is a miniature proposed new parliament to be sited at Kopje long before the joint government its only talk and nothin else.Are we ever going to be a better country than we were up to late 90’s i wonder.Hre-Chitungwiza train ever heard of it.We cant improve on what we inherited.Growing up in St Mary’s we had street lights from Zrp past magoromera to chigovanyika waht remains are concrete poles if any lining the street.WE GOING BACK IN CIVILISATION OOH BOY

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