Mugabe salutes Sata for intervention

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday saluted Zambian President Michael Sata for his timely intervention when he offered to sell Zimbabwe 150 000 metric tonnes of maize and described him as a “grand man”.


Speaking at the launch of the Food and Nutrition Security Policy in Harare, Mugabe described this year’s drought as the worst in living memory.

“We are afflicted by the worst drought in living memory. Most of our provinces were drought-stricken. Farmers are all in tears in those areas because there is no food for the farmers themselves and no cash crop to rely on,” Mugabe said.

Giving a solidarity message at the launch, Unicef country representative Gianfranco Rotigliano said a shocking one-third of all preschoolchildren in Zimbabwe suffered from stunted growth due to malnourishment.

The policy document is aimed at promoting food and nutrition security for all Zimbabweans, particularly among the most vulnerable citizens.

Vice President Joice Mujuru also attended the policy launch.

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  1. does Mugabe know that the maize he is buying from Zambia are produced by the sam white farmers he chased away from his zimbabwe. shame on you mister Mugabe

    1. The white farmers can produce all the maize they like from Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique but Mugabe will keep his Zimbabwe, mine too actually, and they will not in gay abandon extend land apportionment colonial style on the myth that they are the mainstay of Zimbabwean agriculture!

  2. Imbwa yemunhu. Kupemberera chibage chiri kurimwa nevarungu vawakadzinga. Chiona vakapihwa minda Zambia. Gore negore matura eZambia ogara achifashukira.

  3. Mugabe wachembera.kusanyara sure.Hant ndiwe waiti torima tega,ndobva wadzinga varungu.Haufunge.unofunga nekushure.Shal vote fo a party with a better vision

  4. Kochatakarima hachikwane here…

  5. Mutirowafanza

    Mavekusaruta varungu vamakadzinga babangu iwe!Bhora musango madhodha!


  7. It is not Sata, it is the farmers.We are happy that history is always the best judge. ANGER, RACIST AND SELF CENTERED DRIVEN LAND GRABS HAVE RESULTED in under utilization of land and hunger. Where is Joyce Banda.Does she still want to come and learner.Where is the good harvest that ZBC always illustrated through is modified library pictures? Like it or not it was not land reform but land deform.Like it or not ,it was not principle driven nor to empower us, but it was meant to prop up ZANU pf.This is cold blooded cruelty.Destroy every thing there is to remain in power, kill by guns , sticks, poisons , throwing our parents in Kezi MINES TO REMAIN IN POWER, exposing people to hunger and malnutrition to retain power, now de industrializing to remain in power.what are you ruling then? These clowns! Vote multiparty democracy, vote for men with skills and back bone to take you out of this and avoid giving Tsvangirai majority because he is not only capable of doing this but is both a disciple and a product of this leadership by destruction.

    1. You’re celebrating too soon. That smug will be off your face in a bit. Watch this space!!!

      1. @ guest.What are you saying?

  8. spangasenkunzi

    oginye izapu uginye ipoison.

  9. Shame very much to all those who believe in white pple. White farmers never contribute more than 15% of our national grain never never. Viva sata viva

  10. Imbwa ndewe asina respect uye wakaremara language

  11. zvinonyadzisa mufunge asi sezvo politicians havana kumeso regai tidye

  12. Chibage chibage, whether from Zambia by white farmers or not. The solution to Zim’s woes is large scale farming. Few large farms [preferably black-owned] that can grow surplus crops to feed a nation, not several small farmers happy as long as hozi yakazara for the family. While the past can’t be undone, we can invite some white farmers back to help the current crop of black farmers who have failed to prove equality in terms of farming skills but instead resort to blaming colonial injustices and drought for their incompetence. The land reform is noble and irreversible true, but true land reform can only be backed by results, not by grand-standing speeches and yesteryear war-rhetoric – full of sound and fury but signifying nothing… You don’t claim equality, you prove equality, period.

    1. Never ever! The current crop of black farmers will, when international meddling in sovereign affairs stops, sadly including by Zoo-oma, get the fill attention of Gvt and be helped by Gvt to improve yields and quality, especially of local indigenous nutritious varieties.

  13. chokwadi ndechokuti imi vanhu ndimi munoita kuti imbwa ifunge kuti munhu kana ichidyira mundiro yamunodyira. Mumamisei Zabulani

  14. Give the Black farmers the adequate funding, make inputs available on time, i can promise you they will produce as much maize as we want. What is lacking is funding and availability of inputs such as fertilisers although they are very expensive in comparison to the regional prices. Without taking away anything from the Zambian White Farmers one will recall the massive funding by Barclays and Standard Bank that went into the Zambian project. Zimbabweans, given the right political and economic environment can do wonders not only in Agriculture (where 70% of the maize crop was from rural black farmers), but also in Industry (check the small scale Furnisher manufacturing) , Tourism, Education, Mining you name it.
    the bottom line is a stable political environment which attracts investment and lines of credit other wise we can have the land, the people, the mineral wealth but without sorting out our politics, we are doomed for ever and will keep on importing food from Zambia and before you know it even from Botswana!!!!!!!!!hahahaha ndaseka hangu!!!!!!

    1. However way you define “sorting out or politics”, the land must never ever again be under skewed ownership such as this, dominated by foreigners, or by a select few. While “our politics” is disruptive to our productivity in the process of correcting such a weak foundation for a prosperous future, then long live our politics. Once we’ve settled the land question as it were, then may we build a future of opportunity and prosperity for all Zimbabwean people.

  15. Fox Makwiravana

    What makes local farmers fail to produce maize is that it is not attractive.If you produce 100tonnes of maize to GMB it will take you a very long time to get paid.The solution i think is to deregularlise the maize industry and let market forces control the price of maize,of course at the beginning the maize will be expensive but laws of supply and demand will normalise the discrepancies. Why dont we copy the model for tobacco,wakambonzwa zvichinzi fodya yashota muno here,actually production ikoko irikutokwira gore negore

  16. Dununu rakaika saMugabe rinofunga kuti Sata unorima. Zvakarimwa namaBhunu awakadzinga. Kufunga kweDofo kwakazvipengera.

    Zvanzi kwakaita worst drought in living memory – The Old man has lost his bearings. This was not a drought year at all. Yes the distribution of the rains were not very normal – typical of the Climate Change but it was not a drought year Sekuru Mugabe.

  17. zvekuti mvura haina kunaya mushe pasi tsvee hee varungu vakadzingwa. Kutadza kuyemura hutungamiri hunofarira kuti vana vasafe nenzara. Aaa. Vamugabe varipamusoro pemimwe misoro. Ndotovatenda nevote yangu

  18. Sata is clever and trying to send a message to Mr President Mugabe that the Zimbabwean food shortages are Mugabe made. Zambia is just across the Zambezi but has plenty Maize but was once a perennial importer of maize from Zimbabwe. The once exporter Zimbabwe is now a perennial importer from Zambia this time around. Mr Sata might be a grand man but he is trying to send a message that you seem not to be getting. You can not chase whites from farms and he takes them and gives them farms in Zambia. After a few years he uses the same farmers you chased to supply you with the same maize they have farmed in Zambia and you feel grateful. Where do we the nationals of the country look when we see such a Blunt message being driven home so crudely upon you and you are oblivious of the meaning.
    people have been saying you are too old to be at the helm and I was not sure but alas! it has now become clear you are no longer fit to be at the helm sir. I am ashamed OF YOU NOW.

  19. Forget about this inadeqate rains blah blah excuse by a government that appoints useless people in strategic ministries. Made! is useless!.In any case we recieve more rain than Iran,Sudan,Algeria even Zambia.But have you ever seen these countries begging for food.Mugabe should be ashamed of his chaotic land reform.Dr Mapfumo’s song “Baba munonyanya kupopota” in 2002 predicted a disaster, in agriculture and it was prophetic.

  20. Komvura yakanaya kuZambia yakabva kupi. Drought muZimbabwe chete. This is what we have to show for ten years of subsidies, seed, tractors, fertilizer you name. Lost for words……..

  21. surviving on thank yous…thats what one president and his people in beggar kingdom have been reduced to. maita henyu mandichengetera mhuri yangu…thats what a father says when he has failed to provide for his family.

  22. Its not quite true that much of the maize in Zambia is grown by white farmer. It is on the contrary grown by indeginous Zambians who have have been empowered over the last decade by the farmer input support programme which enabled small scale farmers to buy subsidized fertlizers. Hundreds of Zimbabwean trucks can be seen in rural parts of districts like Kalomo collecting maize. Most of the white farmers who fled Zimbabwe for Zambia grow tobacco.

  23. Our goverment has been in power since 1980, so why has’nt it empowered any indeginous farmers up until the destructive land invasions while the whites were busy empowering themselves? After the land invasions, we have had vast diamond finds whose returns never funded agriculture but instead bought chinese arms of war. We have read of government ministers who sold fake fertilizer to locals which led to a disastrous agricultural season despite abundant rainfall, yet no one was ever brought to book for economic espionage. We also have had a minister selling strategic grain reserves to the very Zambia Mugabe salutes today and nothing happened to the bastard who did that. The zanu chefs have taken 15 very large farms each just to show case their perchant for looting and no farming acumen at all. The farms are lying fallow, yet capable farmers churned out of Chibero College, Mulezu and other reputable agricultural colleges have no land to farm. Farming is a profession requiring full time commitment and not this Borrowdale cellphone farming stupidity which ends up making us beggars to idiotic Sata and co. So you see the sabotage to agriculture by zanu pf is unimaginable. These are people never to be trusted with peoples welfare so the furthest they are away from governance the better.Give them the boot this time around.

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