Dynamos appeal Caf fine

PREMIER Soccer League champions Dynamos have appealed against the $10 000  fine slapped on them by the Confederation of African Football (Caf) Disciplinary Board for a one-minute stoppage of their second round, second leg Caf Champions League match against CA Birzetin of Tunisia at Rufaro in April.

Tawanda Tafirenyika

Dynamos beat the Tuesday deadline to appeal after writing to the continental soccer mother body appealing against the fine.

Dynamos secretary Chris Kasiyazi could not be reached for comment yesterday, but chairman Keni Mubaiwa said the Glamour Boys appealed against the ban on Tuesday — just before the expiry of the deadline of notification of the decision, a requirement by Caf statutes.

According to Caf rules and regulations, the party intending to appeal shall announce their intention in writing within three days of notification of the decision. If the last day of the time limit coincides with a public holiday in the country of residence, the time limit will expire the next day which is not a public holiday.

Reasons for the appeal shall be given in writing within a further time limit of  even days commencing upon expiry of the first time limit of the three days. The decision becomes final at the expiry of the appeal deadline.

Caf had written to Zifa informing them of their decision to hit Dynamos with a fine. “The Caf Disciplinary Board has decided to impose a financial sanction of
US$10 000 upon your club Dynamos for the unsporting and regrettable behaviour of its supporters.” reads part of the letter.

The continental soccer body reminded Zifa and Dynamos that the host association or club is responsible for the order and security both inside and around the stadium during and after the match and that it is liable for incidents of any kind and can be rendered subject to disciplinary measures. And Dynamos were quick to write to Caf, appealing against the ban.

The champions argued that it was not a serious issue as the match was stopped just for a minute and that the objects thrown onto the pitch were not dangerous as they were merely water bottles.

They felt the fine was too harsh considering that the match resumed without any incidents after the temporary one-minute stoppage.

Dynamos won the match 1-0, but bowed out 3-1 on aggregate to the Tunisian side, leading frustrated fans to throw plastic bottles onto the pitch as they accused South African assistant referee Lindikhaya Bolo of bias.

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  1. Ban them for good..we dont condon violence

  2. They should pay more these dynamos hooligans

  3. Enos Chikukwa

    Test your recipe,hooliganism has to be stopped by your poor supporters,pay the fine and educate your hooligans.

  4. Eddie Tembo jnr

    Mandevere pamhata penyu mese, ban them chii chacho, kamwe kamundevere kenyu ndiko kaskakonzersa…

    1. What have Ndebeles done my friend? You can’t even write the word Ndebele. Shame on you.

    2. i think tembo you suffer from tribal hangover

    3. Eddie dont b emotional/tribalistic, hw can u allow your mind to such a disgusting nhlamba, pple av different opinions, that is y we support different teams, political parties, churches, etc. If your children read such words hw r they going to look at u? I think u should revisit yo words. If u wonder if u av a Dembare membership card, bcoz if u do then u r killing yo team.

    4. I am ashamed at your language bro. If we were to find out your real name; you’d shame even your own family/ies. Please learn to be sober on this discussion forum. Thank you.

  5. Caiphas shamme

    This was quite a minor insident to attract such a heavy fine. Worse things go unreported when we go to these North African clubs. Orlando Pirates were treated like soldiers in enemy zone when they played TP Mazembe in DRC last week but one. It shall take centuries for Southern Africans to be considered as normal beings. They think we are still in the iron age period !

  6. i feel sory for all of you guys writting so unpatriotically and using foul language. Dynamos must not be punished so hard for such a small matter when in Egypt they kill at match grounds yet CAF still sanctions matches to be played in those grounds. what is a one minute stoppage??. Football is not tribal. This is a Zimbabwean case whether anyone likes it or not.

  7. Foolish CAF! $10,000 for a one minute stoppage? Sheeet!! There is no way you can stop violence from manifesting at soccer macches. It’s how you deal with it after it erupts. Dynamos should be commended for dealing with such violence in less than 60 seconds. League matches between Al Ahly and Zamalek of Egypt can result in tens of people dying but why are these clubs not banned for a century? What happened in Kumbumbashi in the Champions League match between Pirates and TP Mazembe? Pfuuuuutsek CAF – Corruption of African Football!!

    1. Guys, lets think of this, Dembare/Bosso had no violence, no stoppage bcoz of violence but still the teams av been fined $8k. Is it ok to punish teams that played the entire match without incidences of violence. If our ZIFA/PSL sat down n saw it fit to just fine these teams for reason, do u think they can stand with Dembare in a case whereby the violence was captured in camera? I dont think so, our soccer is being killed by our badala abaphezulu.

  8. CAF is a stupid organization full of racist Arabic officials!!! A one minute stoppage results in a $10k fine yet the scandalous treatment of Orlando Pirates goes unnoticed? Moreover, has CAF ever raised the issue of racist abuse of African players in continental Europe? Nxaa Rubbish CAF!!!


    The punishment is not deterrent enough. The objects mostly thrown by hooligans are polyethylene terephtalate containers filled with urine. Imagine being hit with a urine filled container. Most barbarian fans are ‘inconveniencing’ dynamos jujumos fc. ¡CASTIGARLOS SEVERAMENTE!

  10. @ Eddie Tembo, iwe wakasvika level ipi ye fundo. Zvese zvaunonyora kutuka zvinonyadzisira. Pliz kana usina zvaurikuita tengesa hako kana ma freezits or juice cards. Kugara munhu usingashande kunokonzera.

  11. Ukawona munhu anongotaura ma obscene words mumba make munhu iyeye mune nhamo inonhuwa kuti KUTUuuu. Zvinopisa tsitsi.

  12. Dzungumos Admin mst know that Caf is not Zifa where they always recieve favors. They appealed last yr after bashing Hwange coaches & were favored. They appealed on the Banc ABC semi final against Bosso in 2010 & were favored again, bt apa hamulume. Chingobhadharai zvipere.

  13. kumhata kwenyu mese nemazindevere enyu. asi makanyenga hazvadzi dzawo mahure emakoko

  14. tembo kwana , wazvinzwa.

  15. 2face babayaro.

    @ Eddie Tembo, you have demons, you are evil iwe bharanzi rekwa Tembo. Chimboenda kwa Makandiwa unobviswa mamhepo. Kana kungoendawo kumapostori unobviswa zimweya rekutuka. Zvinongoratidza kuti your upbringing was terrible. I think your mother gave birth to you in a beerhall/rambanai bhawa.


    @ Asylum, nice words.

  17. any zimbabwean who supports this dtupid, unjustfied and regretable fine z unworthy to live in this country, lets unite against this. kepe kepe bhora

  18. U can only get favor in Zim but not in this level now u are calling on unite unite yani y ungayibizanga btn bosso\dimbare or Hwange\dimbare baz of w yr unit

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