Drama as Bulawayo council evicts flat tenants

THERE was chaos in the central business district yesterday morning as Bulawayo City Council officials and police moved in to evict more than 50 tenants from a dilapidated block of flats the local authority deems inhabitable.

Report by Pamela Mhlanga

On Tuesday the tenants at Marvel Court, opposite the Bulawayo Centre along Main Street, had been given up to yesterday to move out of the flats.

However, some defiant tenants had indicated the previous day that they would resist the eviction.

But when NewsDay arrived at the block of flats, council officials and the police were moving from door-to-door, notifying the tenants that they were being evicted and should immediately pack their belongings and be out in 30 minutes, at the expiry the officials would lock up the premises.

The visibly-shaken tenants, some on the verge of tears, said they were shocked at the way council had moved in to evict them, and that they did not expect an early morning raid.

“I was clearly not ready for this,” a tenant, who only identified himself as Rocky, said. “I am actually shocked by the council’s sudden move to evict us as we only saw in the paper that they were planning to remove us. We did not see the notice.”

Another tenant said the move was unfair as she had only heard yesterday that the tenants were going to be evicted from the premises.

“I do not understand how council can say we are failing to maintain the flats because as far as I am concerned we are trying all means to take care of the building,” she said.

“If it were you and your families being evicted in such a way, how would you feel?” the tenant challenged the forceful council officials.

One city council official told the tenants they were given the first notice 10 years ago.

“The way forward is to just pack your belongings and leave the premises. There is no other way, we are just doing our duty,” the official said.

“Perhaps there was not enough communication between the owner of the building and the tenants as the council had notified the owner and he was supposed to tell the tenants.”

A Zanu PF district chairperson, George Chiyangwa, tried to intervene on behalf of the tenants, saying the city council should have afforded the occupants more time before evicting them.

“I do not like what is happening here, all the indiscipline and noise being created as the tenants are being unfairly evicted from the premises,” he said.

The eviction comes as the new owners of the building, the Church of Scientology, are preparing to move in after giving the previous tenants six months’ notice to vacate the building.

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  1. The Chiyangwa body is not acting in good faith.He is only trying to get un due publicity.He is an opportunist.People need to be responsible once, and obey laws and bye laws.Don not always cry foul and pass on the blame.

  2. I know those people they must be deported back to their Gukurahundi villages

  3. Too many such stories in Bulawayo where tenants have lived “for free” and for years in these buildings. Sad.

  4. Go MDC T. Alienate the ndebele vote. Ko vanebasa rei vanhu vanofamba nemapanga muhomwe. Evict vese kunyanya especially phunyukambenene.

    1. Uri kubvira aniko Gie unoziva kungopopota zvisiri clear zvinobhowa.

    2. You are an idiot

  5. sory fo those hwagas waigarapo ndakatombobayawo hure ipapo rainaka zvekuti ndirikutofunga kuti raenda kupi parizvino yakamira ndoita sei

  6. mutunda shuga

    @BAKU CAFE unoti paigara mahure akakuudza ndiani saka urikuti ndirihure here iwe zvibate ndaigara nemhuri yangu ipapo kwemakore anosvika gumi handinakumbobvira ndabhadhara mvura kana magetsi saka nyarara ita bonyora

  7. for your own information pple living in these flats are not NDEBELES,instead are shonas

  8. its not about ndebeles or Shonas zunu or mdc please its about an unfair eviction of zimbabweans, i hate that kind of behavior keep quiet if you dont know any thing otherwise help yo city oficials with some profesionalisim not mocking each othe. i hate the minds with such a behavior

    1. Unfair from whose perspective.Selfish.Respect laws and bye laws Gie.Do not invite the public to sympathise with you.

  9. Thats saves them right they are used to invasion and living without paying

  10. Ndiri dununu regokwe

    Those are unfair evection and to do it is a criminal so pple whoi wre victimizition city council give notice why do you not give it notice pliz i was asked

  11. If you consider tribalism to be the in-thing this 21st century, I sorry to say that you lost your marbles ! We are all hybrids madoda. Yes hybrids ! Nature has taken just over a century to genetically modify our so-called tribes. What this means is that there are no pure Ndebeles, Shonas or whatever. Those who wish to play the tribal card should go back to science labs and attempt cloning PURE tribal genes, if they can find them. This tribal charade should stop. Its highly retrogressive.

  12. I am holding a paper which shows that tenants were given adequate notice, viz, 6 by the new owners-Church of Scientology. My observation is that there has been a lot of subletting.

  13. Vana Tug Team Ho-odo.Tibvire kumhepo, uri kukanda.

    Iwewe kana uri ShoNdo (sorry ShoNdex) don’t think every one is. Wanzwa mfana? Wakamboenda Guruve ukaona shondo idzodzo dzaunotaura? Ko KwaMutoko kune shondo? Zvibate mupfana. Tichakuduster ukada kufamba uchiti vanhu vese ishondo wazvinzwa? He-e-e tese tiri shondo, he-e-e what what. Voooootseeee-eki. Mwana wemumvana! Kotamatiki yemunhu.

  14. @ Fairtalk-Kobaba vakozvavari muMoskeni[Sena] akamitisa tete vangu muZezuru. Tokuti uri muSena here? Kana kuti muZezuru. The English call a dog of mixed breed a mongrel . Chana chatete munhu hatingazomuti hedu mongrel ndosaka ndati tose tiri maHYBRIDS, period !

  15. How can one give a notice to ple who were pay nothing to the tenant & council?

  16. Well this issue needs to be looked at from al angles. Are we fogetting the basic right of a human being here. The right to good proper shelter. think about this action lke civilised humans not babaians

  17. @George Chiyangwa unofunga kuti ndokuti vanhu vavhotere ZANU here shuwa, u want to side with pple and in bad faith.nxaa

    1. Newsday, why don’t u give us the pictures of this drama? it looks like we are listening to radio news where there are no pictures. I think government should put up some structures for these people because honestly where do they expect these families to go in this cold weather.

  18. kushaiwa basa kunyora hlamba zvinonyadzisa very sorry to all tribalists shame to you mweya wamwari ngaukubatsirei no one can help you

  19. Something needs to be done.

    This is defiance of our own Sovereignty.

  20. The writer is not very clear here. He says the building is delapidated and unhabitable and a reason why there is eviction, but later says the Church of Scientology is coming in….sounds like double standards.

  21. people living in these flats are not just shonas, they are shona prostitutes tarnishing the image of the city of kings. let them go back to zvimba marambafungwe

  22. We want to renovate the place madoda. If people get injured by scuffold or other objects we will be SUED. In any case, how does one renovate flats when the tenants are in?

  23. those evictions should also be done in mbare where peoplein theflats dont pay rent to council but to ZANU council is losing millions of bucks every year from rentals thatare being diverted to fund party business

  24. Aiwazve akomana . You were given a 6 month notice. Your predicament is a product of your own decision . Ava vari kuti joni joni ngavaende ikoko . Kule imkhukhu enhle from 50rand a month .

  25. They must leave no Stone Unturned………all illegal occupants must be Evicted in the Centre Centre…..

  26. it is time, coz they are trees growing on the building literary.

  27. City council is very right to ensure the city by laws are effected, and surely there is no way the new occupant could renovate the place with occupants.

  28. IBCC iqonde nta!

  29. Where was this Chiyangwa person when operation murambatsvina destroyed people’s homes , just because it’s an MDC led council carrying out its mandate he’s now trying to gain political mileage , that building is an eyesore and council was very right in evicting these people

  30. Mimbayemuhondo Maburutse

    Sori sure

  31. zwakahoma zweshuwa bvakomana

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