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‘Dhewa’s shoes too big for Peter’


GOSPEL musician Pastor Charles Charamba has urged music fans not to compare young artiste Peter Moyo to his late father Tongai because the two were gifted differently.

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Charamba has been giving vocal lessons to the Young Igwe, as Peter is affectionately known. Peter was last year turned away from a studio due to a bad voice. Most music critics have argued that the young musician is failing to fill the gap left by his father.

Charamba said it was impossible to have another Tongai in Peter.

“God created people in different ways and if we want to see another Tongai in Peter I think we would be wrong,” said Pastor Charamba.

“Peter is Peter and let us take him as he is. We should not compare him to his father.”

However, Peter depends on a bulk of Tongai’s songs for live shows and it could be difficult to distance him from his father.

Charamba’s remarks came after Peter announced that his first album will be released at the end of this month.

“I was in studio and I am happy that I have managed to record my first album with six tracks, namely Tutsotso, Konzi, Pasi rino, Mushonga mukuru, Mwari Wenyasha and Barika,” he said.

“I would like to thank all those who helped me in coming up with this project. The long time taken to record it was needed to learn and continue setting the standard my father set. This project will show that Utakataka Express is still alive.”

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