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Chief Negomo strikes again


BINDURA Municipality internal auditor Godwin Dungare has been summoned to appear before Chief Negomo’s traditional court  to answer to adultery charges after he was allegedly caught red-handed bedding a married woman last week.


Negomo’s agents delivered the summons at Dungare’s workplace at Town House yesterday afternoon.

In 2011, Negomo — Luscious Chitsinde — hogged the limelight when he summoned Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to his traditional court accusing him of violating traditional norms which prohibited marriages formalities to be conducted in the sacred month of November.

Tsvangirai, who had paid lobola to former lover Lorcadia Karimatsenga Tembo, defied the summons, but Negomo proceeded to order him to pay a fine of beasts following a default judgment. The MDC-T leader challenged the matter in court and won.
Negomo’s intervention had been spurred by the fact that the marriage ceremony was conducted in the Mazowe area which falls under his jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, Bindura town clerk Shangwa Mavesera yesterday said they were investigating reports that Dungare had bought his alleged lover a residential stand in the town. They want to establish if the transaction was procedurally conducted.
“We are aware of the issue, but his private life does not have anything to do with his council duties. However, we are just investigating the purchase of the stand which he is said to have bought for the lady,” Mavesera said.

“There is a lot of confusion and corruption over the purchase of many stands from Bindura Council and there is an audit underway which is set to produce results soon. There are many culprits that are likely to be named over stands scams.”

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