Caps seek to end jinx

CAPS United coach Taurai Mangwiro has upped the ante ahead of Sunday’s 70th edition of the Harare derby against champions Dynamos at the National Sports Stadium by suggesting that history counts for nothing, but only helps them to plan for the future.

Report by Tawanda Tafirenyika

The giant facility used by Caps United as their home ground has been undergoing renovations, but is now available for use and looked in pristine condition for the match yesterday.

The rest of ground ticket will cost $5 with the VIP ticket pegged at $10 while those wishing to watch from the VIP enclosure will have to fork out $20.

Caps United last defeated Dynamos way back in 2009. However, Mangwiro said they would be looking to set a new record.

“We can’t continue to dwell on the past. History is just important in that it helps us plan for the future. We are looking to set a new record on Sunday. The guys are in high spirits and looking forward to the match.

“We welcome Arnold Chiveya back from suspension, but we are still to ascertain the fitness levels of Hardlife Zvirekwi and Rahman Kutsanzira,” said the Caps United gaffer.

The Green Machine are buoyed by their successful trip to Chiredzi at the weekend where they emerged victors over Triangle after having lost at home to Buffaloes.
Mangwiro’s men have been blowing hot and cold and have won five matches and lost four in the campaign to date. They now look to pick up more points against their eternal rivals.

However, Dynamos, who have also not been consistent having drawn six times and winning just three matches, would also want to continue with their winning streak after collecting maximum points against Tripple B, Monomotapa and Hwange in their last three matches.

The champions are boosted by the return of key players from injury and suspension.
Dynamos welcome back veteran skipper Murape Murape after he missed the 2-0 victory over Hwange due to suspension.

Shot-stopper Artwell Mukandi also returns having been on the treatment table which saw him missing a couple of games.

Hard running striker Patrick Khumbula, midfielder Stephen Alimenda and Tichaona Mabvura are also available for selection.

Dynamos go into battle on the back of an impressive record having won all the four matches in league and Cup games in 2011. Last term the champions recorded back-to-back wins over the old enemy in the league.

Team manager Richard Chihoro said while their record against Caps United was a psychological boost, he predicted a tough encounter.

“We carry a psychological advantage going into the match, but these kind of games are tricky. The better team of the day will win,” Chihoro said.

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  1. DEMBARE Lets Mantain our Record ,No Points to Lose Lets go Guyz .

  2. Definitely the better team will win at the end of the day. Supporters will also make a difference. Lets support our teams from the first minute up to the final whistle. This is what makes the game of football beautiful. Go Dembare GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Green machine. Show them. I hope our match officials wont behave like zec officials.

  3. Caps chimbomirai izvozvo ndisu tiri kutonga hapana kunzwirana tsitsi apa ndimi makazvitanga. Tiri kukurovai chete.

  4. it obvious that Dynamos is going to win. The time is not yet for caps to break the chain

  5. Kepekepe bho! Kuzora chete. CAPS are unfortunate in that they meet DeMbare at the wrong time. They should have played when we drawing. Dembare is like a diesel engine, slow in warming up but once up it will not stop running

  6. Shumba haiteereri zvichemo zvemhara.DeMbare kurohwa this time.Bla Tau itai tunhu twenyu.Kepekepe for life.Kana muchida zvehistory totaurawo 7-0.

    1. History can not be forgotten because we would not have known of mbuya Nehanda and sekuru Kaguvi if it wasnt for the history.Dembare ngaizive izvozvo kuti 7-0 can not be forgotten whether one would have not been born,he should be told of a 7-0 drubbing.

  7. Mashura padunhu

    No place for dembare this time.Make a date and see how caps youngesters are driving the ball.But RUFARO was idle for this game why National stadium.

  8. Kenny ngaaite basa mucongolese nalinyama timbovaonawo taneta neadministration dzakadhakwa

  9. Makepekepe green 4life

  10. Go kepekepe go. We tshilamoya guys fully behind u. Rise kutsanzira rise from ur slumber. Go bra Tau go. Welcum fro exile.


    Talk is cheap,at Dembare we deliver on the ground.So to our boys I say,this is it! Your time to shine has come,mukuru mukuru chete.Vekurohwa ndevekurohwa chete,hapana chinochinja apa.No mercy guys,musadzore tsvimbo nekuti gudo rabata kumeso.Rovai seri neseri kunge ngoma yeZion.Zora-a-a-a!



  12. Andrew Kaseke

    Miswe yemaDzvinyu yanyanya kurebesa ……..come sunday kudambura chete

  13. even mahusiku or parima mukadzi anongozikanwa guys. kepekepe bho

    1. batai munhu

  14. May the best team win,refs stay away from influencing matches.

  15. history isnt bad. Go kepekepe. Drawmos ths tyme haulume


  17. May the best team win and refs stay away from influencing matches

    1. U can say that again, our soccer is being killed by bad officiating. Its painful to play a game where a certain team is being favoured by the ref. I wish something can be done to our refs, a derby like this one requires a fit ref, som1 who will instill discipline to both teams, look at Tangawarima, we never had complaints against him.

  18. Kepekepe bhora lets paint the city green people forget that dynamos could not beat caps united from 2003 to 2009 so come sunday we will teach them kuti ku harare tisu totonga

  19. Kana referee akasaita zvaakaita Dynamos payakatamba neHylanders, caps inohwina…bt pliz marefereee you are killing the game.

    1. unonyepa iwe mqondisi shutup your beak

  20. you are daydreaming chogaldo you will be ashamed on sunday

  21. De mbare show Kepekepe what you are made of. Go dembare go

  22. Kuzora butter chete

  23. tawanda bozvori

    Dembare vahombe. You want to tell us that all Dembare wins are favours from maRef here? Mukuru¤ukuru!

  24. kepekepe bhora,who thought Bayern could embarass the big boys of soccer,mira uwone,kepekepe bhoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. @Landlord hauzive bhora who are the big boys of soccer? I thought Bayern ranks among the big boys? You cannot compare Bayern with Kepekepe. We will wait and see but revise your football knowledge

  25. Cde Shingirirai Muhondo

    Dembare bhora


    Guys where is Gazebo? Maybe he is still quaking in his boots since the day he was threatened after insulting Faber Chidarikire.


    History is gonna be repeated, that 7-0 drubbing. Dynamos is gonna weep crimson tears. Nothing is impossible.

    1. Dream on @Willard Mubvumbi. the ball is in Kepekepe’s court. Kepekepe last defeated De mbare way back in 2009. Ref Newday reporter. Learn to set achievable goals I hope you know the SMART golden rule. Specific, measurable, attainable, time bound. So I think winning will be a Smart goal but 7-0 will be very hard given that Kepekepe are in a rebuilding phase just like my De mbare so may the best team on Sunday. Go De mbare go

  28. May I take this opportunity to big up Amakhosi for winning the league in SA today. Dembare and Kaizer Chiefs are big buddies

  29. Chinja, u r a true supporter, sm1 who supports soccer as entertainment. I lyk yo comment, it shows that as pple who support different teams we don’t nid ukuthukana bt to discuss issues ngokuzwisisana. I’m a Bosso supporter, I’v friends who r Dembare supporters n wen u find us discusing soccer u won’t tell who supports which team bcoz we lay true facts as they are. If either of the 2 teams gets favours frm th refs we ol agree that it was unfair, we luk at soccer n not tribe. Thumbs up to u, kip it up

    1. @enkosie thank you for the complement mfethu. Like you say we need to be united for our football be it a bosso fan , de mbare fan, kepekepe fan and so on. Football is a source of intertainment and it helps our footballers to earn a living as well. I know that we have not yet riched to our level best as far as adminstration of our football but I applaud all those who are working hard at the moment not forgetting people like you. I was thinking that we need to increase our teams to 20 to make sure that we take football to all corners of the country.

  30. leoncio machingauta

    Matakadya kare haanyaradze mwana drawnamos patakakupayi pakakwana Bt pa7-0 haumbofe wakapasvika tirisesu hatichatarisa zvakudhara mungazochema tiri kuda kungoku yeuchidzayi bt isu zvedu makepe kepe taku deala ne zvirikumberi musiwe Sunday kupenda green chete!!!! kepe kepe bhora +++pendaaaa green iweeee unokwara munyowani

    1. Fekefeke irengenya Team, hailume kunyange zuva rikabudira kuNorth or South or West paDembare.

  31. On behalf of Bossolona fans, we go for u Kepekepe. Let them talk about history but remind them of ths other history, the 7.0 drubbing. Kepekepe Bhora.

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