Boy (2) dies after drinking poison

GWERU — A two-year-old boy from Mvuma who drank pesticide after mistaking it for a cool drink died on the way to hospital last Monday.

Report by Stephen Chadenga

The boy, Sethukile Aaron Mpofu of Plot 2 Central Estates, Mvuma, went to the dining room when his mother was taking a nap outside.

He took a bottle containing pesticide and drank the contents.

When the mother woke up, she found her son frothing at the mouth and discovered that he had drunk the pesticide, with the empty bottle lying on
the ground.

The boy told her he thought it was a cool drink.

Acting provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Bezel Nyawo confirmed the incident.

Nyawo appealed to parents and guardians to keep pest-killing substances in safe places to avoid incidents that could lead to such

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  1. The MDC Ndebele mother should be hanged for negligence. How can you sleep while your child is playing with pesticides?

    1. It seems you have a ndebele father, who is always absent.

  2. mmmmmm… two year old who is frothing at the mouth, manages to tell mom ”I thought it was a cool drink“ 2 yr old?

    1. taura zvako walter

  3. @pumpkin at it again

  4. Pumpkin fusekiii mani!!! Usuhlanya nge politics??

  5. parents pliz.keep pesticides out of the reach of many tymz have we had that a toddler mistook pesticide for a drink.where did the toddler find it.on the kitchen floor on the dining room floor.many a tym its a container which once contained a beverage.

    1. VaChihuri itai basa Mai ava vanoziva chokwadi,kurara ndekwenhema uko.

  6. @Pumpkin how many times have we told you about that humpty dumpty head of yours. May you please leave the ndebeles alone. Life is not about tribes for we are all human beings. It is negligence that someone has done and it can be done by anyone not by particular people and the courts of justice will settle the problem with the person concerned. Hamba katshana wena Pumpkin

  7. LOvedirty Zinguruveretsvina

    Wat a sad story

  8. sad news, that was negligence from the mother, sungai amai ava.

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