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Zim artist video on MTV


UNITED STATES—based R‘n’B musician Munyaradzi Maganga’s latest video I Like Them Girls is now appearing on MTV Channel a move the musician describes as a milestone in his musical career.

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Maganga (35) whose stage name is Munyar Rhazy, is trying to break into the local music industry despite rave reviews at his current base in Dallas,Texas.
Munyar Rhazy’s manager Gary Chingwendere confirmed the MTV deal.

“Maganga’s music video I Like Them Girls is now appearing on MTV Channel which is great for him. He is trying to make his music known back home and I hope people will be able to watch the video on MTV.

“It is every musician’s dream to have his music appear on a channel like MTV and we are really happy about that,” he said.

The musician is set to sign a contract with a Swiss firm Technotime that will see the Zimbabwean artist becoming the company’s watch brand ambassador.

“Maganga will soon be a brand ambassador for Technotime watches after the company based in Dallas chose him because of his musical prowess.

“We are currently in talks with the company and it is indeed a lucrative deal.

“He modelled with their watches in his videos and that is how it all started. So they figured he can sell their stuff,” he said.

Chingwendere also disclosed that as part of the deal the company is set to endorse Maganga through producing watches dedicated to the musician.

“As part of the deal, the company promised to create a Rhazy brand of watches and bracelets, to be launched sometime this year.

“The products will be exclusively available in US, United Kingdom, China and Zimbabwe will be the only African country where they will be available,” he said.
Maganga has worked with a number of artists like Ethiopian actress Abby Lakew, model Marcelli Felice, Jason Martin , Mike Watts and he has also worked with Swisha House Label.

He also took part at the Harambee Festival in United States last year.

Some of his songs include Broken Promises, Da Troof, and I Like Them Girls, among others.

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