Two more Tsvangirai staffers arrested

TWO more staffers from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s communications office were briefly detained yesterday as police launched a fresh crackdown on the MDC-T leader’s employees.


National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the arrest of Brian Mutosva and Zororai Mudariki, saying the two were picked up for questioning but were expected to be released after giving statements.

“Two people have been picked up and statements are being recorded, they will be released,” she said.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said: “We view this as harassment of the PM’s staff despite the principals meeting and statement for police to stop that act as it tarnished the image of the country. Besides this, the police continue to harass the PM’s staff.”

The arrests bring to eight the number of PM staffers who have been picked up over the past fortnight on charges of impersonating the police.

The first four – former Harare City councillor Warship Dumba, Thabani Mpofu, Felix Matsinde, Mehluli Tshuma and Anna Muzvidziwa – were charged with impersonating police and remanded on $500 bail each.

The other two – Spiwe Vera and Elizabeth Banda – who are both caretakers at the Premier’s office were questioned and released after brief interrogation last week.

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  1. These arrests prove that Tsvangirai has no power in this GNU. Either Mugabe is at his antics again saying one thing in public and doing the opposite in secret. Or Mugabe also no longer holds and welds any power. Meaning then that the junta are the ones actually in charge. Therefore it is folly for the other parties ie the MDCs to participate in elections because conditions which prevailed 2008 are still there on the ground. The junta’s tactics for winning elections for Zanu PF leave a lot of people dead and maimed. All you anticipating a Tsvangirai victory are doing so in vain. Forget also about a SADC/AU deployment of troops for whatever reasons before or after elections. It won’t happen.

  2. Deploying troops unofunga netsvina ichirimudumbu nhayi bharabhara remunhu dzakohadzitoshandi wanzwa gara wakangonyarara zwako

  3. this a heinous task for PM becoz don’t even own a supt at his side becoz any constable and above who jump the rope and defend the mdcs wil face the wrath of dictatorship. Unless we the mass rise and freed them for sure they protect the motherland . The dictates and securocrats are being haunted by a defeat in forthcoming elections who does not know zim unite?!

  4. i can say zimbabwe unite for common cause!

  5. So these staffers must untouchable

  6. Ana Phunyu, ana Gazebo et all i think u were born afta 1997 coz thiz guys clamed 100% disability from the war victims compansation fund, the whole country cud not understand how a person can be at work with this disability , now these guys a showing us that they left their brains somewhere hence the disability

  7. Jongwe Mupoto

    @ Mavikela. You are a real nugget. But not a nugget of gold. You are that little nugget of feces that stubbornly sticks to the side of the chamber and just won’t go. No matter how many times you try flushing it away.

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