Poll roadmap war intensifies

The South African facilitation team is expected in the country next week to consult with parties in Global Political Agreement (GPA) on the contentious election roadmap and timelines, amid a fierce war over issues like the election date and security sector reforms.

Report by Everson Mushava

This comes at a time President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai have tasked Constitutional Affairs minister Eric Matinenga and Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa to prepare a political and legal election roadmap through effective consultations of all political parties in the inclusive government.

MDC GPA negotiator and secretary-general Priscilla
Misihairabwi-Mushonga confirmed the visit of the facilitation team on April 30.

Matinenga said he was also aware of the April 30 visit by the facilitation team, but did not have details of the visit.

“I don’t have the details of the meeting,” Matinenga said.
He said he was yet to meet Chinamasa to prepare the election roadmap that would include views of all political parties.

“I have not met minister Chinamasa to prepare the election roadmap. I think he has been a bit occupied. We will map a way forward as soon as we meet,” said Matinenga.

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said Sadc was no stranger to the Zimbabwe political crisis and should be taken as stakeholders if Zimbabwe was to avoid a repeat of the 2008 sham election.

After snubbing MDC leader Welshman Ncube in a meeting that tasked Matinenga and Chinamasa to prepare a roadmap, Tamborinyoka said the Cabinet Committee would present its report to principals who would include Ncube.

“The Cabinet Committee will engage all parties at the negotiating forums. After they agree on the roadmap, they will present it to the principals’ meeting that will now include Prof Ncube,” Tamborinyoka said.

Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba said Chinamasa and Matinenga would only be preparing timelines for elections in line with the country’s laws.

“Essentially what the ministers are doing is to prepare the election roadmap on the basis of the law, map timelines on the basis of what is provided at law. You cannot negotiate your way out of the law,” Charamba said.

On the exclusion of Ncube after being snubbed in the previous meeting, Charamba said: “Ncube has made his concerns clear and I hope the principals are attending to them. If you go by the past, at every stage of the crucial decisions taken by the principals, Ncube has always been involved.

“That is why the principals ended up having two meetings, one on Monday for government leaders and the Tuesday one for political leaders. I don’t think there has been any departure from that.”

Zanu PF has stuck to its guns, remaining adamant that the security sector would not be reformed, with party hardliners pushing for elections before June 29.

South African President Jacob Zumba recently said parties would be bound by their agreement and reforms of the security sector would be unavoidable.

Charamba hit back yesterday, saying: “Elections are a national process that cannot be subjected to the facilitation team.”

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  1. Pamberi naSave! sungai bhurukwa newire ngatisaputsai pfuko tapagwatidziro remba.ZANU yaora iyo

  2. The fact that Charamba wants to use the law selectively is the very reason Zpf has to go.
    You are particular about the parliament dissolving b4 june29 but seem not to mind founding democratic rights like voter reg. and verification which neeed 2full months.
    Furthermore the constitution is very clear even to a layman that elections can be held 4months after dissolve of parly.
    This one is in black and white unless The Herald propaganda and analysis now the Zimbabwe Constitution and Austin Zvoma is now the Zim parliament representing all 210constituences.

  3. Please educate me.
    Who is Welshman Ncube and who, what does he represent?
    He is not GPA signatory since he fronted the then MDC President Mtambara.
    He no longa commands any mps as his mps either defected to MDC.T or are with Mtambara.
    So if he is the coupd new Mdc President, what is it that assures us he is representing a certain constituency of Zimbabwe,
    is it his hope for future votes or the assumption that sinc hes from Mat, tht automatically makes him a representative?
    Already people of Mat. Are representd legitimatily by their elected Mps who are either representd by MDC.T or absorbed by the party.
    Dont knw, i stand to be corrected.

    1. @ Blue Eyed Joe, let me educate you: Prof. Welshman Ncube is the leader of the original MDC, why I am saying original is because his party is still called MDC with no surname like other MDCs. He is not a signatory of the GPA but is the head of MDC, automatically making him a principal like Mr Mugabe and Mr Tswangilayi, as for the signatory part of it, President Thabo Mbeki who has a signature in the GPA, is no longer President of S. Africa, in his stead Zuma, whose signature does not appear on the GPA is now the facilitator!!Another point of correction Prof Ncube does not come from Matabeleland, he is from Midlands, Lower Gweru, I think from a place called Maboleni, finally you were right to say you dont know, I hope I answered you my friend

      1. Matopo you pretend to know yet you know nothing! Professor Ncube’s party is called MDC-N. Prof Mutambara attends to government business as a Deputy Prime Minister not a Principal. Prof Ncube attends to gvt business when Principals are required which is rare. The GPA states that the position of DP is held by Prof Mutambara specifically. It did not say it is occupied by the MDC president.

        1. @ ZakaJerera, Professor Ncube’s party is called MDC-N by who? Professor Mutambara attends government business as a Deputy Prime Minister by virtue of being an ally of those like you who are against Professor Ncube by virtue of being Ndebele, the motive behind that is clearly-known. The GPA also has Thabo Mbeki’s signature and I am not suprised you decided to circumvent that!! Since you seem to know better,do you mind explaining the diference between a Principal and a party leader with particular reference to the other two prties namely Zanu and MDC led by Tswangilayi….

          1. Thabo Mbeki signed as the president of South Africa not as an individual. The Principals means leaders of a political party. Understand that there is a difference between meetings for Principals and GPA signatories. Those are two different things. Prof Mutambara attends GPA and cabinet meetings mereley as a DPM as per GPA not representative of a party. It is not that the president of a party will automatically become a DPM. Prof Ncube is not DPM but a Principal. If you think Prof Ncube is sidelined there you are tribalist which we do not want. Zimbabweans likewise other Africans, we are brothers although leaders sometimes want to divide us for political expediency!

      2. medion kasvatutsashure

        Point of correction TSVANGIRAI is TSVANGIRAI not Tswangilayi as you would like to say so you see how tribalistic you are on national issues.

        1. Another point of correction TSVANGIRAI is Tsvangirai not TSVANGIRAI l hope you realise how racist you are!

  4. Elections are in 2014probably. As i can see, It is not that Matinenga/Chinamsa are dragging feet but a lot of legalities have to be in place before an acceptable elction is in place.
    Those who dream of June elections dont realise we are barely 8weeks away yet we hv millions of aliens yet to register.

  5. kana vakaramba vachingot election election election,isusu ngatingoramba chete vamhye vega kunge mapenzi.handit ivo chavarikungoda izita rekuti election

    1. Mbamayechibhakera

      We don’t want these erections, erections, erections guys. Ngatigarei neGPA forever. It’s very interesting to see these guys fighting like this up there while our economy is getting out of ICU.

  6. pamberi nezanu pf

    1. senzeni uri dhodhi iwe

    2. You guys are gona get smoked!!

  7. yes senzeni pamberi ne zanu pf bato revanhu.ivhu, minda iyi kani , fodya tavakurima tichiita mari , kuzovhotera western puppet tsvangison aaaah imika imi. ndaenda kumunda hangu ini ….

  8. moyoni Mbwemwe

    Young people lets go and register Please we are the power behind change in Zimbabwe : Your Vote is your Voice

  9. moyoni Mbwemwe

    please even in schools spread the registration gospel

    1. Only a mental disturbed like senzeni can vote zanu pf . hw can a normal person vote 4 a 89 yr old . i better vote for a dead donkey. if the 20 000 pple who were killed during the so called political madness rise up 2day . they will eaten Senzeni alive

  10. @JOE & Matopo, Prof Ncube doesn’t come from Matebeleland, he comes from Midlands, ie Lower Gweru from Makhulambila near Maboleni GP, bt he is of Ndebele origin. Moreso, his farm was seized by Zanu pf in 2001 at Hampton near North Shangani. However he is not the MDC president, its Tsvangirai. Welsh defected in 2005.

    1. @ Asylum, thank you for your contribution, but I will be quick to task you with who defected from where and why? Just a tip: Which one is bigger 30 or 31? Another tip: What is majority? If you put an issue to vote, be ready to accept the outcome.

    2. Phunyukabemphethe

      Asylum, Welshman never defected in 2005, its Tswangirayi who defected after losing the Council vote over Senate elections. Why do you people have such short memories like a cat?

  11. Zakajerera, you are totally wrong.Yes Mutambara is a deputy Pm but when it comes into political leadership he represent nobody. They voted and he lost the leadershio to Welshman but just the there were people like you who thought shonas can not be led by a ndebele he made a u turn and challenged the ouster.When it comes to SADC they don’t consider who is the president or primeminister,they just want ask for three political leaders that’s why your Mutambara is not considered a key figure there.

    1. You very correct that Prof Mutambara is not a leader of a party. He is there because he is DPM. The GPA did not say the DPM post is occupied by the President of MDC-M. Technically what is meant by MDC-M and MDC-N? SADC consider Prof Mutambara as DPM and it also considers Prof Ncube as President of an MDC faction may known as MDC-M or MDC-N. For you to say Ncube is disliked because he is ndebele is unfortunate! Remember he is the one who asked Prof Mutambara to lead their party. Had he opted to be the leader would you say this tribal issue today?

      1. Phunyukabemphethe

        You are a liar, Ncube never suggested Mutambara for MDC president, its Sakhala who did. You love listening and believing in propaganda!

      2. Phunyukabemphethe

        A party named MDC N does not exist in Zim. This is a creation of the media. Welshman leads the MDC, period. No Ms or Ns!!

    2. Muhera weBuhera

      That is exactly what Zakajerera said that Mutambara is a DPM in government while not a political leader hence he meets with Tsvangirayi and Mugabe every Monday while Ncube meets with other Princpals on Tuesdays excluding Mutambara. @Matopo Ncube defected from MDC and was not sure if he would be a good leader then sent Job Sikhala to go head hunt Mutambara to lead their new party without any election having been done(do you agree?). Majority means having more than the others in this instance more votes in all facets than Ncube, while I do not know what you mean by 30 or 31 but 31 is bigger than 30. The outcome shall be accepted by all except Zanu. Ncube is even in government because of GNU for he was never elected by anyone either to parliament or council of Makhulambili. The people that ushered him to the Trade Ministry have since deserted him.

  12. Zakajerera, You are totally wrong, yes Mutambara is a deputy primeminister, but when it comes to political leadership he represent nobody. they voted and he lost the leadership to welshman but just because there are people like you who think shonas can not be led by a ndebele , he made a u turn and challenged the ouster. When it comes to SADDC they don’t consider who is the president or PM , they just welcome the leader of the coalition parties, which Mutambara does hold anymore.

  13. If the three-party election roadmap committee fails to come to an agreement the MDC formations must not cry foul because they have been hoodwinked by zpf into believing that zpf is ready for serious talks and crafting an election roadmap. Don’t you run to Zuma or SADC crying foul. You have asked for it.

  14. pfutseki imbwa dzevanhu, to hell with both MDC and ZANU ,please surport me kana ndachidvondora. Hapana kusiri kufa guys.zanu detroyed ,mdc betrayed us. They can postpone the vote or cancel it, at all, and serve lifeves. Kana vachigona kuchekeresa cde Rex nhongi? What more imi ? Tupuka zvatwo. Shut up,hondo muno iziva? Bereka mwana tiende,very soon aripo jj, arikuuya basop .hanzi takaenda kuhondo so ,we let make our own,the third chimurenga ,aluta continue.

  15. Phunyukabemphethe

    If you want to see Shona Gukurahundi tribalism on display, mention the name Professor Welshman Ncube. Even MDCT and its supporters, all pretences about unity and democracy are thrown out of the window. I really pity those Mthwakazi people who support these Shona-led parties. The tribalism stinks to high heavens!!

  16. I think we are way past trying to identify who Prof Ncube is in the scheme on things as regards Zim politics. He remains a cog in this runaway wheel called zim politics because he remains one of the most sober minds in the current set up albeit without much grassroots support. He does care that we have a properly laid out road map which is not hasty that covers the voters roll clean up and adequate voter registration. Its not about his leadership position but the significance of his utterances towards a free and fair election…Isnt it what we all want. Im a Zanu Pf supporter (minus the rigidity)but i listen and sift through what the other parties are saying…and applaud them when necessary.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe


      Gukurahundis dont care about what you have to say. Its not the views or issues that you raise that matter, its your language, ethnicity or the region you come from that matters. Thats Gukurahundi politics for you, get used to it!!

  17. Phunyukabemphethe

    PAMBERI NEZANU PF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Phunyukabemphethe

    uPhunyukabemphethe obhala isiShona wambonaphi? Kukwami la, kukhala isicathulo sami, hayi esaboPhunyuka besiShoneni, labesiGukurahundini!!

  19. True PHUNYU we don,t wan,t ophunyu okungebona please,Let me warn again these SHONA Tribalists that they are decampaigning these shona led parties,grow up,Matebele;s are not stupid,there is no amount of threat which can scare us,If you wan,t it your way if fine,Yini eliyoqhubeka licela imali ngeziphofu zakini,we will follow Ncube irregardless of what you think,,your hatred for ncube is good for matebele,it is campaigning for him,In most cases its you who are left to regret,sizabona la okuzowela khona induku loxakuxaku.

  20. obert mpofu has seen for himself that all these misleading ,unjustified and malicious predictions of a zanu pf victory in the pending elections is a pipeline dream whose claims are unjustifiable.I was annoyed by the questions he received from the angry,poor and oppressed midlands state university students about proceeds from diamonds.To add salt on ma short thesis I quote one of the students who publicly declared that the youths who comprise of the majority not to mention the poor students who reside at senga and nehosho suburbs where five students share a single room.from the high applause, students tasked mpofu to educate them on the differences between exploitation by the Chinese and the west . while this is a clear notion that students are determined for a change where no amount of propaganda will overturn their vision for a new regime.we know that no country was recolonized in Africa,the wests and the chinese are the coin of the same coin,zanu pf is more corrupt than mdct,zanu pf is responsible for all these problems,our future is doomed under the old,corrupt and violent zanu pf regime.obert mpofu and zanu pf we are aware that Rhodesia died a natural death while your propaganda will not save you from corruption.

  21. Pasi naNcube, pasi naye! Pasi naNcube, pasi naye!

  22. no reforms should be implemented because that action will pave the way for the zimbabwean enemies(england and its allies) to recolonise zim.Tsvangirais’ bosses have no desire to see zimbabwean prospering but there are only interested in exploiting our wealth especially the mineral resources and farms.European union and United Nations imposed sunction on Zanu Pf top officials because thy knew people would be seriously affected and demand for regime change.NO REFORMS NO REFORMS NO REFORMS

  23. @phunyu
    The reasons that Ncube himself consciously tried to avoid when he fronted Mtambara, a Shona are the very reasons that we fear his candidacy will pose.
    We say Ncube is tribalist becoz we know he is going to get sympathy votes from his tribe only, and nothing beyond that boundary.
    Leadershipwise he deserves nothing but to be deserted.

    It was going to be more acceptable for Ncube to rise from within the Mdc.t ranks.
    Honestly do you think he at all stands a chance if he was to be pited against Thokozani Khupe in a national election?
    I bet he wouldnt get 500votes nationwide to 2million.
    So plz Shonas are not tribalists. They are very aware and sympathetic of their Ndebele compatriots.
    No Shona supportd slaughtering of civilians during the Gukurahundi. But the best party to address the Gukurahundi is Mdc.t and not Ncube since its an all encompassing party.
    Imagine if Barack Obama was to rise using an all black party.
    It would get no support as it definitely rises on sinister motives and would be a threat to national peace and security.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      we dont need the Shona gukurahundi vote. Its not the winning that matters to us, is the chaos that we cause that matters. We know Tshonas will never vote for a Mthwakazi because most of them are gukurahundi tribalists. So, because of that we aim to cause as much chaos, and confusion as possible. No Tshona should have it easy, we must all suffer!!

  24. ChanhuwhaBvungupfungu

    Musvati yu hev made it clear those pukunyukabembete are just nothing but shallow minded idiots,hu can noone but a fool njenge abopukunyu can imagine a baseless and man like a child calling himself prof ncube will ever win presdential elections,ncube is thre 2 disturb and 2 cause confusion only 2 further the maginalization of matabeleland and he also stand 2 divide the matebeleland ppl,he is a confused man,yu pukunyukabembete wake up ulele mfowethu ufile vele uyezwa

  25. I am not seeing any war there Mr Reporter. are u crazy?

    1. Naughty elements like matopo,trying to ditch us into tribal line arguments.I always ask people like matopo to say when a disagreement arose btw Save/Ncube and company why didn’t one of the three,Ncube;Sibanda;Mushonga lead what he is now calling the mainstream MDC?Why does he now think that he is now able to lead Zimbabweans into New Zimbabwe?Surely Ncube is a problem having failed to agree with the people’s President over an issue of Senate which they went on loose dismally to zpf, going out all the way begging Mutambara to come and lead his mainstream MDC?Now you see,Ncube like when he fought Save is again fighting Mutambara.One of the many people who strongly and wrongfully beieve that Zimbabweans should only be led by a useless academic.Hatana kufunda asi pautungamiriri in politics we shall operate with our eyes very wide open.Tinokusiyai muripatribalism penyu ipapo.

  26. On a serious note, l think we can engage in a public debate quite meaningfully without tribal slender or showing bigotry. We know that in Zimbabwe we are very divided along ethnic, tribal, regional and racist lines and there is no need for us to show it unless if we are priming each other for genocide or some other medieval or stone age confrontation. The level of profanity and tribal slandering is unwarranted. We may have all the differences and hatred of one towards another but there is no reason to show disrespect towards each other, for all purposes and intent this slandering does not help us in any way, if anything its drives a wedge among us. We all know how when one is in a position dominance easily loses guard and how the vanquished position themselves to strike when the time is right. Lets not create an environment conducive for civil strife to manifest. This is my plea to you fellow Zimbabweans and l am genuine about it.

    1. Musvuti, thank you for your contribution.Tribalism is neither an issue here nor there.Those of us contributing on a tribal mandate are a shame to the debate.Most of us are rallying behind a politician because of what he/she stands for.On the issue of split for the MDCs,Save vairamba sarudzo dzeSenate kwete chinyararire. The man said Senate, not at that time as nation was going through hardships largely caused by drought during those days.Save vakazviwanira constituency ravo kuburikidza neposive thinking.Today some still go public that they can only form a coalation where Save is not part to it.Tell us ,how is such possible knowing quite well that today Save leads a party that secured majority vote during March 2008?We call upon all political parties,zpf inclussive to form one very long que behind Save.The reason being that of moving the nation into a New Zimbabwe.

  27. Security Sector Reform Vs Total Removal of Sanctions. Period!!!

  28. Our problem is the politics stupid. We will continue to suffer if the stupid things happening in our politics continue. Under the Zpf tutelage we known nothing but pain. Oh, Lord deliver us from evil.

  29. Which “LAWS OF THE COUNTRY” is this George Charamba thing talking about? Is there any laws governing this country? If there had been any laws in this poor country:
    Full implementation of th GPA would had been done completely by now,
    Robert Mugabe would had announced by-elections date in those 3 Ndebele Constituencies and would not had defied a Supreme Court order,
    Obert Mpofu would have been listening to Tendai Biti’s call for transparency in Zim diamond industry,
    ZEC wouldn’t had kept election results for close to 4 weeks in 2008,
    2008 political violence pepetrators would had faced justice long ago plus Jabulani Sibanda should be in prison as we speak,
    Security Generals would had been charged for treason for hurt speech against Morgan Tsvangirai e.g Duglas Nyikayaramba,
    Glen View 29 would had been tried and case finalised long ago,
    Patrick Chimamasa would had been arrested for disrupting the course of justice when he blocked the arrest of his unprofessional thugs who caused havoc in parliament,
    The gvt wouldnt have fought Strive Masiyiwa for 5 year simply becoz he had applied for a Telecom license…… Kutaura kuda, zvakawanda hatingazvipedzi zvakaitwa nevarume ivava ava against the will of their own people.
    Saka what zimuDHARA iri is saying relating to the RULES OF THIS COUNTRY is baseless and empty. Zim has no laws to recogn, the truth being that IT IS FORCED TO USE ZANU-PF CONSTITUTION as its supreme law.. To hell with u Charamba.
    If possible, better toisirwa mitemo nedzimwe nyika dzinoziva zvadzinoita or todzidziswa nevanogona kugadzira nekuApulaya mitemo yacho zvakafanana.. Taneta nekungonzi, WE ARE A SOVEREIGN STATE, MASTERS OF OUR OWN DESTINY for NOTHING. To hell! Jacob’s men must now come with fire, nomore negotiations, tamboedzawo kumirira zvakona.. Get away u foolish fools

  30. Niyanya mashona sizobona ukuthi ingqonjwana zenu ziya sebenza na,Lina yini elihawula kakhulu futhi,liyobe selidonsa iziphofu.

  31. Phunyukabemphethe

    Shona Gukurahundi tribalists should simply shut up. They will never convince us, indeed any one with a brain about their Welshman Ncube accusations. Please save yourselves and stop wasting your time.

    Its a well documented fact that tribalism in Zimbabwe is and has been a daily diet for most Shona people.

    Its simple logic – Shonas only vote for Shona leaders, Mthwakazi people vote for any Zimbabwean who they believe is best to lead. This is why all the major parties won seats in Mthwakazi, namely MDC, MDCT and Gukurahundi Zanu PF in the 2008 elections.

    The same cannot be said in terms of voting patterns in Shona regions. Only MDCT and Gukurahundi Zanu PF won seats in these areas in 2008, and both are led by Shonas.

  32. Its unfortunate the majority of folks of matebeland have trooped down south in search of greener pastures. Having been a minority in the country before this exodus, their numbers have dwindled significantly to mount a meaningful challenge for the presidency. If you go to Bulawayo, Gwanda, Hwange, Plumtree not to mention Vic Falls the shona population is vast increasing, an indication of their growing influence in all matabele provinces.Unless the ndebele embark on a massive child bearing spree to boost their numbers in the country and not down south, they are faced with certain extinction to a point they will be regarded as endangered species.Not that its a bad idea having the shona in matabeleland. With the situation as is, and the assumption by some that shonas will vote for shonas only, then parroting for voting for Ncube is a waste of time, cause he wont be voted by the majority shonas and a portion of the non tribal ndebele- as you call them – The other non tribal mthwakazi portion will go to RGM and the remaining very small fraction to Ncube. So why waste time on a certainly losing horse. I was of the opinion that the onus is on the removal of the very old guard, replacing it with the new and then rearrange the political system.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe


      Its a surprise that you seem plainly oblivious to the fact that what you have written up there is clearly the predominant Shona tribalism that is now characteristic of Zimbabwe. Because you grew up in this Shona Gukurahundi culture, you now think its innocent, normal and okay.

      This is why despite this, you still see Mthwakazi as the tribalists and you as the innocent nationalists. The Shona population has increased in Mthwakazi since independence in 1980 because of Shona Gukurahundism.

      Your Shona Gukurahundi ZANU PF Satanic verses, the Shona Gukurahundi 1979 Grand Plan clearly states that the Gukurahundi Shona population shall spread all over the country, in an effort at eliminating each and every ethnic group that is not Gukurahundi Shona in the so-called Zimbabwe.

      So I dont understand why to you this appears to be a revelation. Gukurahundi Shonas are despite this all desperately and pitifully begging for citizenship in Zulu/Ndebele/Nguni dominated Mzansi/South Africa

  33. Phunyukabemphethe

    The majority of Zimbabweans in South Africa are Shon, FACT!

    All beggars from Zimbabwe in the streets of South Africa are Shona, another fact!

    All blind Zimbabweans in South Africa are Shona, another stubborn fact!!

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