Parties pay glowing tributes to ex-UK PM Thatcher

IN a rare show of solidarity, Zanu PF and MDC politicians yesterday unanimously paid tribute to the late former British Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher’s leadership style, describing her as one of the world’s greatest leaders.

By Senior Reporter

The “Iron Lady”, as Thatcher was known in political circles around the world for her firmness, died from stroke aged 87 yesterday morning.

Britain’s only woman prime minister, the tough, outspoken Thatcher led the Conservatives to three election victories, governing from 1979 to 1990, the longest continuous period in office by a British prime minister since the early 19th century.

With United States President Ronald Reagan, she formed a strong alliance against communism and was rewarded by seeing the Berlin Wall torn down in 1989 though she worried a unified Germany would dominate Europe.

Her radical rightwing views broke the mould of British
politics, changing the status quo so profoundly that even subsequent Labour governments accepted many of her policies.

The woman, who became known simply as “Maggie”, transferred big chunks of the economy from State hands into private ownership.
“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money,” she once said.

Her personal credo — founded on competition, private enterprise, thrift and self-reliance — gave birth to a political philosophy known as “Thatcherism”.

But her tough economic medicine put millions out of work, alienated many and largely destroyed industries such as mining.

In Zimbabwe, Thatcher was credited for presiding over the 1979 Lancaster House conference which ushered in the Lancaster House Constitution, ending the country’s 1970s war of liberation and ushering in independence in 1980.

Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa said his party enjoyed good working relations with Thatcher during her tenure of office as British Premier.

“I was Speaker of Parliament at the time Thatcher was British PM and we met during a conference of parliamentary associations, which was held in London and I thought she was a very likeable person,” Mutasa said.

“It is very sad that she has passed on, especially for her family and Britain as a country, but looking at how she had been supported while walking and how frail she was looking, I think the Lord must have decided it was time for her to rest.”

Mutasa, who is also Presidential Affairs minister, said he had no qualms with Thatcher’s foreign policies on Zimbabwe, including the emotive land issue.

“Of course, at one time Zimbabwe’s relations with Britain went sour, but during her premiership, we were happy with the way she dealt with most issues. She appeared to be honest and did whatever she promised to do.

The Zanu PF minister added: “On the land issue, the policy was to dispose of white-owned land on a willing-buyer and willing-seller basis, but because blacks did not have money to buy the land and whites were not willing to sell the land, President Robert Mugabe had no option except to take back the land and give it to the people. Thatcher did nothing wrong there.”

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora described Thatcher as an inspiration to all women in the world.

“She was clear testimony that women can provide good leadership and that is why the MDC-T is embarking on a programme to make sure that women are well represented in positions of power. Thatcher had good international relations skills and we mourn her passing-on,” Mwonzora said.

He said Thatcher’s tenure of office coincided with Zimbabwe’s independence and her policies were good to the extent they provided solutions for Zimbabwe’s problems, especially the end of colonial rule and ushering in Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980.

MDC spokesperson Nhlanhla Dube said Thatcher was “a history-setting and iconic leader” as the first female to lead a country “as aristocratic and traditional as Britain”.

“It was a ground-breaking feat that she set and Zimbabwe will remember her, especially now since we are siezed with debate around emancipation of women. Thatcher will certainly enter the Guinness Book of Records, not only as a female leader, but a great leader,” Dube said.

A British newspaper, The Telegraph, said Thatcher “will go down in history not only as Britain’s first female PM, but as the woman who transformed Britain’s economy in addition to being a formidable rival on the international stage”.

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  1. Mungatiiko veduwe…what a rare solidarity message.You should do that more often especially when the so called National Heroes die……

  2. thatcher waenda here sure mudzimu wake uchamuka panaCameron the \african

  3. If Britain had more premiers like the iron lady and none like Tony Bliar Zimbabweans who not have suffered from 1998 to date because she was a caring mother who knew that children sometimes made mistakes and needed to be forgiven and not punished. She had a good working relations with Mugabe. Zimbabwe as a nation is still young and Britain is very mature and should be accommodating like she was. RIP Maggie the founding mother of our sovereign Zimbabwe

    1. Dexter Chakurira

      Thats exactly why I have a problem with her. If it was not for her Zimbabwe would not be suffering today. Good riddance. She did not wince an eye when her puppet president was killing people in Matabeleland. Besides she was a big supporter of apartheid in SA. She called Mandela and the ANC terrorists. Ngaaende! Ngaaende! Musamucheme

      1. @ Dexter. True indeed how could she stand by as the ndebele’s threatened to wipe out the masvina’s (shona’s).
        Tired of this pitting the dissidents who started this war. there were casualties on both sides and anyone 30yrs down the line who still stirs up the wounds is nothing but the witch themselves (muroyi chaiye)

        1. Phunyukabemphethe

          You talking Shona Gukurahundi rubbish!!

        2. dissidents were created by Zanu as an excuse to terroise the people chete …

    2. Has someone colonised your mind? Lol Children?!!

  4. Even if white farmers were willing to sell the land, how could they sell to pple who had no money, cde Mutasa?

  5. I moan you Maggie. Though I was young then in the early eighties, I admired you . R.I.P.

  6. People have short memories. In 80s four Air Force of Zimbabwe white officers were arrested for blowing up Hawk jets in Gweru. Thatcher threatened to cut off Aid to Zim and all sorts of other things if the white officers were not released. It was clear the white officers were working with the apartheid govt (Thatcher was a known admirer of the SA Botha regime at the time) and they were subsequently released and deported to UK. She was purpotedly very anti-terrorism so why did she order the release of people who had committed an act of terror?

    1. Thanks Jojo just another case in point as a Brit she was actually delighted that.Naughty white boys blow up British supplied ancient aircraft belonging to a banana republic….GET the white boys released by an offer of more obsolete aircraft for free nice offer but wait a minute with the offer comes technical staff and spare parts worth x 10 factor the value of the” free” aircraft and then a small bribe for the strongman watopedza nem bhoyi

  7. Thanks for reminding us all about the Lancaster house conference.Nyika yakauya ne Lancaster House ……an agreement chibvumirano not Hondo and yet up till today we hear people say takaitora ne Hondo and yet ndivo vaka begga Britain kuti tinoda ceasefire put pressure on the smith and Muzorewas hapana aka surrender then Soames was directed by Thatcher to rig elections in favour of Matibili for his pro Britain stance on land.Remember in 1980 when asked about land he responded
    People don’t care about land…people want jobs now when challenged by a strong opposition he flips round and comes out passing himself off as a champion of land reform!What short memories people have.Again on mining investment when Thatcher brought in her big business buddies instead of 50% as is now being talked about they got tax free concessions for I think 10 years special investment allowances and when these expired they quickly sold mines on to African miners (Ashanti) so who won that round ……now she is credited with putting Britain back on its feet ……of course she did and she did so by outmaneuvering incompetants like Matibili

    1. Dexter Chakurira

      Uri benzi iwe hauna kudzidza. Dai pange pasina hondo Lancaster House yaiuya?

      1. Iwe mpfanha Dexter ndiudze progress yakaitwa nema guerilla other than killing and raping fellow blacks.Unoziva here inonzi Hondo ne military strategy?Vaingo urayisa vana vevamwe chete vavo vari kuma University vachi pocketa mari dze aid for refugees.make no mistake most of them were Special branch operatives vachitengesa heavy !No wonder vaipindirwa muma base ana Matibili vachi wining and dining in now Maputo’s luxury hotels faking tuma accents twe chirungu now ndo kusadzidza chaiko uku.By the way makazo liberate ipi town or village musati matinyaudza neku liberate Zim.

  8. I am the extreme opposite of Zanu pf but frankly people there is nothing that sickens me more than an African ano bigga munhu ayi champina cause ye Britain.I dare say even in England itself just go to those mining towns she shut down and hear for yourself what suffering that bloody witch caused don’t just praise someone take time to evaluate ndo saki muchivhotera dondo muno mu Zim.Ano ku suffisai achidaidzira rule brittannia imi nama leaders enyu mese hamuoni sei ? Wake up people!!!

    1. Thatcher was good and bad for this country. The good she presided over the Lancaster House Agreement and the bad she supported a tyranny that has destroyed a once jewel country. period.

      1. Why blame Thatcher for mugabe’s mess and terror we voted him in, in 1980. This is the problem as Zimbabweans we always think outside powers have so much influence on the goings on in Zimbabwe. Time to take blame for what we were/are in control of. We say the west supported mugabe in the early days of independence and turned a blind eye to tyranny but what about the nation, us voters we voted zpf in every election since 1980. We couldnt even put together a viable opposition until 2000. All of us are to blame for destroying the jewel country.

  9. Of course blacks didn’t have the money for the land. So they did what they always do – they stole it. Funny that…

    1. In all fairness who stole it first Dusty? I dont agree with how the land reform was carried out by zpf but the reality is land reform in an orderly just way was long overdue.

  10. In difficult moments lets be mature and speak from the deepest of our hearts, we can not be taken to town by someone’s death. Only satanists have guts to do that as they did on Jesus’ execution. Passing on of Thatcher is loss of brilliant brains to the entire world.

  11. Pope Murozvi the second

    Nhaimi, mukadzi uyu afa Thatcher ndiye Tibaijuka here?

  12. Ana Mutasa dare you say anything bad about Maggie.Its no secret that in 1980 before the so called 1st elections there was a secret meeting between Matibili,Soames,Peter Walls Smith and Samora Machel.The sole purpose of this meeting was to break the solidarity of the Patriotic Front.Robby emerged from this the de facto winner of the elections as the results were determined there.What followed was just a charade…Maggie had in one move determined the fate of southern Africa and thwarted justice for unbeknownst to most this was superpower politics at work.Ian got double reassurance for his 20 white seats.Walls was warned to keep his dogs on a leash Samora guaranteed the eastern corridor Kissinger”s fears of the horn of Africa falling into hostile Soviet hands were allayed, what say you ? surely one of the greatest sellouts of our time.The losers poor zim citizens …the tragedy..they all seem to be clueless oh when will they ever learn……when will they ever learn…….cry the beloved

  13. @ Sigauke Chauke asi uri mwana waMuzorewa kani? Nekupfungwa dzako dzakawora sedzaiva dzaMuzorewa. And it seems u once worked in the Rhodesian Front as a Selous Scout thats why u don’t even believe in this War of liberation struggle. Uringochani chaiyo wakanga wajaira kuiswa nekumanyo Dyke. Imbwa!!!

  14. Dracula imi ma Zanu pf ndimi ka varidzi venyaya idzozdzi.Muma jeri imomu maingoita that system that’s why muri so paranoid ne zwe ngochani.angoita against policy yenyu ..ngochani mukada ku jambanja church dzevaridzi aaah ingochani Bush Blair everyone munongti ngochani maiputitsana mega mega kumanyowa ikoko
    We know imomu mu shake shake zvirikuitwa

  15. Pope Murozvi the second

    Nhaimi pindurai mubvunzo wangu kani? Afa uyu ndiye Tibaijuka here?

  16. Dracula ndo saka makauraya Adams mukuru we jeri ange ane mafile ese ezvamaitana ne ma abuser makuru aivaziva

  17. @Dracula chaivo vange vari ma back benchers e RF ana Bill Irvine …yes iye the famous we huku Inga muri kungo dya navo wani.Vane ma franchise e migaga ye conservative government ana Carrington they are untouchable muno ziva matengesero amakaita nyika nema condition amakapiwha ne kutya kuti vakachiputitsa ma British ma lies enyu ne hippocrisy yenyu icha exposwa.You don’t need to be a genious to see through Zanu gukurahundi lies just look carefully listen to what they say and ask a few simple questions, they are so stupid.Rega Maggie in 1979 akaramba kuita shake hands ne her words “that horrible terrorist’ ACHIREVA Matibili in 1987 ndokukarova 10-0 kakamupa ma mine mahala Cluff Resources plc ndokubva vakakwidza Ngoro ya queen kuti ka funge kuti kakakosha kachino hostwa mu Buckingham Palace.A very unlikely peoples hero iko ndo kakachinjwa kuitwa British gent tuma safari twe china tukaraswa twese.Ma interests e Britain haachinji.

  18. Pope Murozvi the second


  19. Pope Murozvi the second

    Or Cde Bhutsumugotsi

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