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Over 400 people affected by Mat South hailstorm


OVER 400 people were directly affected by the hailstorm that hit parts of Gwanda and Insiza in Matabeleland South on April 3 this year, leaving a trail of destruction with some affected people still in need of food and other basic necessities, the province’s Civil Protection Unit (CPU) announced on Friday.

Report by Silas Nkala

The head of Matabeleland South CPU, who is also acting provincial administrator, Midard Khumalo, yesterday said about 46 rooms had their roofs blown off by the wind at a West Nicholson mining compound and 271 people were affected.

“In Gwanda’s Ward 23, 20 homes were affected with 131 people being direct victims of the disaster,” said Khumalo.

“In Ward 6 in Insiza, about six houses were affected by the hailstorm with 36 people directly affected.”

The total number of people directly affected was 438.
He said at Freda Mine compound, all the six roofs that had beeb blown off had been repaired through the assistance by the Farvic and Mixtone mines.

“Ward 23 and Ward 6 villagers have also been assisted with blankets, water containers, soap and food, though the food supplies are not enough,” he said.

“We are still looking for food to assist the affected people and a detailed report has since been sent to the Civil Protection Unit head office. We hope to get more assitance for the affected people.”
Khumalo said organisations such as the Red Cross Society, the Social Welfare and community members were coming in to help the victims.

He could not be drawn into revealing the cost of the destroyed infrastructure saying that had not been calculated.

The heavy downpour hit Gwanda and Filabusi in Matabeleland South and parts of Mberengwa in the Midlands, leaving a trail of destruction.

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