Mujuru predicts post poll bliss

Vice-President Joice Mujuru yesterday said the economy was likely to blossom after the hamornised elections this year as the inclusive government had laid the foundation for growth.

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Addressing the Zimbabwe International Business Conference on the sidelines of the 54th edition of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo, Mujuru said the economy would benefit from the stability in the post-election period.

“Post-election period, I am confident that Zimbabwe will see more consolidation of the preparatory work done by political leaders,” she said.

“This period will also see development of many public, private partnership arrangements and more building blocks necessary for the economy to drive towards sustainable growth.”

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai also echoed Mujuru’s sentiments saying: “Humility of government, business, labour and society is required to see us through pre- and post-election period.”

“Zimbabwe is in its final phase of the inclusive government and an atmosphere of stability and tranquillity is prevailing at the back of the very successful constitutional referendum,” he said in a speech read on his behalf by Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe.
“Zimbabwe now faces a real test of confidence as the country manages the transition out of the inclusive government set up.”

Tsvangirai urged foreign investors who are still adopting a wait-and-see attitude to put their money in Zimbabwe now.

“To those investors still sitting on the sidelines, I say to them the time to invest in Zimbabwe is now,” he said.

“There has not been a better time and opportunity to invest in Zimbabwe than now rather than adopt a wait-see-attitude, waiting for the election outcome.”

He said any government formed after elections was likely to continue using the Medium Term Plan as its economic blueprint.

“We will insist on a free and fair election as a precondition for the sustainability of business during and after the election taking into cognisance that any disturbances to the economy will affect the consumer, who is a worker to labour, a client to business and a voter to the politicians,” Tsvangirai said.

Mujuru bemoaned the sanctions against the Zanu PF elite saying they continued to hurt the economy.

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  1. what gives us the assuarance that after polls lets say Zanu wins, the country will not be plunged back to the economic crisis we found ourselves in recently???? Is the post poll bills dependent on the the winning party?

    1. there would be no sanctions so there is assurance that everything will be positive for the nation

  2. Dzidzawo, watch and learn if you do not know the sign of the times you will be left behind. Invest in stocks dear brother cause chitima chava kusumuka……. irespective of which party wins.

    1. Iam not well knowldged on stock investments. can you briefly explain how it works. I have some extra US$ that I am thinking of investing but not sure where. iam technically qualified but when it comes to investment staff lights out.

      Let’s say you have US$25000 – $50 000 what sor of investment would you propose?

  3. i say once more vote zanu pf please if you want comfortable life . land , companies , mines for blacks. Mugabe stands for blacks and tsvangirayi for whites

    1. vangani mawhites acho?

    2. What land, you jojo you are not in yr sense . Go to Byo and c 4yrslf zanu pf failure. they seized Jaggers today its like a ghost house , check Senator Bus co- 2day their fleets are like buses plying Binga or murambinda root . zanu pf is excell in destruction only>>>>>>>>

    3. wakavata

  4. If whites can revive the destroyed industry so be it. Vanhu havadye rhetoric, vanoda mabasa nhasi kwete zve matakadya kare.

    1. wakasara setarino……… life has bin a living hell coz of the 2008 situation when i strugled even to pas my a level.i dont want tngz to get bek to that situation again……zanu pf has failed us,i want a bright future as a zimbabwean youth,

  5. @Willard, could you explain what do you mean by saying if zanu wins there would be no sanctions. Remember you can fool those who does not know the zimbabwe of yesterday.Sanctions came after our economy was already into its knees.Sanctions are just but an excuse from those who benefited from this era.We have seen ordinary people like so and so becoming rich by night and the rest of the citizens wallowing in poverty,and you still beleive there were sanctions in zimbabwe.If zanu wins then it means w are going back to stone age.

    1. Lets remove the colonial mentality that whites are the only ones who can save us. We can do it if and only if we can change our way of thinking.To be underdeveloped came as a result of these so called whites supression, remember chibaro sytem.The resources which was used to develop the developed nations came from us (NOT only zim)

  6. if yo guyz dream that if m.t mdc get into power pachava ne change u a fooling yrslf. pepuka makudo ndemamwe. you wl cry 4 mdhara

  7. How can time to invest be now when there is a pain discord and suspence created by the indegenistion statements called law. How can it be now when intraparty and interparty violence is at its pick? this man needs to learn.

  8. true amai mujuru. everyone knows what the zimbabweans want because of the gnu. even if zanu pf wins the next elections they will this time work for thr people,. they will even throw away this indeginosation nonsense of theirs which they are trying to blind people with. they will even give back some farms back to some white farmers. mostof the useless re-settled black farmers will becarefully kicked out. remember zanu pf has learnt its lesson well although they dont want to admit. wellsaid amai mujuru

  9. Joyce Mujuru for president

  10. I am not sure what JUICE this woman is drinking. The dead wood that has been running the economy from ZANU to MDC is still in charge? How is economy going to change? Ulehlamba lumuntu

  11. toots u a crez how can mujuru be president? mnangagwa the right candidate for president go mnangagwa go. ana mujuru vanoteera kwaenda mhepo she is not firm, she must remain the v.p

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