Mugabe food sparks furore

Zanu PF has been accused of denying MDC-T supporters wheat and rice that was donated by President Robert Mugabe to areas affected by drought, on the grounds the food was meant for card-carrying members.

Report by Nduduzo Tshuma

Matobo Senator Sithembile Mlotshwa (MDC-T) told NewsDay that party supporters were sidelined after Zanu PF influenced the appointment of focal persons in charge of distributing food.

Matobo is one of the areas worst affected by food shortages after a dry spell hit the southern parts of the country.

Last year the district lost hundreds of cattle due to drought.

Mlotshwa said councillors who are supposed to distribute the food were sidelined as most wards belonged to the MDC-T while a few that were held by Zanu PF councillors were allowed to distribute the food.

Mlotshwa said last week MDC-T supporters were turned away at a school in Gohole where wheat was being distributed to villagers.

“I went to the school myself and discovered that the wheat was imported from China,” she said.

“I was told that supporters of the MDC-T were told to move away as the wheat was meant for card-carrying Zanu PF members only.

“Some of the wheat was distributed at a shop belonging to a known Zanu PF activist in a move to frustrate the MDC-T supporters.”

But Zanu PF Matabeleland South chairman Andrew Langa refuted the allegations, saying it was not his party’s policy to discriminate on the basis of party
affiliation in the distribution of food.

“I am not aware of that and I doubt that anyone could consider party affiliation when distributing food meant for Zimbabweans,” he said.

“Zanu PF, in any case, is not responsible for distributing the rice, but village heads.

“If she (Mlotshwa) is genuine, she should raise the matter with the District Administrator’s office.

“If any one distributes food on partisan lines, then I do not know where they are getting it from because that is not our policy as a province and as Zanu PF.”

However, Mlotshwa insisted that Zanu PF was barring MDC-T supporters from getting food aid. She said the plight of the villagers had been further worsened by the hailstorm that destroyed homesteads in the area and also hit Mangwe district at the weekend.

“Now imagine, we have homeless people affected by the hailstorm, they are busy trying to rebuild their homes, but how are they going to achieve that on empty stomachs?” she said.

“I have raised the matter (alleged partisan food distribution) with Deputy Prime Minister (Thokozani) Khupe who raised it in Cabinet last week.”

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  1. Matambo Silvester

    Why cry for Zanu Pf food. Get pizzas from the British Mdc

    1. ZANU-PF money is feeding the people.

      Whilst MDC is building $3.5million houses for Tsvangiria as villagers starve.

      1. The money that built Tsvangirai’s house was not from the MDC but from the state. You need to differentiate between the two. You also need to ask how much the president’s Borrowdale house cost.

        1. tmushamba I am glad we agree tsvangiria is looting from the state at the expense of starving villagers

          in a CNN interview-
          CNN told tsvangirai that Zimbabweans were fed up with his leadership and handling of public finances. And his counclers and MPs were looting state funds.

          google the cnn video interview

      2. Look! Don’t talk politics! See how a Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM) to see the various methods and companies she used (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM). A simple idea but it paid off. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME because life is short. Wake up

    2. This is not Zanu pf’s food.imari yenyika tsek

    3. Vana Matambo mune brain dzekuti munhu akati izvi zvir wrong makutofunga mu British. You are used to yes people chero mamurova munoti ngaangoti yebo boss now when someone stand up moti British as if Zimbabweana have no brains.

    4. utikwanire Sylvester you are short sighted. your comments long proved that you are Mugabe’s goon. kwana iwe

    5. Don’t talk politics! See how a Zimbabwean poor woman became a millionaire by buying and selling accidented cars, Very interesting. Go to (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM) to see the various methods and companies she used (ACCIDENTEDCARS.COM). A simple idea but it paid off. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME because life is short. Wake up

  2. Useless cry baby if its Mugabe buying the food where ever he got the money? He can give it to his supporters and stooges. Tsvangirai stooges may be u should stop travelling around the world building Mansions, paying immorality payments and buy your supporter food aid.

  3. Matabele liyayangisa sokuyenyanyisa where do you find these narrow minded MPs Nxa mani

  4. Iwe dofo rinonzi Matambo Zanu yakambo donater chikafu kuvanhu rinhi, that is goverment money. There s a lyn btwn gvt nd zanu. Idiot

  5. Thanks matambo for your comment. tsvangirayi must provide food for his supporters. Not spending lots of money on women. paying damages 500 000 dollars damage, 250 000 mantainance what a shame. kupedza mari achitenga bonde. muchadya vakadzi vamuri kubhadhara gore rino zanu ichitengera vanhu vayo chikafu nxaqaa.

    1. u idiot if u don’t have meaningful contributions zip your mouth forever! Ungada kufanana nana Silvester zvimbwasungata zva Robert.

    2. Remember in 2007-8, people were eating hacha, dd zanu pf bought any food to feed them? nw yane care nevanhu, in matebeleland what happened over 20 000 people were killed dd they ever even apologise. in 2008 vakadamburwa maoko vangani. in 1979-80 before election what happened hw many people were killed and others were beaten. kwana zanu haina basa nevanhu shaz its the state funds party channelled to partisan DAs to partisan traditional leaders

  6. Nhaiwe matambo washaiwazvokunyora here?zunupf mariinodziwanepi yekuimpoter food mbavha dzega chero chikadonatwa vanongoti ndechavo che care vainyima vanhu wani ibasa renyu vanhu vezanu murimadofo chaiwo, munhu wese uneright of hvng food nomatter his/hr polical paty. Ndizvo zvinokudyisai vanhu vezunu zvekungopoliticiser zvinhu zvese nkt tichatenga macard tovota potinioda ndipo pamakapusa hamunbanyadzi, com maelectoins murikuenda kwazvimba

  7. Get away, which village heads ar u toking abt u greedy cruel bastards? We all kno u had and u ar still abusing village heads to act in yo favour, who do u think u ar fooling. Like wat i always say, if u resist thru BALLOT, anytime of th day, we ar prepared to resort to FISTS, nomore nonsense.. NEVER, ichiringuva yekukambena nefudhaz here ino. We want CONSISTANT, LONG TERM AND RELIABLE DEVELOPMENTAL POLICIES not food hambers, better dei chirichikafu kwacho. Greed dogs, get awayy


    Why are you stampeding for food sourced and donated by our President? Where is Tsvangirai?

    1. ZanuPF throu ZRP used to confisticate MDC food, maize rotted at Beitbridge while people starved so this could be one of the reasons we don’t have food from MDC.

  9. viva zanu pf pamberi narobert mugabe, pasi nemwathakazi

  10. Where are you MDC can you provide food to your people please!!!!!!!

  11. Imi vanhu ve MDC munomboziva vanhu ve Zimbabwe havavhoti ne brain dzekuti ava vanoda kugadzirisa nyika kuti tisararam nekupihwa vanovhota ne matumbu avo saka kuti zvikufambirei vapei chikafu izvozvi muone.

  12. who wants to vote for hunger??? anoda nzara ndiani??? to hell with mdc-t. tinodya chinja here isu

    1. uritsvina yemunhu jojo. ndimim munodzorera nyika kushure, 33 yrs tichidya nhoko dzezvironda.

  13. Now I know for sure that ZANU(PF) followers are morons. How can you celebrate food handouts? Cant you see that you have been reduced to beggars? When elections are over, the vote-buying ends and you return to starvation. MDC is for long term and sustainable solutions. Where ZANU(pf) fruitlessly resorted to chopping off zeroes to curb inflation, MDC introduced the multicurrency system and things started moving again. People can now afford to buy assets and property. Now thats empowerment you ZANU (PF) ingrate!

    1. tell me one policy which the mdc has initiated hapana kana are a liar the multi currency was introduced by gono when he announced the monetary policy before the inclusive gvt.the mdc has nothing to offer to this country…come elections murikudzokera kumusha

    2. Moron ndiwe manje King Chubby or is it Tub or Tubby. The people complaining about food are MDC-T supporters represented by MP one Mlotshwa which I believe you are one of them given your rantings. The fact that you like twisting facts does not surprise me given that MDC-T live in a fantastic world of fantassy and like to claim credit for good things that had nothing to do with them. Chinamasa as minister of finance officialised the multi-currency system long before MDC-T joined government waiting to be given the go-ahead by their handlers. The people of Zimbabwe introduced the multi-currency system and no politician or political party can claim credit for the introduction. MDC-T has added no value to the government other than Tsvangirai’s indiscretions and Biti’s thoughtless rantings as well as corruption and zero service delivery in the local authorities that they are running. Ingrate ndiwe! Kufunga kwako kwakaneta!

  14. Mdc yakapedza mari yechikafu Tsvangison achibhadhara madam

  15. stupid yemunhu zim 40 unofunga kuti mari yekuroora ndiyo ingatengera zimbabwe yese chikafu here. mudhara haana kuroora here afiwra. ukwane

  16. senzeni unenge hure iwe

  17. powerless mdc u failed to change or reform distribution of food that u ar calling state property!hamuna pfungwa saka munotonga ani muchitadza zvidoko izvi nxa

  18. I wonder if Biti ever disbursed anything towards the purchase of that food.just like what he was trying to do nechibage from cde Sata.His excellence sourced this food from friendly China for hungry zimbabweans.The reason of sourcing from China and not your Great Brisheet is because of restrictive measures imposed on us by them.Vachifurirwa by you.Sure sure in normal senses you want that food begged by mdara?Mwari itai kuti mapofu aone.His exellence we now need chicken dzacho for the rice pa heroes.

    1. If you are referring to Mugabe u say “your excellence” and not use the third person, you moron.

  19. Votserk endaikure nezanu yenyu. othewise we ar tired of u.

    1. vote buying with tax payers money. In the meantime SINO LEGACY (theiving ministers) is thriving. probably because the chief executive of the country is the executive chairman of Legacy

      1. tax payers money ipi inga mdc zvairi ine ministry of finance.On the start of the inclusive gvt maiti pana Biti hapana mari inobuda.The truth is Mdc has failed you thot kutonga nyika kudya sadza hezvo ndimi munema ministries ewater,health,education,industry gadzirisai zvinhu tione as you claimed.

  20. silly mdc-t thuggs are starving now they are crying for food from our love, caring, president robert mugabe. surely hamulume , tsvangirayi must provide for you, ndapedza. murikumurega achibhadhara vakadzi achitadza kudhadhra chikfu kuti mudye. to hell, saka mava kuda chamudhara manje. bonde hunge wakaguta, bhadharai gambi ka mugute tione. vote president robert gabriel mugabe.

  21. Wena Senzeni ndini, angikaze ngibona umuntu wesintwini ophethwe yingxangi enjenge yakho . Usuzu khohliwe ulimi lwakho , uyayangisa !!!!!!!!!!!!!. Buza abafelwa ngabantwana nge gugurawundi begigywa yizanu ngomgigo. Go to Insuza and you will find a place called Isidumbu-nana – derived from- izidumbu zabantwana ababe gigwa engigeni – on the pretext that they were chidren of amalwecatsha. And 2day u say vote zanu pf .. nonsence . i better vote 4 a dead donkey

  22. Mdc is blocked whenever it tries to give 2 its people, be it seeds, agric imputes, even food. We see it but our mouthes ar tied

  23. mhuri haingafe nezhara nenyaya ye card redhora tengai ma cards mudye kuita sei ikoko hamudyi kwa mugabe kana tsvangirai appreciate zvauya buy 2 cards mai vakangwara baba vakangwara

  24. Phunyukabemphethe

    i love you president mugabe

  25. Only foolish Zimbabweans will vote for a president who after 33 years still needs to hand out food to the majority of the population.

  26. People in matebeleland are shrewd tactians. What i know is that zanu is going to invest a lot and come out with no seat. In simple terms buy a card worth a dollar and get $200 worth of aid. I am not from matebeleland but I admire those folks,they are natural economists and they always find an easy way out of problems. Besides only an idiot will think that a 5Kg bag of maize can make someone forget Gukurahundi.

    1. zanu pf hell with it……………………………………

  27. zinja zabantu bezanu voetsek mani lingidina


  29. Pukunyukabembete

    I love all people i hate tribalism i love both shonaz ndelelez tongaz zezuruz karangaz food for all people down with tribalizm em a true mtwakazi from lupane bafowethu kasibambanani ilizwe ngelethu sonke

  30. Pukunyukabembete

    I love all people i hate tribalism i love both shonaz ndelelez tongaz zezuruz karangaz food for all people down with tribalizm em a true mtwakazi from lupane bafowethu kasibambanani ilizwe ,ngelethu sonke down wih proffesor w ncube a sellout

  31. When people voted in 2008, they expressed their thoughts, because things were going worse even with food aid being provided in rural areas. the country became jobless. industries have just become ghosts as a result of zanu’s failure. people voted for change, but manipulated the votes and returned Mugabe for presidents. the president’s duty is to provide for every citizen. if he only cares for his party members he surely has failed his duty and is supposed to be removed. People of Zimbabwe really needs a non partisan presidents and leaders who will lift this country up.

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