Mugabe charms Joyce Banda

Visiting Malawian President Joyce Banda says she has been in Zimbabwe long enough to be convinced that it is a free country and sanctions imposed a decade ago must be lifted.

Report by Nqobile Bhebhe

“I have seen for myself what Zimbabwe is like. I have dined and wined with President (Robert) Mugabe and (Prime Minister Morgan) Tsvangirai. There is hope, the destiny of Zimbabwe remains with Zimbabweans,” she said as she officially opened the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair yesterday.

“It is going to happen and some of us will stand with you. Zimbabwe is fine, lift the sanctions.”

Western nations imposed sanctions on Mugabe and his inner circle in 2002, citing a breakdown in the rule of law and human rights abuses. Most of the restrictions have, however, been eased in recent days.

Uncharacteristically, Banda, who is in the country on a five-day State visit, showered Mugabe with praises, saying he had the interests of Zimbabwe
at heart.

Banda was initially seen as a surprise pick to officially open the annual trade showcase, as Zimbabwe’s relations with Malawi soured when she
took over.

Upon assuming power last year, she demanded Zimbabwe pay back a $24 million debt, worsening relations between the two countries.

Banda was viewed as being a lackey of the West, in contrast to her late predecessor Bingu wa Mutharika, Mugabe’s ally, as they both claimed to be fighting Western imperialism.

But since her visit, the Malawian President seems to be in awe of the country and says she will send back experts to learn from Zimbabwe’s agrarian reforms.

Despite her reverence for Zimbabwe, she bemoaned low trade between Malawi and her hosts.

“Trade flow between the countries is low. Over the last three years it has accounted for $80 million,” she said.

Banda said Africa should strengthen intra-continental trade before seeking international aid.

“It does not make sense to me to seek markets from Europe instead of looking in the region. We need innovative strategies,” she said.


  1. welcome 2 Africa m’am.

  2. Phunyukabemphethe

    The two Malawins teaching each other Land Gukurahundism, very funny!!

    1. Definately there are of the same blood Nyasalandi,bathi ububi bonke ingathi bayakhala,He better charm his kith and kin because he has long failed to charm us.

  3. let us keep watching . if she continues praise singing that will be proof she was given a farm and that will be why she intends to send her experts to advise her on what crops to grow on the donated farm . i think the farm is valued at $24 million. african politics . shame .


    Yes, they have only shown her what they wanted her to see !

  5. Its a mess to allow yourself to hav a chat wt Mugabe. He is a deciever

  6. machingautazimbudzi

    Joyce banda go to mbare and see the victims of zanu pf beatings.

  7. She is an idiot.Ah she is just an idiot

  8. She is an idiot.Ah she is just an idiot

  9. Shuwa chikwereti kuMalawi che$24m. Muchiramba mari ye UNDP yemahara.
    Shuwa harahwa dzakurasikirwa nepfungwa,

    1. mari yemahara? is there ever such a thing.

  10. Matako echembere

    Phunyukabempethe uri mhata yemunhu.Mai vako izvozvi varikusvirwa nemuGukurahundi.If u don`t hav anything why can’t u just shut up.Msunu khanyoko.

  11. It is very dangerous to make decisions based on how you have been treated. Especially if you are a guest. In my books I have written off Comrade Banda. We are deep in corruption and someone says everthing is ok. Come on we need objective people who are not swayed by what has been done for them. We are not young kids. Things are not okay when people get arrested for telling the truth. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If God saw it fit that we should be ruled by one person forever, Mugabe would still be young and energetic. He would never get sick or die. Our leaders are too old to make any meaningful contributions to our country. You should just leave when you are still wanted. It gives you value.

  12. I wonder what she is smoking? if Mugabe is good then Mutharika was the best African president in history! This Banda woman is nuts, Zimbabwe could be good in Malawians’ eyes but its not where it should be. It has regressed in the last decade, to an extent that economists say production and economic activities are at 1952 levels! We do not have private radio or TV stations in this century! We do not have community radio or TV stations. Industries are closing everyday, we rely so much on South Africa. I’m sure she spent her days shuttling between Statehouse, Trade Fair Grounds and luxury hotels.

    1. Guys read nyasatimes and you can be in the picture of who this woman is turning to be. She won’t win a free and fair election kumuzi, Manje Imwe make Banda , kuchita masevera ndiZanu ndimavuto ,adzakuchindani mkanwa

  13. ndoosaka makatsikwa pagukurahundi pacho bcz misoro yenyu aitori mushe muchinemweya wekutengese nyika ngesugar ,,manje not Zimbabwe munomama

  14. I am still not persuaded that having a political party with a 2-thirds majority in parliament is a good thing for Zimbabwe . It does not matter whether it is MDC-T, Zanu-PF, Zapu or Mavambo in government, corruption tends to grow on most parties when they become too powerful. I would much rather have 3 powerful parties balancing each other’s power.

  15. mr reporter and u mr editor mugabe charms Joice banda seem like an appropriate headline to u or u are just trying to loe readers. Nothing in the story is linked to the headline. The story dosent answer the 5ws and H.

  16. mr reporter ur headline daz not link with ur story muri mhata

  17. Uyu Joice ibenzi remunhu. Nokuti akapiwa mukaka weku Gushungo farm akaenda nawo ku Malawi ndokusaka achiti mugage is good! this is really frustrating and i tell you guys , she is really starting off on a very bad plat foam. Beware, i think she was comparing with her country which is in shambles.

  18. ‘i hv wined and dined…’ kkkkkkk, impaired judgement due to drunkenn. She had no freedom of association and movement. They decided who she shd mt n wher she shd go.

    1. Dangerous Forces

      yes it shows that Her Excellence woman was drunk. its only in Zim were citizens are not allowed to own short wave radios. for fear of listening to VOA & BBC. to hell

  19. kana musina zvekusasa nyararai mhani

  20. Yes we don’t want European politics here, chingochani No!

  21. Siyayi mudhara atonge,imi tongai kudzimba nekubasa kwenyu,iye ari kwake.
    May you access your leadership first,are you democratic.

  22. chokwadi chinorwadza

  23. This woman wekusvika achitanga kubvumidza ngochani uyu. I bet she didn’t want those things but the West had its way with her. she is not the most principled person so do not listen much to what she says.

  24. mugabe & team must go now

  25. There are things new leaders do out of inexperience before they know their place and relevance to the West. Then afterwards they appreciate their common destiny with fellow Africans and their strategies do change. President Joyce Banda did what was necessary to show solidarity with fellow African brothers; I would even Ian Khama would say similar things if he was invited to come to such an event.

    I say we need to build power generation capacity as a consortium of African nations so that we build much of it using our own funds instead of borrowing heavily from the West or China for that matter.

  26. Go to hell both of yu. Chinja/maitiro chinja Banda and Mugabe. Chatunga bwaa onetime.

  27. Banda angaachitonyengwa uyu

  28. aive ne bhabharasi Joyce

  29. This prostitute, thinks she can fool us Zimbabweans by saying this, if she has been charmed by Mugabe in another way she should come clean, so that we all know what that charming is she talking about.

  30. Zimbabweans are well educated a nd they know what is meant by a long time. So by going to harare a nd bulawayo you know what is happening in Zimbabwe. Shame on you Dr Banda. Dont insult Zimbabweans

  31. Tshemareza, Bulawayo

    Typically of an unelected leader. Stupid woman.

  32. ha ha ha ha..marwadziwa ka maMDC..kikiki.a few weeks ago u were praising her even as she supported she has seen the light and suddenly she is a poor leader,an unelected leader,she is drunk etc..president mugabe’s land reform and pan african policies are just perfect.its hard not to support them and a person who fearlessly pushes them.forgive madam banda

  33. Is Joyce BAnda related to the former president Hasting Banda? I hope the answer is an emphatic NO!

  34. mapfupa-edu-achamuka

    malawians didnt fire a bullet to get independence. Joice Banda is finishing wamutharika’s term….and her tenure far hs been a nightmare. Come election time she will be out….maybe she came here to get a few lessons on how to lose elections and remain at state house!
    time is ripe….the winds are coming to put things right.

  35. aiwaka, vanhu ve mdc, you can’t have it your way all the time. kuraio ka nhai. nyaya irikutaurwa na vaMugabe ne Zanu ye Pan Africanism, economic empowerment ne land to the people cannot be faulted by any sane leader of any African country (except for the homosexual Khama). Hapana asingawirirane ne nyaya iyi. Ask yourselves this question, why is it that the only people against nyaya iyi are:
    1. Britain – white people
    2. EU – white people
    3. USA – white people
    4. Canada – white people
    5. Australia – white people
    6. rhodesians – messed up white people

    Pafunge ipapo. Isusu sevana veZimbabwe ngatiwiriranei kuti this is what we want then we elect a leader who is most likely to give us these things. So far I am voting for Zanu PF not because I agree with everything they do but because I agree with them ipo panyaya idzi dzandambotaura. If MDC were to champion these causes I will switch my vote izvozvi because I would want to give them a chance to show us what they can do, Zanu yachembera. But the risk in following MDC is that they are offering nothing apart from accusing Zanu of all manner of evil. Any fool can see that Zanu has done all manner of evil, that is not news. What I want to hear is what is the MDC’s position on land and on economic empowerment and on same sex issues. So far there is no clear voice, all we hear is corruption this and corruption that (of which MDC has been seen to be corrupt as well, if truth be told). Mrs. Banda will never have credibility in her own country if she is seen to sympathise with those who are pushing for white people’s interests in Zimbabwe. Just ask Raila Odinga, he will tell you that had Uhuru Kenyatta not been a victim of the white people’s agenda against him and had he not been dragged to the hague by them and had cnn and bbc not prepared a very negative narrative on the way elections in Kenya were going to turn violent and bloody in the hope of swaying positive opinion on their boy (Raila), then he (Uhuru) would not have won the election. A lot of voters who were on the fence ended up voting for Uhuru as a protest vote against white interests. The same can happen here unless MDC starts to speak the language that the masses (again, the masses – not a few urban intellectuals) understand. You can’t win this election just by promising to deliver freedom and democracy, which we have already (you can argue how much of it we have, but we do have it) – you can surely win by promising to delivery empowerment and prosperity (which we have never had – since all economic power is in the hands of Anglo American companies – do your research).

  36. SCOTT. U have spoken well. Mugabe knows how to play his game. And MDC isn’t learning .but Joyce BANDA has never been an authority ZIM ISSUES. She should not worry pple. Her opinions are not inspired by the masses ,

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