Moyo, Dembos in Hifa collaboration


THE Dembo brothers, Morgan and Tendai, will on April 30 make a debut appearance at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa).

Report by Silence Charumbira

Apart from the prestigious appearance, they will be in a memorable collaboration with veteran musician Jonah Moyo.

Backed by the Baobab Band, the fete will see revellers getting a chance to taste what the young brothers have managed to achieve as they seek to revive their father’s music.

Tendai, the younger of the two, told NewsDay they were excited about Hifa.

“Hifa is an international stage which every artiste longs for,” he said.

“The fact that we have managed to secure a slot this year only means people are appreciating what we are doing and that we are on the right path. We cannot wait for the day we perform.”

He said they would take the performance as a part of celebrations of the 16th anniversary of their father’s death.

Their father Leonard, who died on April 9 1996, is still regarded as one of the best musicians ever produced in Zimbabwe.

His exceptional lead guitar is still vivid in many people’s minds while his over 20-year-old recordings compete with the best today.

The youngsters will tonight be premiering a documentary about their father at Jazz 105 as part of the commemorations.

Moyo yesterday said he was happy to get a chance to perform at Hifa.

“I got a confirmation letter from Hifa and I am happy I will be performing with Dembo’s children,” he said.

Moyo is now based in South Africa and worked with the late Dembo during his heydays.


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