Madzongwe, Moyo to decide MPs fate

SPEAKER of Parliament Lovemore Moyo and President of the Senate Edna Madzongwe yesterday said they would next week deal with a request by MDC to fire three MPs and two Senators who defected to MDC-T.


Zimbabwe’s constitution outlaws floor crossing and the legislators risk losing their seats before the end of the current Parliament after they applied to stand on MDC-T tickets in the next polls.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament and Umzingwane legislator Nomalanga Khumalo, Tsholotsho South MP Maxwell Dube and his Gwanda North counterpart Zinti Mnkandla as well as Senators Dalumuzi Khumalo (Lupane) and Kembo Dube (Umzingwane) had in the past claimed to belong to a faction led by Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara.

Mutambara lost the leadership of the MDC in 2011 to Welshman Ncube, but is challenging his ouster in the courts.

MDC secretary-general Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, in separate letters dated April 10, said the five seats should be declared vacant.

Moyo, who is also MDC-T chairman, said he would only be able to attend to the matter next week.

“I am not at the office now. I will be there next week. That is when I will look into the matter,” he said.

Madzongwe also said she was out of Harare and would only be able to attend to the matter after the Independence Day holiday.

“I haven’t seen the letters because I have been out of Harare for some time,” she said.

“If I comment now, I would be doing it out of ignorance.
“I will be in Harare after the holidays and then I will look at the letters and make an informed comment.”

Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma, who was copied the letters, declined to comment, saying the communication was not directed to him.

“I cannot comment because the letter was not written to me, but to the Speaker of Parliament and the President of Senate otherwise if I comment, I will be offside,” he said.

MDC in 2009 caused the then Nkayi South MP Abedinico Bhebhe and his Lupane East and Bulimamangwe East counterparts Njabuliso Mguni and Norman Mpofu respectively to lose their seats for working with the MDC-T.

However, the five survived on a technicality after claiming to belong to Mutambara’s faction that was challenging Ncube’s presidency.

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  1. Phunyukabemphethe

    They are deliberately delaying the firing of the MPs to afford them salaries they no longer deserve. These MPs have clearly indicated they are not Mtambara MPs, but belong to the MDC-T so since they were elected on the MDC ticket, we fired them and they no longer represent the green machine.

  2. Phunyukabemphethe

    Stop the Gukurahundi tendencies.

  3. You are going to fire everyone and left with none.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Yes its fine, after all new elections are around the corner. Only the comitted, principled and disciplined ones will remain. You can have all the chuff, we don’t mind!!!

  4. Welshman doesn’t inspire good leadership! Either he is rebelling or people are rebelling against him. How can a party lose half its Members of Parliament? It’s a disaster. That man is a bad leader!

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      He is a bad leader to you – not to some of us, its your democratic choice not to support him. But leave us to make our democratic hoice to support him.

      1. Phunyu, kanti uzaze uvume nini lawe okutshiwo ngabanye? Ingani lakudala edale amadoda ayebonisana.

      2. Phunyukabemphethe you are a joke. You are no different from the Gukurahundis you hate so much. Life is not about hatred! Happy independence from British rute to Zanu Pf colonization!

    2. YOU LOOKED AT ONE SIDE MR observer. People dont join a cult if they are principled.They join a movement. EVEN IF THE LEADER IS BAD they will remain part of the movement because it is their medium of articulating and pursuing the ideals that identify them.The problem with such crop of individuals masquerading as leaders is that they are unprincipled clowns who want cheap money and power.Study them further. A cursory analysis will tell you that they stand for nothing , because they can fall for Mutambara or Tsvangirai, who ever can aid their personal accentuation.We will not wonder that if by chance ZANU PF wins, they will dump MDC T and claim they are ZANU pF. FOR YOUR OWN INFORMATION bHEBHE DEFECTED from Zanu pf first.

  5. KuleNkani embi okuPhunyu aka Mbonisi,very stupid young man from Zapu! Uhlala uwumana engathi nguwe wedwa owafelwayo kuGugurahundi yakho leyo

  6. chenjerayi dhongi


  7. Phunyukabemphethe

    Every time I attack Gukurahundis, their Gukurahundi party and its Gukurahundism, many of you want to shut me up simply because you don’t want to hear the word GUKURAHUNDI.To me this amounts to supporting them.

    According to your upbringing, Gukurahundi means Shona – that is why you don’t want to hear that word.

    Well, some of us in Mthwakazi will never allow ourselves to be dissuaded – because our understanding and upbringing says Gukurahundi means ZANU PF, its leader Gukurahundi Mugabe and all those who support it – it does not mean Shona. If you believe it means Shona people, that is your problem – your own funeral, not mine. Jabulani Sibanda is a Gukurahundi, but he is not Shona. There are many such examples.

    If we allow ourselves to fall for your tricks, for fear of treading on sensitive Shona toes, this means allowing the Gukurahundis to go scott- free – this we will not allow.


  8. Kanti wena Nicholas Sithole ufun’ uPhunyu avumeni sibili, cacisa ndoda. Lobengula2, da man u call stupid actually makes alot of sense if u scrutinise wat he says objectively, wena u criticise wthout points, wat u say is jst verbal diarrhoea. Da rest of u who think morgan wil take u to da land of milk n honey, yes, he’l change a few thing, ‘twil b better kancane bt fact is, he’s a retard. Dull n dangerous no difrent frm robert. A few wil in his inner circle wil b rich n da rest of u lizaba yizibhonda…

  9. So what has Madzongwe got to do with Gukurahundi? She is supposed to be a lawmaker, not a lawbreaker – that is in her own words.

  10. hey Zimbabwean the only problem with you guys is you just fight alone, brother against brother instead of fighting the devil who is bobo

  11. These members of parliament belong to Mutambara faction.He is the one who should complain,and not Welshman Ncube.

    If they are fired,they will join the petition for a bi election.

    MDC must find better things to do that being vindictive.

  12. Phunyukabemphethe

    When is the Gukurahundi dying?


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