Kenya: ‘people’s court’ website established

The Star reports that a website, designed to fulfil the role as a ‘people’s court with information about the recently held elections, has been established.

Report by It News Africa

According to the report the website has been set up in a partnership between Gladwell Otieno and Zahid Rajad from Africa Center for Open Governance (Africog) and Inform Action director Maina Kiai.

The site will reportedly provide the public with access to evidence filed at the Supreme Court by civil society, relevant to the ruling that upheld the election of Uhuru Kenyatta at the country’s President.

Kiai is quoted in the report as saying, “Supreme Courts could be wrong and they have been wrong in the other jurisdictions such as in the US. That is why we want an open debate on this issue to allow the public to decide what took place.”

The site is intended as a public forum for debate about the elections and also for citizens to express their views on “new ways of conducting a free and fair election” writes The Star.

Africog is quoted as stating, ‘”This is not about individuals but the election process. The website will open a public debate with the aim of strengthening our democracy.”

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