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Independence celebrations dampened by ‘repression’


POLITICAL parties and the civic society organisations in Bulawayo yesterday said although today’s Independence celebrations were necessary, the lack of freedom in the country took the shine from the fete.

Report by Blondie Ndebele

Zimbabwe today marks the 33rd anniversary of its independence from Britain.

Matabeleland Civic Society Forum spokesperson Dumisani Nkomo said most Zimbabweans were yet to enjoy the fruits of Independence.
“A better Zimbabwe and a better life have not been achieved yet,” Nkomo said.

“The ideals of independence have been betrayed.

“This makes it something that is celebrated by the political elites who have enjoyed the fruits of self-governance.”

Bulawayo Agenda director Thabani Nyoni said the aspirations of the freedom fighters who liberated the country from white colonial rule had not been fulfilled.

“Zimbabweans should have in mind that they still have a lot to do,” he said.

“They should demand explanations from their government and hold them accountable.”

Zapu national spokesperson Mjobisa Noko said there was need to celebrate independence though the country had not yet experienced freedom.

“The transition of white colonialism ushered in black colonialism,” he said.

“Everything in Zimbabwe right now is on a free fall, the gains of independence have been eroded, corruption is rampant and the economy is eroded.

“Our members should celebrate independence, but they should know that the country is not yet free.”

In a statement, Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (Zacras)  chairperson Gift  Mambipiri said the desire to speak and be heard during the colonial era resulted in the setting up of radio stations outside the country, which contributed towards the attainment of Zimbabwe’s independence.

“Needless to say, it is saddening to note that 33 years after independence, we find ourselves in a similar predicament that prompted the setting up of  radio stations in foreign lands and this being a stifled broadcasting environment,” he said.

The MDC led by Welshman Ncube said everyone must celebrate independence because it was a major milestone in the battle for self-determination by Zimbabweans.

“It helps to fully democratise our country so that every Zimbabwean is free to access natural resources, is equal before the law, has freedom and is never subjugated by another,” the party said.

“It should be celebrated by everyone that sits and lives under the Zimbabwean flag.”

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