Powertel up in arms with ex-employee

POWERTEL Communications is up in arms with former finance director, Warner Mtisi, over company property that he allegedly took with him after his dismissal.

Mtisi is alleged to have taken with him a Toyota Prado, a laptop and an iPad after being dismissed from work last year over allegations of misconduct. Powertel has since filed an application at the High Court seeking to compel Mtisi, who was on a salary of over $400 000 per annum, to surrender the company property.

Mtisi has vowed to cling to the assets, arguing they were part and parcel of his benefits and that he was still contesting his dismissal.

“I have since launched an appeal against the determination dismissing me . . . I am challenging the procedural and substantive fairness of the decision to dismiss me as such before the matter is disposed of, my claim of right to the said assets has not been extinguished . . . I have the claim of right over the tools of my trade pending the finalisation of my case,” Mtisi said.

Powertel is seeking a court order compelling Mtisi to return the property or face seizure by the Deputy Sheriff.

“Should respondent (Mtisi) fail to comply, the Deputy Sheriff be and is authorised to seize and attach the aforesaid properties wherever they can be found and hand them to the applicant,” read Powertel’s application.

Mtisi was dismissed on September 5 last year pursuant to a disciplinary hearing in which he was charged with an act of misconduct.

“It will be perceived from the aforesaid letter (of dismissal) that the relationship that existed between the applicant and respondent ceased to exist upon the aforesaid dismissal consequently resulted in the termination of his contract of employment after due process of law,” Powertel managing director Samuel Maminimini said.

“Respondent no longer has the right or basis for him to continue holding on to the assets. . . he has indicated that he is not in a position to return the assets in a letter dated September 14, 2012.”

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  1. so in Zim there people who earn USD $400 000 per annum? really?


  2. Hey vakomana zvairi jema newadya mu Zimbabwe! This is a very revealing article showing the great divide between the have and the have nots!!

  3. But guys, seriously, should Powertel pursue a laptop ($1000) and an iPad ($1000) from an ex finance director! Isn’t that being petty? What else do they want? His mobile phone?

  4. No wonder why we get a shoddy deal from powertel, instead of investing that money into network expansion and improving speeds they are busy giving each other hefty allowances whilst ordinary workers get peanuts. Zimbabwe will never prosper with this sort of daylight robbery.

  5. Taura hako Banda. Ordinary workers havana kuwana increament ya 2012 until now. Ma contract workers akamiswa basa last October havasati vawana mari dzavo dze ma days(CILL) but vakuru vachipana mari dzakadaro

  6. What a pity,on top of that he has many fringe benefits whilst others vari kutoxaya 5R yecombi,hamuna nyadzi

  7. ko misconduct ya bigaz yange iri yeyiko ?Asi ai swera achi googla porn here hence kuramba ne lapaz yevaridzi va dzorere mhen laptop chii pa personal value yako?

  8. Ah imi mu Zimbabwe mune vanhu varikuhora serious cash!!!

  9. Engineer Jukwa

    Well if yoy need to work for your family consider Powertel but when you need to work for your company then go for Liquid

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  11. Thats y netwek yavo isiri kushanda these deiz!!! Mapenzi evanhu!!

  12. The figures that are mentioned in this article sound very much unreal. However, if indeed they are real then it means a real disaster. The question is . How well is Powertel performing- can the performance warranty such huge pay? One only hopes its not the case at all other parastatals. These are the same parastatls that beg for money on a daily basis from treasurey. I have no issues with someone being paid well as long as they deserve it.

  13. I think that figure is real. For example: RBZ pays junior managers $2800.00 per month, 260 litres fuel, school fees for a maximum of 4 children AT ANY SCHOOL IN ZIMBABWE. These benefits are NOT TAXED. Its happening in Zimbabwe….

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