Nyarota threatens NewsDay

GEOFFREY Nyarota, a prominent journalist and editor, has threatened to sue NewsDay  for $1 million over a letter to the editor published by the newspaper in December last year.

Staff reporter

In the letter titled Is NewsDay MDC-T Mouthpiece, the writer of the letter is alleged to have insinuated that Nyarota was a “Gukurahundi brand manager” in much the same way NewsDay was to the MDC-T party.

“It is the considered opinion of our client that the statement contained in the letter is offensive, untruthful, malicious and that his professional reputation was seriously injured while his character was damaged,” Nyarota’s lawyers said in a letter of demand dated March 1 2013.

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  1. i thought you guys were buddies with this nyarota character. didnt you tell us some time that he will be your guest editor for the Standard? wht is going on?

  2. there is a semblance of truth in that if nyaroto was part and parcel of herald or chronicle during the gukurahundi days.

    lets see nyarotos news article during that time for evidence to the contrary

  3. Suing in Zimbabwe has become cheap. We hear of these chaps asking for 1,2 or more millions, What are their wretched reputations worth. Geoff chill. You were so pro Zanu at the Chronicle. Do you still remember your ‘hit them hard’ editorial? We do.

  4. Rejoice Ngwenya

    Questions: where was Geoffrey Nyarota during Gukurahundi? Is there RECORD that he ‘opposed it’ or ‘campaigned against the massacre in any way? Is NewsDay ‘responsible’ in content for letters to the editor? Are we [readers] not ‘allowed’ to write our opinion? Answer: no comment!

  5. Shame on Nyarota! which reputation is he talking about? this nyarota will never cease to surprise me! how can you sue a newspaper for an opinion piece by an individual. may be the ghosts are disturbing his mind now.

  6. Even Chinos is suing the MDC minister for 19 mirion dhoras for stearing his cerophone, saw their is nuthing knew about sewing. Ret him exercise his write. We have the rule of low at prace.

  7. I think Nyarota is crazy, he needs checking before his mind explored. Fisrt of all who doesn’t know that he was a cheeer leader during Gukurahundi? Secondly, a letter to the editor written by an individual in their capacity warrants a newspaper to pay $2m? and third, Is this the man who we are told he won loads of awards because of his oustanding excellence in journalism yet he fails to understand simply rules of journalism by demanding extortion fee for a letter written to the Editor?

    Good Luck Nyarota.

  8. In all fairness an editor is not responsible for the contents of letters from readers . What is going on ? Has Nyarota joined Zanu PF to talk and act like Jonathan Moyo and the ugly hyena Mahoso ? Come on guys . Bury the hatchet because you are giving Zanu PF ammunition .

  9. The editor is foi the contents of his/her newspaper. He/she must look at all articles before publishing and must not allow the likes of Mbonisi vent their tribalistic opinion to the public and tarnishing the images of individuals. Failure to reign the likes of Mbonisi will the newspaper will be sued left, right , centre

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