Mugabe rescues Harare City Council

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has come to the rescue of the troubled Harare City Council (HCC) after ordering government departments to pay over $60 million they owed the local authority.


Town clerk Tendai Mahachi told councillors during a special council meeting on Tuesday that Mugabe supported HCC and sympathised with them, hence his intervention which came at a time council was providing poor service delivery to residents.

“In the last Cabinet meeting, the President was behind us and asked that we be paid our $60 million . . . money the government owes us doesn’t include the parastatals, but other ministries,” Mahachi said.

Mahachi, however, conceded that the local authority was doing a shoddy job, particularly on road repairs.

“What we are doing is a Mickey Mouse job by patching the potholes. We must refill and at least rehabilitate the roads,” he said.

Read the 1 March Newspaper for more info.


  1. Phunyukabemphethe

    Crisis management indeed. The Gukurahundi only features when there is a crisis. Where has he been all along? Was he not aware HCC was owed money?

  2. Phunyukabemphethe

    The Gukurahundi’s presence is regularly felt in Gukurahundism throughout the country. But when positive contributions by him are expected, he is never there until there is a crisis – what a leader!!!!

  3. Mbonisi they are a lot of articles about your region. Remember charity begins at home. Pse comment on them.

  4. Mbonisi does not own a region same as you, you are a lodger in that region which you claim to be yours.surnames don’t own regions my friend you work to own something

  5. Mahachi knows how he was employed, hence the chorus.

  6. Good for The President he needs to leave a legacy but problem is tichaona ma latest ranger otengwa nemari yacho ne mbavha dzeku kanzuru idzi. Varikuda kutorera vanhu zvinhu zvavo asi ivo pasina service yavaipa so why threaten residence to pay for no existent service?

  7. Paying for dirty water. If Zimbabweans we were really serious then we could have done something to compel City of Harare to deliver. There is need for Value of Service Auditing. What services are we paying for. Roads are full of potholes. Bins are not being collected. Water is not suitable for consumption and supply is limited. Come end of month we get bills above $50. I have got no problem in paying my money when I get a satisfactory service but there is no reason whatsoever to pay City of Harare at the presesnt moment. Where are the civic organisations like Harare Residence Association. The challenges we face as a country are sometimes caused by us the ordinary citizens as we are too quiet and tolerate nonsense. Political parties are taking advantage of this and continue milking us. We may change governments but up to a point when we can stand for our rights and speak with one voice then things will work for our economy. As long as we are silent and let things go as they are then exploitation will continue taking place. How structured is the Harare Residence Association and is every surbub represented. These are the groups which should be at the forefront speaking on behalf of people. From my area in Waterfalls I do not even know where to go with challenges. Even the councillor is just useless. We are just transfering money from poor majority to a few individuals for free with no service provided. Anyone with information on contact details of the associations which stands for the people kindly provide. Its high time we wake up and let people reap where they sow. I wonder if the mayor and all those guys drink ZINWA. You see them with bottled water a clear indication that they themselves do not trust their service. We can pay our bills given that we get value for our money as far as service provided is concerned.

  8. kana pane chatagonerwa ngatitendewo, viva gushungo. Phunyu learn to be thankfull

    1. @hamudivamwe, hapanachatagonerwa apo: a fish rots from the head. It’s his government that has over the years failed to pay their dues all over the country. It’s not harare city council alone that is owed by government. The whole economy is rotting because they have learnt this modus operandi from his government. If you look at priorities, which is helpful paying councils their dues or bailing parastatals (discgraceful AirZim et al) that bleed the fiscus to death. Efficient leaders know how to manage thier economies so that they get popular votes.

  9. thanx mr president but the problem remains with the corrupt hre city council mark my words as soon as those mininistries pay up, we are sure to see new cars let alone the councillors all of them around harare are more than corrupt they will go on to buy themselves new houses i wonder whoever voted such people into power?

  10. What a leader! fatherly minded ruler Mdc-t idiots vanga vauraya kanzuru. Nxa!!!!

  11. mukanyatsotarisisa kanzuru yaifa mbichana mbichana,kubvira kare,vanhu pasina chamaiona.zvamave kuona iyezvino yave full blown problem,saka tisangotaura zvekushoropodza chete ngatipeiwo maadvice.Sekuru vanonyatsoziva panedambudziko,ndosaka vasingataurise vangopa instruction chete.

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