Monoz for Charity Shield

WITH 48 hours before voting for the NetOne Charity Shield closes, Monomotapa has emerged as the surprise team in the top five, sitting in second position with over 4 000 votes.


Four teams will be voted for with the semi-finals set for next weekend. Dynamos, with a bone to chew with NetOne over their $50 000 prize money from last year’s final, led the charts with 5 108 votes as of Thursday.

Highlanders are third with 3 033, while Caps United and FC Platinum seem locked in a battle for the fourth spot with 2 781 and 2 701 votes respectively.

But it is Monomotapa — one of the best administered teams in the Premier Soccer League with a large following because of their brand of football — that has emerged as the surprise team for this year’s new format.

Read the 1 March Newspaper for more info.

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  1. Net one must pay Dembare their 50k with interest first then tozotamba.

    1. but the very same dynamos is not paying for the players it acquirers. so can we say teams should boycott playing dynamos if they bully other small teams?

  2. How i wish dembare irege kutamba due to their flimsy argument. NET One wil simply enter the 5th placed team on votes.

  3. iyo inobhadhara zvikwereti here?

  4. Its good news our football I am happy for Monoz pliz lets back them. thank you to all Monoz fans

  5. 50k yedu pamberi


    Monoz is a good team but it is coached by a bunch of sellouts exempli gratia Biggie Zuze. During the match against Dynamos in a cup final, the gaffer made some dubious changes so as to influence the outcome of the game. Ironically Zuze once played for jujumos fc.

  7. If de-mbare does not want 2 play, let èm ship out. Musavanyengerera. Ivo havabhadhari zvikwereti wani.

    1. Dynamos is simply representing their own interests. If they don’t pay others then the offended parties should also represent their interests. Net One haina nyaya. Actually thry must pay De Mbare upfront for winning the trophy this year nekuti vanozoramba nemari.

  8. Trust Tozivepi

    I gree Willard coz there was no need to change the team 4 Dembare’s game. The previuos team had done a great job. Muri kutsikiira mayoungstars. There’s a great team within the remaining players from last season

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