Macheso nets $20 000 in endorsement deal

SUNGURA ace Alick Macheso reportedly took home $20 000 in the Baker’s Inn endorsement deal that was launched at Reps Theatre on Wednesday, NewsDay has learnt.

Report by Silence Charumbira

Although both Macheso and the confectionary concern are not willing to disclose the figure, NewsDay has it on good authority that the musician bagged $20 000 in the deal.

Baker’s Inn is also said to have spent an estimated $10 000 for the production of jingles and other costs.

The endorsement comes just two weeks after Macheso was appointed brand ambassador for Red Cross Zimbabwe. Baker’s Inn brand manager Daiton Mazarura, who refused to speak on the figures, said both parties were bound by a clause in the contract that prohibits them from disclosing the amount involved.

“There was a signing fee, but we cannot disclose because the contract signed by both parties goes against the revelation,” he said.

Mazarura said they had chosen Macheso as brand ambassador because he appeals to people from different social backgrounds.

“We believe that Macheso is a man of the people, who is in touch with his roots,” said Mazarura.

“Similarly Baker’s Inn is a brand that is in touch with the people from different social classes.”

He said the partnership would also see Macheso benefiting in many ways.

“From time to time we will be holding joint shows with him depending on the arrangements with the promoters. We will also do a number of road shows.”

Mazarura said the company is ready to do more projects with other artistes and personalities.

“In the past few years we worked with long distance runner Stephen Muzhingi, so Macheso is not the first and he will certainly not be the last.”

Facilitator of the deal Josh Hozheri also refused to comment on the figure, but said it was a step in the right direction for the arts industry.

“I am happy to be involved in the deal as I got positive responses from both parties,” said Hozheri. “This is a happy marriage that is both legal and fair. Everything was done above board and it shows we are moving forward as an industry.”

A colourful audience attended the launch held at Reps Theatre, Belgravia that saw the musician putting up a sterling performance.

Dancer Selemani “MaJuice” Mpochi delivered well-crafted dances, but one could not help, but notice the void that former Orchestra Mberikwazvo dancers Francis “Slomo” Dhaka and Peter Kagomera left.

Speaking on the sidelines of the launch Macheso said he was happy with the progress made.

“I am happy with the way things have gone and now we can safely say chingwa kuvanhu (bread to the people),” said Macheso. Performing at Reps Theatre was another achievement for Macheso because the venue rarely hosts sungura artistes.

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  3. Bakers’ Inn’s Brand Manager’s name is Brighton Mazarura and not Daiton Mazarura. Newsday please get your facts right!

  4. wosvora, kwatabva mitunhu.

  5. Baba Sharo maita mari

  6. Willard Mubvumbi

    Who said one should have degrees to make it in life? Macheso dont have degrees but look at him now. There are multitudes of pple with degrees but they are roaming aimlessly and can not match Cheso standards.

    1. @ willard mubvumbi, ko zvemadegree zvapinda papiko ipapa, you need to know that people were born holding different talents so never compare someone with yourself or others……………… let me tell you one thing ma friend, you don`t know wat a degree is. there are classes of degrees, bt nedegree unotoluma chete provided you are willing to use it!

      1. true hey…

    2. Taura zvako Mubvumbi!

  7. At least awana mari to cover for his low album sales last year.

    1. sick minded slut

  8. waita murwi wemari mwachewe………….zorai butter. mfana akaenda kufodya achadzoka chete uyu anodzana. iwe huya kumari fodya yarohwa nechimvura mabwe

  9. Degree?what degree my friend.are u also roaming aimlessly?anywhere siyana nazvo zvaurikutaura.this macheso guy is only taking home 6000dollars,the remainder inoenda kuboyz.thats zimbabwe

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  12. mari mari babasharo

  13. Zorai Baker’s Inn butter baba Sharo….seri neseri zorai

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    makorokoto mhinduro yashe inonoka from young gospel musician Theresa jackson

    mwari vanoshamisa chokwadi vano simudza marombe kubva muguruva……kochekera chingwa mangwanani masikati nemanheru …………chero ipi nguva bakers inn bread nguva dzose……..

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  16. Pandamwaya gorosi ivo vanouya vomwaya nyembaaaaa…………………………….., musagwadziwa mhani imi siyai babaSharo vaite mari at least he is not stealing from the pple like our politically connected brothers.

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  19. mkoma zoraa,vaudzei kuti 20 000 tumari,,pane yamoita pashow dzenyu mega,,kochekerai baba sharoo,,nyangwe next tym mukaita album remuridzo chete ini ndokudai

  20. Seri neseri muchingwa imomo zvinoda kutendwa kochekera clar#

  21. Marko chavunduka

    Macheso vahombe

  22. Akaita mahigh sales of his album wacho ndiani nepiracy iyi?ngatitende bakers inn najosh &tisiyane nejealous.even akaridza ma instrumental chete tichangozora.kocheee

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