Chihuri seeks to stop imprisonment of officer


The hearing of Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri and his deputy Innocent Matibiri’s case will be held today before High Court judge Justice Martin Makonese.

Report by Richard Muponde

They are seeking to stop the imprisonment of a Bulawayo senior police officer on contempt of court charges.

Lawyer Tanaka Muganyi representing the defendant Detective Bazil Nyapokoto, confirmed the development yesterday.

“The matter has been set for hearing on Tuesday (today) before judge Justice Makonese,” Muganyi said.

Nyapokoto is seeking the arrest of Superintendent Pilate Moyo for work-related victimisation.

Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Maphios Cheda on February 8 ordered Moyo’s arrest for blocking the Deputy Sheriff from attaching his property.

Chihuri and Matibiri got involved in the matter last week when they filed an urgent chamber application through Joseph Mumbengegwi from the Civil Division of the Attorney-General’s Office seeking a stay of execution of the order seeking Moyo’s arrest and incarceration.

In January last year, High Court judge Justice Lawrence Kamocha awarded Nyapokoto $56 000 damages against his superiors.

Nyapokoto was kicked out of his official residence at Ross Camp after he testified against fellow police officers during an inquest into the alleged murder of two suspected armed robbers three years ago, while in custody.

Chihuri is the applicant and Nyapokoto is respondent. In the application, Chihuri said Nyapokoto should not have sued Moyo in his official capacity if he wanted to execute an order against his personal property.

The police chief said there was an application for rescission of the default judgment which Nyapokoto got in 2011 for damages of over $56 000.

Moyo, who is in charge of police camps, was cited as the one who ordered Nyapokoto’s eviction.

Following the ruling, the deputy sheriff attempted to attach Moyo’s property, but he resisted the move, leading to the latest order for his incarceration. In his founding affidavit for rescission of the judgment, Matibiri said they always wanted to defend the matter, but were barred from tendering a plea after delays in coming to court due to some “administrative issues”.


    • They are offenders and they need correctional services. Why should there be selective justice? We do not want miscarriage of justice.

  1. There is a poll currently running on the notorious Zanu PF propaganda newspaper (Herald) which says:
    “Do you think the West can be neutral players as election observers?”. Results are currently Yes (65%), No (35%)! I just had to laugh, this is again more egg all over the propaganda mouthpiece. Please go and add to the misery.

  2. The police commissioners are denigrating the authority of the president who appointed the judges. why are they hindering the court and its arms from doing its duty. Moyo must be where he should be whilst Chihuri and company are following procedures like it is done for every one. After all they are just showing openly that the police force can kill suspects in custody and should not be prosecuted by their victimising Nyapokoto for testifying against those officers who killed the suspects. The corrupt always protect the corrupt.

  3. Lionel you are right.Chihuri is defending Moyo bcoz if Moyo is arrested,all hell breaks loose.The testimony given by Nyapokoto against fellow police who KILLED murderers whilst in custody will come to light.It becomesquestionable now bcoz they also killed.Two,why did they killed the murderers if they had already achieved an objective of arresting them.So why is Chihuri afraid of that he is trying to defend?It becomes clear now;he is covering up for the possible ‘bursting’ ofa string of murder cases associated with this one.You never know,what if Moyo knows Chihuri’s scandals and he insists on being backed or else he lets the cat out of the bag.I can’t just figure out why vana Chihuri nemaDeputy zvese vachipindira.Siyai asungwe tione kuti chii chichatevera.

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