All set for PSL AGM

THERE is a tension as the Premier Soccer League (PSL) meet in Harare this morning for their Annual General Meeting (AGM) with clubs expected to pin down chairman Twine Phiri over the SuperSport television rights deal signed last year.

Report by Henry Mhara

As recently reported by this newspaper, the clubs want Phiri to clarify the deal which they said was signed under a veil of secrecy. An insider yesterday also said the proposed new levies by Zifa would be top of the agenda.

The PSL chief executive office Kennedy Ndebele yesterday confirmed the meeting today, but said it will be a “normal AGM meeting”.

“There is nothing extraordinary about it. On the agenda will be the presentation of the activity report, presentation of the financial report and review of the past season and the calendar of events for this season. We will also look at the proposed amendments of the constitution and any other business. It’s a normal AGM,” said Ndebele.

The dates for the start of the 2013-2014 PSL season will be confirmed at the meeting although sources this week confirmed to NewsDay Sport that the league will roar into life on the weekend of 24 of this month — a week after the NetOne Charity Shield Cup final.

Also on the calendar of events for the season is the Warriors’ World Cup, Chan and Cosafa commitments and Dynamos’ participation in the Caf Champions League.

However, a source yesterday said knives are out for Phiri over the five-year SuperSport television rights deal which will see at least 60 games being broadcast on the giant subscription television network.

The source alleges that the clubs are not happy with the way Phiri handled the SuperSport deal.

“That deal was signed last year but up to now, the clubs, who are directly involved, do not know its contents. The clubs had expected the details at the launch but Phiri dodged and tomorrow’s AGM will present an opportunity for the clubs to get an explanation. There is just too much secrecy on this deal for the clubs-liking,” said the source.

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  1. Transparency is the hallmark of democracy. PSL and CAPS are two different institutions where the former demands that all teams are aware of the goings on that affect the league and the latter is a private institution where the owner can do whatever he wants and is not answerable to anyone. Agreements/transactions that affect Psl should never be a one man affair. The chairman and a boardmember togather with the ceo should form a delegation to interact with third parties. After all two heads are better than one.

  2. yah its true, we cant have such an important development in our soccer that is not known to the clubs. next time when there are elections for chairperson, clubs should be very careful. these are the things that they must put into consideration before voting for a person. in some way the clubs are to blame as well because they are the ones that voted for Phiri.

    1. its true we zimbos dnt know hw 2 chuz vanotimiririya

  3. Ths Supersport deal appears shoddy.why z nt tlkd abt since it was struck.if Twine Phiri did it for personal gains he must be jailed and his club banned.why is he dodging transparency?we need to get ths style flushed out.mastadiums edu are nt suitable for Premiership soccer yet they dnt pressurize responsible authorities to renovate or upgrade them to meet international standards.hamunyarewo here pamaiona AFCON patv zvinoitwa nevamwe.munoda kungoona musoro mahara kunge panezvamurikuita zvinemusoro.takanyara pakatamba Caps neSundowns kuGwanzura.tht stadium z nt fit for high level soccer.Twine Phiri if u r a chancer ur tym z up.

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