ZRP gears up for elections

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police force is set to recruit 10 000 more officers to maintain law and order ahead of next month’s referendum and subsequent elections, a senior police officer announced yesterday.


The development literally flies in the face of the health sector which recently received the “green light” to recruit only 1 000 nurses, leaving an equal number unemployed. Currently the police has a staff complement of 40 000 officers.

Police deputy commissioner-general (operations), Innocent Matibiri, disclosed the looming massive recruitment when he appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Security, to speak on police preparedness during the forthcoming referendum and election.

He said that intelligence officers had been unleashed on non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and political parties to watch over their activities before, during and after elections.

“We have a strength of about 40 000 police officers and we are looking at recruiting 10 000 more constabularies to make them 50 000 in order to be able to keep law and order during elections and the referendum,” Matibiri said.

“There is now an influx of NGOs and we have deployed intelligence personnel on the ground to monitor their day-to-day activities and those of political parties, because what we see is they are going outside their mandate and we are working with relevant offices to ensure they are deregistered.”

He said there will be 10 000 polling stations during the election period and five police officers would be attached to each police station.

Matibiri, however, could not give details of the amount of money police needed during elections, but said the figure had since been forwarded to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

MPs nevertheless believe the force requires $193 million.

The ZRP said NGOs had been purporting to distribute aid when they were campaigning for certain political parties.

Matibiri added: “99% of NGOs are Western-sponsored and it is not only radios we have confiscated.

“There are many things we have confiscated with Zimra, and why have they suddenly decided to be generous to go into rural areas to distribute radios? There is Studio Seven and it is unlawful and you expect the security forces to fold their arms.”

He said while NGOs were under the mandate of the Labour and Social Welfare ministry, police will take action on them as long as they broke the law.

The police also played down incidencies of political violence saying they were isolated and those reported had only been fuelled by the media.

“I have no evidence that police have been acting in a partisan manner. We also have no evidence that chiefs act in a partisan manner.

“Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri has set up a steering committee headed by Senior Assistant Commissioner for elections, Lee Muchemwa, and Senior Assistant Commissioner (Chief Staff officer Operations) Faustino Mazango to monitor events during elections,” he said.

He dismissed as untrue allegations that the case of Headlands MDC-T
parliamentary aspirant Shepherd Maisiri’s son Christpowers, who was burnt beyond recognition over the weekend, was politically motivated.
“Police work on evidence. In this particular case (Headlands) police have established it was not a case of arson . . .
“The fact that the media has said something might not necessitate that we act. As police we act on evidence,” Matibiri added.

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  1. ZRP gears for elections in order to demand bribes from voters.

    1. More important they are gearing up to beat the living daylights out of anyone who is in opposition to their masters in zpf. This should be expected from a totalitarian regime like mugabe and his band of merry fat thieves.

      1. John weku Mabvuku

        Yu were awake at 12:29 a.m. to spew such a putrid contribution ! Yu are sick, go see a shrink ….man, hatred is toxic to the mind, yu seriously need help.What do yu understand about a “totalitarian state?”, yo usage of the vocab is parrotlike, its a hate word so yu throw it at all of us on this platform, we deserve better…lets debate not scold each other.

  2. Yes Matibiri tell them these Newsday guys they cook stories.

  3. Will there be enough time to train these new cops on bribery and extortion?And lets be honest here we all have paid a bribe hahaha

  4. By the way how many mdc-t supporters do we have? I think that’s d equivalance #of police officers needed on d groud to stop violence once and for all. Mxm wa borega!!!

  5. What really can you expect to hear from Matibiri, hama ya Bhobho the Devil Chatunga Mugabe.

  6. if ths effort was directed at rooting out corruption,shoddy deals involving diamonds,restoring the battered education system,filling up pot holes and mantaining national roads,restoring street lights etc,Zimbabwe yainakidza.mapurisa aya ndeeZanu.

  7. Chemabhebhi Ndizvo

    @ Titus

    Bob’s cousin’s son on Bob’s father’s side explaining the name Matibili/Matibiri.

  8. More officers to maintain peace and harmony.munovapa chii? nyoka here?

  9. its bhoo 4 zimbos in futur we wl lead

  10. Mugabe will die !!!

    1. John weku Mabvuku

      So will yu, and all of us one day. Yu are not God, why such vitriole, akakutadzira chinyi? In any case hating any human being to such a degree is not Godly. Yu are fanning fanaticism and hatred, we shud be able to hold different political opinions without having to fight. We are humans not animals….yu shud learn from similar examples, nobody benefits from strife, we will both loose. Utikwanire.

  11. If anyone feels zrp is for zanupf then every politcal party must recruit its own police force.

  12. “He said there will be 10 000 polling stations during the election period and five police officers would be attached to each police station.” This means that with the 40 000 currently employed there will be 50 000 officers. Now if five are attached to each of the 10 000 polling stations who will be manning the police stations and bases? Will criminals stop their activities because its election period? What will be happen to these 10 000 new recruits after the elections; traffic perhaps. Wonder if any of our honourable MPs asked these questions.

  13. Lets be objective I have always said. The President is asking the Thud General to arrest all violence perpetrators. I think he is sencere! Its these guys who are defying him. How can someone talk of an isolated incident when a 12 year old was burnt to death. The death of such an innocent boy is one too many. They must investigate thoroughly and we expect answers. Not the questionable answers like we got from Zengeza!! The President must fire the thug General if he dilly dallies on this.

    1. The Zengeza explosion was never explained to the people

  14. Hada tochirohwa hedu zve! Nxaaa!

  15. 10 000 more ass-whoppings

  16. John weku Mabvuku

    @PP, Mukoma, its pre-electioneering time again, all injuries or deaths or miscarriages are going to be at the hands of ZANU PF activists on this platform and …the opposite in the pro-state media. So we are stuck with ZANU-PF causing TB, wild fires, flash floods, lightning deaths….. while the MDC is causing aids, Hepatitis, leprosy, draughts and typhoid….. till the post -election time, thats when we will revert to being sane Zimbos again. In the spirit of oneness, the media must be held accountable for the polarity, …Hatidi kuurayana kana kurwa, panozopindwa muparliament nevatairwira, isu tinenge tava maspectators, with police dogs barking at us!!!!.
    The Marondera incident, tragic in all respects, COULD have been caused by a kerosene lamp, having used one as a young boy, I know exactly what can happen, YES, its like a petrol bomb in every respect…..let the Police investigate.
    Then there are those amongst us whose self ordained task is to create an atmosphere of polarity….at all costs, after all the NGOs will foot the bills of obscure CNN,SKY, BBC live coverage of “state agents at work”, …………, like yu see of the Sryian rebels,….We aint seen nothing yet!

  17. With the rate Zimbos are applying for passports, zanu pf wins this election and the masses will be on their way out of the country. Will be left with the aged.

  18. anenge asingade kugara mu zimbabwe macho ngaabude no problem but what i know is that zanu pf will win elections with a wider margin. its obvious zanu ya winner!!!!!

  19. John weku Mabvuku

    Vaudze Petso, hatidi vanoramba maresults, dont even dream of it, coz yu wont get nowhere. yu lied to the pple, tichakupai mari…blah blah…chinja….chinjwa…. Now the pple are awake, they have survived 2008/9 inflation war…they are back to being the proud patriots Zimbos are known to be…..Sorry vakomana, ZVIROTO hazvina kushata….! Lets work for peace, all of us.

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