Tsvangirai launches offensive


PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday dispatched one of his top aides to lobby Southern African Development Community (Sadc) leaders to intervene in Zimbabwe amid escalating tension in the inclusive government over rising political violence.

Report by Moses Matenga

Cabinet on Tuesday reportedly spent more than four hours deliberating on reports of suspected political violence at the weekend that led to the death of a 12-year-old Headlands boy.

MDC-T Manicaland organising secretary Shepherd Maisiri accused his Zanu PF opponents of petrol-bombing a grass-thatched hut where his son, Christpowers, was sleeping with his three siblings on Saturday night.
Christpowers was burnt beyond recognition, sparking a bitter war of words between Zanu PF and the MDC-T.

Hurungwe East MP Sarah Mahoka (Zanu PF) was also hospitalised at the weekend after she was attacked by youths from her party during a meeting.

The MDC-T wants Sadc to intervene on the basis that the political situation in the country is deteriorating.

Tsvangirai sent MDC-T secretary for international relations Jameson Timba to Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi to apprise the regional leaders of the fragile situation ahead of polls expected in July.

Tanzania chairs the Sadc Troika on Politics, Defence and Security while the regional body is also the guarantor of the Global Political Agreement (GPA). South African President Jacob Zuma is the mediator in the Sadc-led talks to find a permanent solution to Zimbabwe’s political problems.

“Timba is expected to update Sadc heads of state on political developments in Zimbabwe and urge Sadc to convene an extraordinary summit on Zimbabwe so that the parties and Sadc can agree on the conditions under which the next elections will be held,” said Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka.

The MDC-T said it had compiled a dossier on the political violence detailing 120 cases of attacks against its members recorded since the beginning of the year. Tendai Biti, the party’s secretary-general, said the information would be used to lobby Sadc to convene an emergency summit on Zimbabwe.

There are also concerns that the police crackdown on non-governmental organisations is an indication that security forces would seek to influence the outcome of the polls.

Timba, who is also Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, said the political developments showed that Zanu PF was panicking and measures needed to be put in place to avoid bloodshed ahead of the elections.

The minister also accused Zanu PF of “looting” and being “paranoid”.
Theresa Makone, the co-minister of Home Affairs, said there was a danger that there would be a “bloodbath” during the forthcoming elections if Sadc and the African Union did not intervene on time.

“Obviously it’s not funny because two years ago I said the next elections will be a bloodbath and this is coming to that,” she told NewsDay.

“Unless Sadc and the AU intervene, the elections will be worse than 2008.

“The violence that we are witnessing in Headlands is well-orchestrated to cause fear. I am not convinced that talk about peace is genuine.”

President Robert Mugabe has reportedly demanded a non-partisan investigation from the police to establish the cause of the Headlands fire.


    • u are crazy, ucharohwa iwewe then u will then believe. Please people, punish these blood-thirsty mongers in the ballot box thats where ur voice is loudly heard. zvinonyepera kusaona violence izvo zvirizvo zvinokonzeresa.mbwende….

    • iwe jet wat do u mean kana uchiti violence yekkutsvakiridza? read today’s herald and tell me if there is no violence. dont be like a madman mhani..wake up and smell the cofee …dou tell me a 12 year old christopher maisiri of handlands who was burnt to ashes is not violence..? ukwane

      • SamaNyika
        The violence you are refering to is found only in your head. Zimbabwe is peaceful. TRhere are countries that are reeling under violence, go to Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and of late America, where more than 2000 people have perished under the barrel of a gun.

        • Those countries are at war stupid. We only want a peaceful election. Get your facts right before writing with the grown-ups.

    • Why is MP Mahoka in hospital and why was Mliswa arrested kana iri yekutsvagiridza. musi wauchafirwa ndopauchaona you are not clever my friend,.. Dindingwe…….

    • This jet is obviously a blind zpf fool who will not admit that zpf is a murderous party and only wins elections by shedding blood. Let him open his eyes and tell us where is the peace he talks about. If there was peacefus free and fair elections, zpf wouldnt even get a vote. Let this creature “jet” write in the herald where the readers mentality will suit his comments.

  1. The Gukurahundis are at it again – watch out Bro Tsvangirayi, vul’ amehlo. Its time for shedding blood.

  2. This yo tricks everytime u face elections. U stage manage the innocent soul’s death , so u can invite
    outsiders under the pretex that there is violence, this time it will be to no avail.

    • Was Hon Mahoka’s predicament stage managed?Tafadzwa dont pretend as if you stay in Jupiter or Mars.What happened to Tonderayi Ndira, Talent Mabika,Yona among others?It is only gud coz zvichiri kwevamwe asi musi wazhichakuwana ndopauchaona kuti huku haisi hanga

    • Tafadzwa uri …! Mira zvibate mufamily mako then you’ll see how this reported violence is real. Zmbabweans let’s all unite and resist being dragged into this violence. 2008 is not history but an abberation in our midst. Those leaders who preach violence must walk the talk. My heart bleeds for the young boy who died a painful death. No to violence.

    • zpf are the only violent ones here. Thats the only way they can win an election which they have to do otherwise they will all be in jail after they loose.

  3. Excuse me. Who has pan cakes every Monday with Bob? Who is the ‘Principals’ spokesman? One Morgan. People be careful of this Zanu puppet. To the Dutch get his bedroom ready, I feel he is coming excuse the pun.

  4. pple unless nd until SADC & AU monitor our elections b4 we start votin,thn violence wil alwayz occur. Zanu’s DNA z violence, intimidation, harassment. i cnt understnd pple who defend thm, shame!!

  5. These pathetic Mdc puppets have no chance at elections. They are now clutching at straws to find a way out of the elections. We need to pray, these shameless stanists will invite American bombs into our land.

  6. Some people never cease to amaze me.How can somebody talk of stage managing and yet somebody was killed?To have tea with bob doesnot mean kuti you can kill people as you pliz.Ibasa riye chete.Unoda kuti arambe tea yacho?Edgar you are childish and heartless.People accuse Phunyu/ Mbonisi of being a tribalist, but I think Mbonisi would be a better Zimbabwean than you Edgar, if only he renounces his Mtwakazi citizenship.T o the Maisiris I say ,”It is human to fear death.Do not let this fear rule your life- Christ came to brake the power of death so that we can live and die in peace.Death alone is not the end, but a necessity for each one of us,as we journey to our Lord Jesus .”MaZanu muchafawo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lets finish off this madness by voting MDC-T enmass.

    • Just asking … Is there evidence mwana uyu akaurawa in a political violence incidence ? Handisi kuti hakuna … handisi kuti iriko . Ndikungoti pane evidence here ?

      • What evidence is there yekuti THOSE 29 MDC people rotting in prison ndivo vakauraya muporisa. There is none but close to 2yrs now they have been languishing in prison. Names of the suspects killers of Christopher were given to the police and still no arrest.

  7. Have we all thought kuti what next ZPF ikati voetsek SADC & they go ahead and have another sham elections where more people die than in 2008. Let me repeat again magents unless tatombo ridzirana pfuti futi muno munyika hapana chinogadzirisika. This mentality yekuti no politician is worth dying for ichaita kuti tingoramba tichitiza kubuda munyika yedu and always be looked upon and treated as cockroaches everywhere we flee to. Zimbabwe is bigger than Mugabe, Chihuri, Zimondi, Bonyongwe, Shiri and all those war veterans … sorry I meant to say war villains.

  8. People should respect life people like Tafadzwa & D mutasas are heartless listen to comments made by minister Mutasa over the death of Christpower its a shame . As the Botswana president said before violence will be our food for as long as these killers from year 2000 till now varipanyanga nothing will change because they are merchants of death they will not stop until they are stopped. I don’t believe SADC has tangible solution to our problems because they know the exact problem we have, who caused them, even the solution but for more than a decade now they say “talk” so Mr Tsvangirai don’t be that confident you are dealing with the devil they are mercy less till they are stopped

  9. pple lets b objective. who in their ryte minds wld stage manage killin a 12 yr old? as long as pple deny tht thr z state-sponsored violence b4 elections thn we lyin 2 ourselves. whether u lke zanu or mdc, lets be peace loving zimbabweans nd condemn violence…

    • Yes violence iriko hatirambe asi kusouth varikuurayana everyday more than us eg Marikana but hapana kana musi wakambotumirwa nhuma kuno naZuma they solve their own problems Morgan should stop being a cry baby and act like a man ndozvichamudyisa izvozvo coz hativhoteri munhu asina mahome grown solution SADC is toothless dont tarnish your own image SOUTH AFRIC IS WORSE THAN US BUT THEY DONT SHOUT ABOUT IT INSTEAD THEY SOLVE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS KURAI MHANI HATIDI VANHU VANE MAKUHWA

      • SA doesnt cum to us bcz theirs is not political violence, ts the police they want to deal with.
        2. S.A has a functional parliament.wher views ar expresed without fear or favour. The President is summoned to answer wher ppl smell a rat. Thats democracy.
        3. Zim is nt better than SA! Not in peace,not in education and not even in crime. For starters, in Sa ppl ar allowed to protest,in ZIM thts applyng for a jail sentence. Ppl who ar killed in S.a due to crime ar mostly victims of foreigners 90% zimbos! So its zim wth a greatr crime rate. Lastly S.A has more than 50% pass rate, 2 of their universities ar in the world’s top 15. Their researches found a 90% cure 4 Aids, they have better and suffient methods of producing energy, they hav made strides in technology…..to me thats what education shld do. So never thnk Zim is better than SA! If a country allows its ppl to fearlessly expres themselves, tht country wil unlock great potential and creativity in its people

  10. Meggidho wataura we are dealing with terrorist who are just lyk Al Quaeda you are wasting your tym Morgan will never rule this country if he is not brave lyk Quattara he should have his own army dzotomborira kana zvetwo years or else hapana hapana unoti Junta ingasiya nyika madiamonds achiputika kudai munotamba imi hamunatsomuziva mwana waBona munoirta zvekunzwa papaper

    • Pazambia we have changed Presidents like underwear, KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa (death), Banda, Sata, all withou violence. Botswans had Seretse khama, then that one, then Khama, Namibia same-same, Moza same-same. So why should we by the West African filosofi of violence to remove a lunatic, lets vote presidents in, and vote presidents out, not fight them in and fight them out.

  11. I sometimes wonder how Tsvangirayi explains himself to these SADC leaders – one moment, everything is going well we drink tea with Gukurahundi Mugabe, and he has promised to stand down after the elctions should he lose them – next, its :

    “PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday dispatched one of his top aides to lobby Southern African Development Community (Sadc) leaders to intervene in Zimbabwe amid escalating tension in the inclusive government over rising political violence”.

    When will this man learn to be consistant? I long said he should stop praising the Gukurahundi because he is a big liar and pretender, but the man never listens.

    When last have you ever heard the Gukurahundi praising Tswangirayi?

    So why does Tswangirayi feel he has to defend the Gukurahundi at times?

    Just leave the Lucifer to stew in his own mess – this is what Welshman does, hence he comes across as more credible most of the times he talks!

  12. “I am not convinced talk about peace is genuine.” So, Mrs. Makone you almost believed that the other guys were honest about peace. Don’t be suckers you guys in MDC. I have heard about these peace sermons as far back as 2011, and each sermon is followed by deadly violence. What peace do people talk about when human rights defenders are harassed and when women who are demonstrating peacefully are violently dispersed while others are incarcerated. So, at one time MDCs are cozy with ZANU and pretends that everything is fine only to be awakened by sudden turn of events. Have they forgotten that one prepares for war during peaceful times? The seemingly small violent incidents should have made the leadership to be wary of their protagonists’ sincerity and should have ratcheted pressure, than to wait until a 12 year old is cruelly burnt to death. I am forced to conclude that MDC leaders are like “hunters” who hunt lions with knobkerries…it’s suicidal. However, if you encourage others to join you on a lion hunting expedition and also with knobkerries then you may be held accountable for their demise, because you did not disclose how dangerous a lion is, especially when it is cornered!

  13. A 12yr boy was killed, no one is disputing, what is questionable is to rush and make swift conclusions that he was killed in political violence. A times these heinous crimes a done by criminals. Mahoko was beaten and bruised, culprits are facing justice. The big question gentle reader is: Why is the MDC-T rushing out as if people have failed to manage the situation. The presidency have made pronouncements, serious ones for that matter, ordering, (not asking) the police to bring perpetrators to book. This is why you find Temba Mliswa incarcerated, this is why you find those violent malcontents from Zanu Pf being brought to justice. Dear Zimbabweans, we should look at things in their rightful perspective. I have little respect with people who foolishly believe in foreigners as masters o their destiny.

    • Hey, you think its coincident that the same boy was born in the bush when the mother was running away from zanu pf thugs in 2002? Do u think its coincident that the same boy survived some burns from zanu pf about six times. You think its coincident that his mother was rapped by Dydmus Mutasa’s top aid who is now serving a 52year jail term. You think its coincident that 3 days before the fire, his father was threatend with death by zanu pf thugs who were reported to the police! Use brains man and smell the rat!

    • We have every right to Jump To Conclusions, its our DEMOCRATIC right especially when we are dealing with zealots whose motive is to cause disharmony and dispondency. If your History is violence, and the Victim has been a target of such acts since 2000, and has had his home attacked a couple of times, and eventually an arson attack happens, especial;y when you are aspiring to be an MP in a constituency where we know the sitting MP has had skirmishes with the victim, we have every right to CONCLUDE. and our facts and findings, whether they will be rejected by state machinations and securocrats, will hold waters and can pass judgement without fear or favor.
      Command Center 35

  14. @phunyukambephete i agree, morgan z nt consistent, he has tea wth bob, sayz he nw understands him, tells us bob wl resign afta elections, bla, bla…morgan z charismatic, bt he’s nt shart lke simba, welshman. bob z sharp, i hate 2 admit it! morgan shld find otha ways lke engaging bob mo, nd keepn quiet smetimes!

  15. zvinoda kupindira kwanyadenda.we alone cant do anything without him.why go for elections at first when its crystally clear that ZANU PF haibvume kukundwa.you only want to see vanhu vachifa thats your wish

  16. Sadza mushumba uri kungopengerekawo zvako, for how long has zanu been killing innocent citizens, we have lost count, let the foreigners intervene that is if they can bring a solution, otherwise the only way forward now is jihad, lets go the Syria way, that is the only way zanu can understand that Zimbabweans are serious.

  17. jst askn if mdc pulls it off nd zec annouces it(zanu allowin that? wil we have genuine peace in zim. i jst get e’ feelin zanu wnt accept defeat. i think SADC nd AU have 2 b involved mo, esp during the results…

  18. Viva Zanu….
    Zanu ndeyeropa….
    Mhururu kuenda nekudzoka vakomana…
    Viva Zanu….
    Zanu ndeyekushupika…
    mhururu kuenda nekudzoka vakomana…

    Viva Zanu kugara musango taneta…
    Mhururu kuenda nekudzoka vakomana…

    Kari sei sei kanhamba aka machinda?
    NdiEliot Manyika the late ka uyu


  19. Tragic as the death of this 12 year old boy was, it still smells of a stage managed tragedy. If it was not stage managed, why has the whole funeral become about Tsvangirai with the whole area plastered with his campaign posters? If it is a bout showing solidarity with the Maisiri family unfortunately Tsvangirai has hijacked the young boy’s funeral for political gains. It is sad when unscrupulous politicians do that. What is even worse is that the MDC-T supporters have barricaded the road to the Maisiri home, which in itself might heighten tensions with other apolitical people as well as supporters of other parties. This is not only illegal but provocative by the MDC-T idiots.

    Indications so far are that this was an accident and no evidence of it being arson has been found. What is clear is that there was AN fertiliser in the hut which is very explosive when it comes into contact with fire. MDC-T needs to stop this business of claiming all dead bodies around the country. This boy was not the youngest neither was he the oldest yet he was left last for rescuing. It is also said that he had some learning disability which could indicate why he may have been left to burn in the hut while all the others younger and older than him were rescued. The police should investigate the father.

  20. zpf eats,drink and sleep violence,if the party thinks it has the majority on its side,why then is jabulani sibanda threatening villagers all over the country not to vote for mdc? You can never win a free and fair election.33yrs still dreaming of a non existant enemy,living in the past,shame!

  21. It happens that the media cannot cover every blade and grass in Zim,thus you will find that they incidents that will not reach the media.It is why the Police is rushing to confisticate mobile phones with Gps functions.Its a directive from the CIO so that Zanu pf’s plan of intimidating the nation goes undetected.But all evil plans will always suffer a glitch and this time its all gone wrong with Mliswa throwing the spanner in the works.

  22. To all you who doubt the circumstances under which the young guy died,have you ever bothered to listen to what the father and mother said.?It was ZANU PF-period! Stop beating about the bush, instead of consoling a comrade in mourning, ZANU PF Satanists are busy adding more salt to an already sore wound.Who among us does not know ZANU pf?They indicate right when they are turning left.How many cases have we reported to police and the police failed to act?Who doesnot know what the Herald stands for?If you want to get the truth from the Herald, take the opposite of what they will be reporting on.ZANU PF are not normal.Fish rots from the top to bottom.

  23. wat pains me e’ most is tht, this man nd his family wr terrorised 4 yrz…wat dd zrp do, nothing! zero! our police r a disgrace, a farce, partisan…zanu kills 4 power, murdered this boy. may this boy rest in peace

  24. To get international support to condemn ZANU-PF the desparate MDC will do anything, even if it means killing Tsvangido with foreign help and blame it all on Mugabe. We have heard enough of the” Private Dancer” Theme from yu, and if the impact is not felt internationally, yu will not stop. Mark my word an attempt on the PM’s life by MDC pundits is in the offing. Whats wrong with doing our own things without crying for help when we can help ourselves

  25. @john if u believe tht mdc kills its own members jst 2 hve international symphathy, then u r lost. man unomboshandisa pfungwa dyako, unonyadzisa iwe. shame!

  26. MORGAN is doing the right thing by engaging sadc & the world coz he realised that most of you are cowards!!!! YOU let him march alone to the state house when he asked for your help to final push the old man. ZANU have the police and the diamonds to fund the terror and Morgan has cowards.
    we all know thats how zanu operates, since 99 zanu used the same tactics to stay in power and so be it, brace yourself morgan they are coming for your head.

  27. @martin morgan z allowed 2 do tht, bt yy doz he sing praises for mugabe, say evrythin z fine, then al of a sudden say things r nw bad? i like morgan a vry much, bt he lacks tact, strategy at times. ndaregere kungotaura taura asati afungisisa.

  28. Why imi madofo magwara ma zombie yu colonised mdc suportaz alwz thnk kuti zanu pf ndo inongotadza chete dnt yu c tht e way yu campaign n luk 4 sapot n favor from euro-region z useless kusadzidza ndokunokunetsai

  29. Mugabe was well schooled by Smith yaari kutamba Morgan mubvunzei akatomboiitwawo naSmith akaurayirawo vana vake naSmith nhasi avekuurayawo vaTsvagison,so the tale continues,lets hope Tsvangison is not being groomed for the same,no to violence,the fear of the lord is the beggining of wisdom God bless you.

  30. Vhara zip u are mad. Going to SADC,UN etc to ask for a help that one person was burnt to death. Cant u solve this internally. U cant be the president. If 100 pple are killed at once it means u wil tell ol citizens to leave the country or tell us to go to West. Cry babie yomunhu. U only know hw to deal with ladies nt zvenyika, u are jst a smol fish.

  31. Oh please!!! Cry me a river Tsvangirai, it was all good when you were drinking tea with the old man, praising him, laughing at his horrendous jokes, while forgetting that we the people voted for you. Now you wanna turn around and cry foul because elections are around the corner. How dare are you?!?! Never shall l waste my precious vote for you or your old pal Mugabe, not in this life time. Violence has always been there, but you my prime minister, since the last elections have always licked Mugabe’s behind, praising him every opportunity you get. What a hypocrite!!!

  32. bt pple did morgan really hve to turn to regional countries? cdnt he have jst solved it internally. or maybe m bn 2 simplistic, bt thn again this is uneven zim!

  33. Vana Zim 5 muri vanhu vakaita sei? May God knock sense into your head, your mind is evil. Mwana atourairwa poltics here?

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