Security forces, civil servants to study draft constitution

THE new draft constitution will be compulsorily taught to security forces, civil servants and schools for Zimbabweans to thoroughly understand the new supreme law.


Copac co-chairman Douglas Mwonzora yesterday told NewsDay that it was imperative for security forces to understand the constitution for them to know their obligations.

Section 7 (b) of the new draft constitution reads: “Requiring this constitution to be taught in schools and as part of the curricula for the training of members of the security services, the civil service and members and employees of public institutions.”

Mwonzora said the aim was to make every Zimbabwean understand and appreciate their constitutional rights and obligations even if they were not trained as lawyers.

“In the first chapter of the constitution we have given the obligation that the constitution must be compulsorily taught in schools and institutions of higher learning as well as to security forces so that they get to know the rights of the people they serve,” Mwonzora said.

“It will be taught at various levels, primary, secondary schools to university level and will be simplified such that the ordinary teachers will be able to teach the constitution at each appropriate level,” he said.

He added that since the draft will be simplified, teachers will not need training as legal jargon will not be used.
According to Mwonzora, compulsory lessons are set to begin as soon as the constitution is passed into law.

“Our thinking was that to have security forces that are ignorant of their obligations towards the people of Zimbabwe was not good. They will be ignorant of the human rights of individuals and therefore will abrogate those rights. Teaching them the new constitution is a way of dealing with their mindsets and making them safer to the people of Zimbabwe,” he added.

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  1. Who is this Douglas in the scheme of things? I would have thought line Ministers would have made the announcement if it was a Cabinet decision. Am not aware of curricula additions being called by man in the streets. Amawala.

  2. thts his party’s manifesto for the coming elections, he has a right to say what he wants, campaigning has started already and there is no going back on tht, his party wants the ordinary person and the security forces to study the constitution, so be it, infact its a gud idea, ppl might be impressed by tht and might vote for him because of tht, wakekup and smell the coffee

  3. @ Edgar,Douglas Mwonzora was recommended with deligent by governmemnt of Zimbabwe to make all pronouncements and developments on our national charter as core chair of Copac ,i dont see anything abhorent by encouraging constitional education in all spheres of life in the country in particular services chiefs without formal education .Is a qualifed lawyer who champion over the birth of the constitution over a protracted three yr bickering for a common ground ,its imperative for an ordianary person in the street to know the clauses and binding lagalities of different bills of the constitution ,,,,,unless its sinister he is people’s party spokes person .

  4. thats a very gud move hatidi kuzonzwa vachiti hatikumbozvinzwa or hatizvizive.n1 who breaks the law or abuses pple of thier human rightes shld face the law.It’s high tym the pple of this nation 2b respected n feel safe n happy in thier motherland

  5. The issue has never been ignorance of their constitutional obligations on the part of the security establishment. They have always known this – it is the Gukurahundi party that allowed them a free reign, not withstanding what the constitution said, because it suited their agenda of one men, one party uninterrupted rule!!

    1. they must study it, so that they know the amended chapters. claar.

    2. John weku Mabvuku

      Mbo, yu surprise me by expressing a political monotone, it makes debate dull and boring. Political agendae cannot be executed/operationalised in retrospect! Historical developments are a footprint of human existential preferences….thats why yu are amongst us, yo ancestors chose to flee where they could have fought! Like it or not, politicised hostilities and all, we enjoy this current democratic space because of the stability wrought by the total effect of our securocrats. Imagine dissidents, riots, land disputes, political riots, food riots, football riots …… Look at Egypt since last year todate! While they are demonstrating,(exercising a democratic right) who is working and producing goods and services, food? , teaching and training future leaders?,industry? Till When?

  6. Thanks! Mbonisi Devolution for the first time to call a ‘spade a spade’ yes! we know each and every detail in that constitution. (services chiefs included minus triablism) then one man party Zanu Pf, and by that time Simon Kaya Moyo would be the Head of State and Commander in Chief of Defence Forces, who knows? Period!!!

  7. Hokoyo ma evil servants maakudzokera kuchikoro zvakare. Majaira kungo dhimanda mabribe muri mumacheya papassport office, court clerk, mumahighway etc. Afoira constitution haadzokeri kubasa. Kundorima mbambaira kuruzevha!!!! Kikkikikiki.

  8. yah, it is an advantage to have security forces knowing the contents of our constitution. a year or so back we were complaining when soldiers uttered certain statements we felt we unconstitutional. if people know the detects of their constitution, they will abide by it. its unfortunate we have a tendency of associating anything to do with uniformed forces with zanu pf. if you are mdc,zapu,mavambo etc its time to rejoice because your police officers,soldiers and prison officers will now officially study the charter. it therefore means that you will have informed officers who will discharge their duties without fear or favour.
    isnt it reformation?

  9. There are some interesting points in this clause but I dont know if I see all about them eye to heart. There is some validity but I will take hold legal opinion until I look into it further. Good clause, thanks and additionally we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well.

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