Results best in 12 years: Coltart

EDUCATION minister David Coltart says unscrupulous politicians are seeking to use the much publicised high percentage failure rate in last year’s “O” Level public examinations as a political weapon, even though statistics show that the pass rate is one of the highest in the last 12 years.

Report by Veneranda Langa

Coltart said this on his social network Facebook  page yesterday in apparent response to an article published in one of the State-controlled newspapers by Zanu PF politburo member and Tsholotsho North MP Jonathan Moyo.

Moyo, in the article, alleged Coltart was “on his way to join some international NGO to distort Zimbabwe’s education infrastructure and to corrupt Zimsec through criminal instructions”.

The former Information minister claimed that Coltart had “turned the Nziramasanga Commission into a dirty phrase and replaced it by the so-called ‘Education Transition Trust’”.

“The fact that Coltart opportunistically cites the findings of the 1999 Nziramasanga Commission in support of his Rhodesian position whose objectives are the opposite of the goals of that Commission is enough to prove his sinister and unacceptable agenda,” wrote Moyo.

“The so-called Education Transition Trust’s vision of education in Zimbabwe dovetails neatly with the Rhodesian vision whose thrust was that blacks should be taught vocational skills and trained to be artisans and do things like carpentry allegedly because they are not academically oriented.”

But Coltart said Zimsec had supplied him with a table showing the trends in the “O” Level pass rates for the past 12 years and indications were that this year’s results were actually better than those attained under his predecessor.

Zanu PF member Aeneas Chigwedere was Education minister from August 2001 to August 2008 before Coltart took over.

“The reality is that as low as the pass rate is, it remains one of the highest ever in the last 12 years. Ironically, the pass rate in 2000 was 13,88% and in 2007 it dropped to 9,85%, while the highest pass rate under my Zanu PF predecessor minister was 14,44%,” Coltart wrote.

He said it was a pity that his ministry was being castigated for reasons that were influenced by political interests.

“The tragedy is that children, the innocent parties in all of this, are being used as political weapons, which is unacceptable.  These figures show that there has been crisis in education for some time which will not be resolved through partisan posturing and mendacious vitriol.”

According to the Zimsec table, the lowest “O” Level pass rate of 9,85% was recorded in 2007 followed by 10,2% in 2004; 12,2% in 2005; 12,2% in 2005; 13,0% in 2003; 13,18% in 2000; 13,75% in 2002; 13,99% in 2001; 14,2% in 2006; 14,44% in 2008; 16,5% in 2010; 19,50% in 2011 and 18,4% in 2012.

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  1. Ivowo vana vechikoro ava vanyanya kutamba. Go paJoina Centre u notoshaya kuti ofamba sei pazara vana vechikoro. Faceboo,whatsup nzima headphones ndizvo zvimwe zviri kuvafoirisa coz they spend most of their time on them.

  2. Come elections! Coltart u are gone, no more white pigs in our education sector! Nxa!!!

    1. I thought Chibondo was going to speak more about the developments that had been done to the education sector by Coltart.You seem to be having blinkers such that you do not see what is happening next door.Which minister in our education ministry manged to source reading material for the children in our schools.Which minister managed to have the one pupil one text concept other than Coltart.If one has done something lets commend him for that.You must not run away from the fact that we ruin our education system by giving our children a lot of freedom either at home and schools.You seem to be one of those people who do not even influence your children to develop themselves academically.On Jonathan’s speeches people should not take him serious because there is nothing he is doing that comes to fruition.He is just a political prostitute who swings from one angle to the other like a pendulum.On the issue of the minister pointing a finger in that the minister of education wants blacks be introduced to skills and artisan concepts,I dont think there is anything bad because as blacks we should learn to be self reliant.That indigenisation which they are preaching daily.Coltart please keep it up

  3. You racist pig you fail 2 aknowledge ZIMSEC stastics honourable minister Coltart has provided 4 public consumption,mayb yo problem and truck loads of ZPF supporters hv never been 2 school you only comment wen yo think tank professor of ZPF politics spray venom at perceived political opponents.wen Chigwedera was minister you neva opened yo smelling mouth and sprayed venom at him even wen the pass rate was less than 10%.sry coz u got a myopic mind,munopembera kana vana Madiro vachi looter ,foolish

    1. Wabaya Chabvondoka. In fact this is just a tip of the icebrg as far as what zanu pf has done to this country is concerned. If only the youths of this country would realise how their future has been destroyed by this party they would all register to vote in droves to kick this party out for good. You only need to visit the light and heavy indusrial areas and experience the eerie silence where once machines would run for 24 hr shifts. All those buildings in industry were built becoz there was demand for products both locally and for export markets. Of course supporters and beneficiaries of the rgime would rush to blame sanctions but the truth is the buck stops with the leader.The environment which all nations operate in with all those imperialists is a given and a good leader negotiates the environment for the benefit of his followers. If you the kitchen is too hot get out and stio wyning.

  4. Vana Chihondo munoiziva hondo imi,vana Pres Mugabe vakairwa havataurisi.Unongoteedzeramhepo zvadzo vana Jonah Moyo vanemiromo isingade kupfuurwa professor of everything but masters of ma fikizolo ZPF was right to expel him in 2004.If you luk from his comment there is no fact only political rhetoric which is ful of racism,jelous ,ignorence of fact and shallow mindset.i dont any University degree but i’m better enlightened than Jonah Moyo.To say the least his statement was empty.TSHOLOTSHO PEOPLE WAKE UP AND SHO HIM THE EXIT DOAR,i mean this gud 4 nothing professor.

  5. The guy has managed to sort of freeze the brain drain in the education sector ,apart from that a book ratio of 1:1 is unheard of in Africa. He is also trying to bring sanity in sport.I will give him 8 out of 10 in terms of perfomance a position he shares with Biti.

  6. Don’t politicise this issue. Now some want to campaign using the school results without checking their past performance. From the results presented, Coltat has done extremely well, 19.5% & 18.4%compared to the past that’s excellent. Vana Chigwedere wasted children’s time focusing on nationalising uniforms, scrapping mid term breaks, etc but no tangible results. Ko. Why this analysis was not being done all along? Is it because we’re now going for elections. Shame!

    How did Jonah became a professor, I wonder ? He always want to cause havoc where there is no issue, he is like tsunami, peace breaker……

    Well done Coltat! You’re a true Zimbabwean , the only unfortunate thing is your colour but never mind God is with you.

    1. how is his being white unfortunate?

  7. Zimbos are racist coltart is the man for the job

  8. Jonathan Moyo, ZPF Minister of Propaganda. Go fuck ya shit ass.

  9. Professor Moyo are you really a professor?

  10. Let the figures speak for themselves between Chigwedere & Coltart
    13,18% in 2000; (Aeneas Chigwedere)
    13,99% in 2001; (Aeneas Chigwedere)
    13,75% in 2002; (Aeneas Chigwedere)
    13,0% in 2003; (Aeneas Chigwedere)
    10,2% in 2004; (Aeneas Chigwedere)
    12,2% in 2005; (Aeneas Chigwedere)
    14,2% in 2006; (Aeneas Chigwedere)
    9,85% in 2007 (Aeneas Chigwedere)
    14,44% in 2008; (Aeneas Chigwedere)
    2009 —
    16,5% in 2010; (Coltart)
    19,50% in 2011 (Coltart)
    18,4% in 2012. (Coltart)

  11. chihondo…. numbers never lie….

  12. numbers never lie.

  13. You say people from tsholotsho should vote wise,what about the shonaz that have elected mugabe for 32years it’s because of you the shit we are in today

  14. wy students are failing; teachers now spend time trying to save their jobs by compiling huge documents on every student in his clas. with 45 kids in one class the teacher has to write individual reports and which level the student is. eg a grade six teacher shld classify every student weekly and place themvin the right grade and class like grade 2 D.bsaka teacher anozowana nguva yekuteacer nguvai

    1. nyaya ndeye mbongo. maticha ngavabhadharwe zvakakwana vorarama hupenyu hwaka kodzera. vanoshanda vakadzikama, vasingaharaswe nemayouth ebato renyu. you will be surprised with the results…

  15. Coltart is bets…down with ol yo racist polices zimbabweanz..Coltatrt has done a grt job!!!

  16. But do we really need a Rhodesian to head that ministry?

  17. nhai va mbonisi,can u define a rhodesian?
    Aint we all zimbabweans? Is ths abt colour or about results? Coltart hs prvd to be far mor capable than hs predescsr who was never condemnd for 9 percent pas rate yet coltart is being crucified for producing double the result. I thnk we are loosing it as a country. Check th great country how they work together regardler of colour or ethnic grp. Look at USA, or evn our neighbour sa. Their economy evn education is doing well thanks to bipartisanship, non racial grounds and a unit of purpose

  18. David Coltart’s claim that the low pass rate is ““a reflection of the extreme crisis in education experienced between 2005 and 2009”, passes over the fact that this is the result of the same hyperinflation that was caused by the economic sanctions (ZDERA) the MDC members like Eddie Cross put in place, to make the Zimbabwean people’s lives miserable. And now they want to parade themselves as the saviours of Zimbabwe?

    The MDC is a vicious and venomous organisation. Just look who leads it, and you know their motives.

  19. When David Coltart says:

    ““The *decline* in the pass rate is an indication that Zimsec have followed my instruction that standards are to be maintained so that we have an accurate idea of the health of our education system,””

    He can only mean the decline from 2011 to 2012 – “19,50% in 2011 and 18,4% in 2012.”.

    Because from the other years, you can see a trend that is steadily rising from a very low level:

    ” 10,2% in 2004; 12,2% in 2005; 12,2% in 2005; 13,0% in 2003; 13,18% in 2000; 13,75% in 2002; 13,99% in 2001; 14,2% in 2006; 14,44% in 2008; 16,5% in 2010; 19,50% in 2011 and 18,4% in 2012. ”

    As you can see the pass rate is slightly higher every year. Only from 2011 to 2012 do you see a decline. For which David Coltart takes credit.

    That’s what we should be talking about. What did he do, what were his instructions?

  20. Ok, scrap what I just posted. The numbers are all out of sequence.

    10,2% in 2004; 12,2% in 2005; 12,2% in 2005; 13,0% in 2003; 13,18% in 2000; 13,75% in 2002; 13,99% in 2001; 14,2% in 2006; 14,44% in 2008; 16,5% in 2010; 19,50% in 2011 and 18,4% in 2012.

    Why is the writer posting numbers out of sequence? You listed 2005 twice.

  21. ” 13,18% in 2000;
    13,99% in 2001;
    13,75% in 2002;
    13,0% in 2003;
    10,2% in 2004;
    12,2% in 2005;
    14,2% in 2006;
    14,44% in 2008;
    16,5% in 2010;
    19,50% in 2011 and
    18,4% in 2012. ”

    If these numbers are accurate (they were out of sequence, 2005 was duplicated and 2007 and 2009 are missing), then David Coltart needs to give an explanation of what his instructions were, and why they had such a large impact on the pass rate, which after making a low in 2004, were rising significantly, especially from 2008 to 2010 (2009 is missing), and fell back from 2011 to 2012, for which he takes credit.

  22. Vana Obama vari kutonga varungu wani. What is wrong with having Coltart? Shallow minds.

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