Peter Ndlovu faces homicide charges

VICTORIA FALLS — Former Zimbabwe international striker Peter Ndlovu is expected to appear at the Victoria Falls Magistrate Courts today facing culpable homicide charges, a police source said yesterday.

Ndlovu, who was behind the wheel in a BMW X5 SUV which crashed at the 417km peg near Lupinyu Business Centre, Victoria Falls, leading to the death of his elder brother Adam Ndlovu (42) and Nomqhele Tshili (24), suffered serious injuries in the accident.

According to a police source in Victoria Falls, Peter came for indications at the scene of the accident on Sunday and was also seen at the Victoria Falls Magistrate Courts yesterday afternoon.

“Peter is expected to appear in court tomorrow (today). The culpable homicide docket has been completed,” said the source.

His lawyer Harrison Nkomo confirmed the development last night, but could not provide more details.

“Yes there is something like that, but I haven’t seen the summons,” he said.

Adam and Tshili died in the early hours of December 14 last year.
The Ndlovu brothers, who had left Bulawayo on Saturday night, were on their way to the resort town to take part in a friendly soccer match pitting Highlanders legends against the Victoria Falls Social Soccer League select team.

The match had been scheduled for Chinotimba Stadium.

Peter, arguably the greatest Warrior to date, led the national team to the Nations Cup finals in 2004 and 2006 before returning home after a lengthy and successful career in England and South Africa, to be the assistant coach of the senior national team.

He escaped with injuries on his legs, forehead and ribs. Adam cut his teeth at Highlanders in the early 1990s before playing for a number of European and South African clubs.

The brothers were part of the late Warriors coach Reinhard Fabisch’s Dream Team in the 1990s.

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  1. At last we are hearing something, is it because of what happened in SA about this “blade guy” who killed his girlfriend and he is being tried for his crime??? and we are copying or its a genuine issue.
    will wait to hear how the courts will progress, i bet my last dollar it will take 5 years before its concluded. HAIL King PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anywer kings always kill

    1. I think this one was just an accident and nothing more. The blade guy could have or not premeditated the death of her girlfriend. They are just extenuating evidence that he might have killed her and Peter didnt intentionally kill his brother and the other girl.So lets not treat these as birds of the same feathers

  2. I just don’t understand why you give us incomplete stories. You should have told us more on how the police have arrived at these charges. its pathetic reporting.when we read newspapers we expect to detailed reports not this mediocre reporting.

  3. This witchhunt against Peter Ndlovu will raise many questions about the accident. Did the tyre real burst or they was foul play as history in Zimbabwe has shown when it comes to accidents involving high profile people. It is an open secret in Zimbabwe that if one is more popular and has a huge social impact than that of the Supreme Leader, they stand a greater chance of being eliminated.

    The Ndlovu family is a household name not only in Zimbabwe but around the world and this was evident in the way the two brothers’ tragic accident recieved prominent coverage around the world. It is clear that this is an attempt to finish off Peter. When cruel Mugabe is gone, so many secrets will come to light and history books shall be re-written. For now, I can only say to Peter, “Be strong Mfanekhaya, the time is coming when you and your people shall be free”.

    1. I think you have become so blinkered in your thinking. You now see politicks and plots everywhere. Peter might command respect in football circles but does that pose any threat to the political establishment to the extend of them wanting to eliminate him? We all know and agree that Peter would not have planned to kill anybody let alone his own brother Adam but as per procedure when fatal accidents happen investigations are done and if anyone was found to have been on the wrong side of the law they are taken to court. The law, unlike you and me, can not tell the difference between Peter and an ordinary citizen so it just takes its course without fear nor favour. If the provisions of the law were just to be waived because its Peter then we would have set a very bad precedence. We all feel for Peter but its not like he is being taken to the gallows and neither has he been summoned to a kangaroo court. We pray for Peter during this difficult time but its probably the best way to put finallity to this sad story.

      1. Phunyukabemphethe

        The law has been waved and precedence set so many times in Gukurahundiland, I have actually lost count. Where is Kitsiyatota – just to mention one example?

      2. Thank you Manomano for a better explanation, you explanation simply shows how briliant youn are man

        1. Ndangonzwawo Hameno

          Good one manomano, thats queit objective..! Wanyatsotaura zvandanga ndichida kutaura ini…

      3. You are the man manomano,you surely know hw to comfort a brother in agony…

    2. uphambene wena, how is Uncle Bob coming in. it was an accident, yes and proper investigations need to be followed regardless of who you are.

    3. Nhlanhla you are very stupid

    4. John weku Mabvuku

      Wena uyatylanya! So Mugabe drove the car that killed Adam! Ngubani u”mfanawekaya”? Peter is TONGA…you are raving mad. So Mugabe killed Adam to finish Peter? For What political gain? Some of your assertions are totally depressing. Adam was a citizen of Zim so he belonged to the State, like all of us. The culpable charge arises from that fact, the police are doing their job…no fear…no favour. Muchanyarara henyu.

    5. hi
      I think you are taking this the wrong way and you are bringing politics into football and nepotism. how does ugbe be part of an accident in mtebelelnd north. what if it was our son or daughter who is half the age to the men they are playing with, how will you feel. now you think the ndlovu people are like mps ministers etc. tribalism is a bad curse I lived and went to school in kenya, kindly uncorrupt yourmind you need prayers

      1. Phunyukabemphethe

        The Gukurahundi is using our toll gate fees to develop his Gukurahundi Zwimba roads, whilst ours remain unattended.

        1. Taura hako @Manomano ndiko kunonzi kubaya dede nemukanwa chaiko and well thought and clear I hope it will make Nhlanhla to come to his sense. Some people really sucks @phunyukabemphethe you are stupid you do not even own a car and you make noise about toll gate fees what has this to do with the story?

    6. You are sicker than Don Quixote!

    7. Nhlanhla i think you have lost it,i don’t like Mugabe myself,but i think you are not being objective here.Where does Mugabe come in here,this was just an accident and the police are doing their job.

      Usuhlanya ngempela.

  4. Phunyukabemphethe

    The law is really an ass for sure – so Peter is now being punished because he did not die like the others but survived the accident. Had he also died, who would they be prosecuting – the grave?

    I saw the accident spot, whilst the Ndlovus could be blamed for possibly overspeeding, the Gukurahundi government should be charged for failure to upgrade national roads in the country, whilst receiving toll fees and taxes from the public. This is really criminal.

    The accident spot has the road curving somewhat towards the right to Vic Falls town – just close to the Airport.

    In South Africa, all such curves are well marked with reflectors that you can see from a distance at night.

    In this particular instance, like it is on all Zimbabwean roads, at night you cannot even see that the road is curving until you are almost there.

    So if you are speeding you are very likely to lose control of the vehicle should you try for an immediate turn, otherwise you have to head straight into the trees that cost Adam and Nomqhele their lives!!

    1. @Phunyukabemphete

      Just listen to yourself:
      “…the Gukurahundi government should be charged for failure to upgrade national roads in the country…”
      “The accident spot has the road curving somewhat towards the right to Vic Falls town – just close to the Airport…So if you are speeding you are very likely to lose control of the vehicle should you try for an immediate turn, otherwise you have to head straight into the trees that cost Adam and Nomqhele their lives!!

      You are very dull. I have said that over and over and over again. It would be a fatal mistake for anyone to give you a gun, you may shoot your own head assuming that its that of an intruder. Silly. If the road curves at that spot, where is the Gukurahundi government’s propblem? Was this road not constructed by Ian Smith? And why would Peter rush that sport at full speed as if he is in the 18 area where the ball has to be crashed into the nets? Is Peter a tourist in Vic Falls that he should need road signs and a tour guide? How had he driven all the way to Bulawayo and survived since as you say, the road does not have signs and thats the cause of accidents? Peter was overspeeding fullstop. Just look at how trees were uprooted for close to 50 meters from the road. You dont need the Gukurahundi government to drive for you to save your life. Anyway, that’s exatcly why the Gukurahundi government is charging him for culpable homicide-an attempt on his own life and that of the two deceased. Now isn’t that moving? To have a government that whips you in line when ever you get into excesses and become negligent of taking care of your life? I personally think this Guk gvt should go further to charge this young illiterate fella for culpable homicide on his own life given the manner in which he recklessly sleeps around in this HIV era. All they need is to test him for HIV and proceede to nail him if he comes out positive.

      Not this gukurahundi nonsense you are saying.

      1. Phunyukabemphethe

        What an asssshole of a gukurahundi. Do you even know the inside of a class room primitive nehanda offspring?

        1. Nehanda did not have children. Silly.They teach those things at every school, inside classrooms. If you missed that, then you were busy dancing to Skuzapo’s ‘banolila’ album at that famous Gwanda rural growth point where many of your kind have graduated into SRB imbeciles-whilst others were at school. Like I said before, you are the dangerous type of fool that can shoot themselves in their own head in self defence mistaking their four-corner heads for that of an intruder.

  5. Its still early to Start charging Peter for any crime which he does,can’t you just wait until he gets recovered, remember he still filling some pains and he is still mourning his brother Adam. Trying him now , i fill this a direct toucher.

  6. You are spot on manomano. Some people are so dumb its annoying. Just because Peter is from Matebeleland and he is a football star you want to defend him!!! He must face the music. A crime is a crime unless you want to be untouchable like some people we all know. Many people have been involved in accidents as drivers. If someone dies in a an accident in a car that you are drivingyou are held responsible. Thats purely the law. There is no politics here idiots!!!!

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      If that is so, why is Mwale not in prison; what about the killers of Cain Nkala, are they in prison? Kitsiyatota? and those who murdered people in cold blood during Gukurahundi?

  7. I believe this is purely procedural and the most he’ll get is a fine because it was unintentional.

  8. U ndex u always think abt politics y ?

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Because we have suffered more than you or anyone else at the hands of the Gukurahundis in the last 33 years.

      You only started suffering after 1999 when you started following us to the diaspora – you see, that is why!!

  9. Thank you tman. Its procedural. If you kill someone in an RTA you will face Culpa charges unless the accident is as a result of a proven mechanical failure. The fact that its Peter, he comes fm Mat, he played for Zimb or he is still mourning his brother is irrelevant. The fact here is he killed two people in negligent circumstances and he must face thefull wrath of the law.

  10. Eish law z law politics z politics

  11. Politics iz a dirty game,stop it!

  12. Hey guys, i think those who talks about still morning his brother and still in pain are right. But the issue of law nobody doesn’t know the truth about driving and being involved in an accident.So the truth might be that we wait for him to recover 6 months will be OK. But if i may ask who remembers anything about the driver of Elliot Manyika being tried for homicide.

  13. @RAs,mugabe has been mentioned because of his history of plotting and killing people in accidents,e.g border Gezi,tsvangirai and so many

  14. that is a police procedure wenever there is an accident-investgations are done and wen there is human error someone shuld be accountable-so ppl3e should not put politics here

  15. Will gukurahundi ever be a closed chapter , y cunt we forgive and forget

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Never, ever – as long as bodies and soul are still together. Only after some kind of redress – otherwise never!

      1. Even the madzviti genocide will not go anywhere. never ever. Until there is some kind of compansation.

  16. Ma gents the story here is about Peter having to face homicide charges, in case you have forgotten he was involved in an accident and his brother and another young lady passed away. Gukurahundi and the other stories that are being brought up have absolutely nothing to do with the headline.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      But Gukurahundism is a way of life in the Gukurahundi Republic, nothing happens in that country without a touch of Gukurahundism!!

  17. Phunyukabemphethe

    Its Mthwakazi for life as they say!

  18. Ndangonzwawo Hameno

    Manomano wanyatsotsetsemura nemandanga ndichida kutaura ini…! Good one, thats queit objective

    1. are we this blind not to distinquish sense from noncence. why should he not be charged.being legend does not mean inpunity

  19. Drive like lightining you bump like thunder

  20. Speed thrills and kills

  21. ko driver akauraisa mai tsvangirai


    I FIND IT HARD TO COMPREHAND. Why is it that someone sitting in front, driving, can survive whilst those sitting at the back do not? DURA LEX, SED LEX.

    1. Probably he has a seat belt and passenger didn’t, that is usually the major cause and also Peter might have been saved by Airbags.


    I FIND IT HARD TO COMPREHEND. Why is it that someone sitting in front, driving, can survive whilst those sitting at the back do not? DURA LEX, SED LEX.

  24. Phunyukabemphethe

    Zim has 10 million people, Gukurahundis should stop day dreaming about the fanciful 14 million figure. Whilst we know that Gukurahundis love being many, unfortunately reality is not according their wishes – they will remain a minority in Southern Africa until Kingdom come.

    Zulus alone are 13 million, add uMthwakazi, add SA Nd.eb.ele. add amaSwati, add amaXhosa – then you know who is the boss in this region of countries that share a border with Mzansi!!!!

  25. Nhene Ntamonkulu

    At least Peter Ndlovu is better. Obert Mpofu is there for him.

  26. @ phunyukabemphembe
    U accuse pple of being Mugabe’s spokesperson without being asked. A u Peter’s spo/person?

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Because you always come to Mugabe’s rescue (without his consent) over Gukurahundi, yet you don’t want to be accused of Gukurahundi or be called Gukurahundis – that is certainly funny and incomprehensible!

  27. ka!tano’s docket z stl open wen w!fe waz klld n é spot aftr car ovrturnd.Tembo waz è drvr wen t occurd.ndokusaka as!sauye muno.

  28. seems some pple are taking the forum to spread hate among the people in zim.ko zvegukurahundi zvabvepi.vanhu vasingade kusevenza wl alwys find sm1 to blame 4 their woes.stop it.

  29. Listen to this fellow:

    “…Because you always come to Mugabe’s rescue (without his consent) over Gukurahundi, yet you don’t want to be accused of Gukurahundi or be called Gukurahundis – that is certainly funny and incomprehensible…”

    1. Does he have the right to accuse anyone of Gukurahundi?
    2. Does anyone deserve to be called Gukurahundis?
    3. Does anyone rush to rescue Mugabe over Gukurahundi?

    This nation surely has a serious problem of dull manderins roaming its breath like little devils.
    1. If this fellow is accused of dissident activities, would he want that?
    2. If this fellow is called a dissident, will he not refuse?
    3. If facts are explained concerning the Gukurahundi era to this felow, is that defending anyone?

    Surely, there was no Gukurahundi before Dissident Uprisings. Why doesn’t he blame the dissidents Mdawini, Brown, Masikisela and Tulani of starting a civil war that snowballed into this Gukurahundi. And who was sending these fellas? Why where they not rounded up after 1987 and shot like they do in North Korea? Who was standing for them who asked for an amnesty and a red carpet welcome home to these callous dissidents? Why is his name never said out by this Phunyukabemphete Gukurahundi imbecile?

    I encourage the readeship never to be tired or provoked by this silly fool. Instead be aware that what a fool needs are the proper directions to the lavatory. Otherwise he may continue shitting in the pots. Show him the right way. He is a fool.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Gukurahundis never understand the written word, especially if its in English.

      It would have been a big surprise had you proved an exception!!!!!

  30. There is nothing new with PETER being summoned to court that’s procedural, and infact that someone lost his life in an accident investigations has to take place regardles the relationship that exist.There might be indications of negligence or foul play hence justice must prevail, indeed if the police summoned him to the scene of accident it was procedural and excellent job by the police because it would have sounded improper for them to take him from a football pitch enroute to court

  31. Clearly this Phunyukabemphethe clown is a misguided, wittless, racist and tribal protagonist of their “so-called” Muthwakazi hog-wash!!! I will give ye a simple piece of advice!! SAVE THE DRAMA FOR YOUR MAMA!! Your hate-speech has no place here in our unified, progressive-thinking ZImbabwe!! If you feel you are South African, why dontchu make your way quietly to your South African cousins instead of pestering us with your senseless rhetoric!! Zimbabwe shall NOT grind to a halt just because you idiots think with your asses and expect everyone to behave the same!! We will not be dragged to the past by you visionless buffoons!! Forward ever, backwards never!!! LONG LIVE ZIMBABWE!!! MAY ITS LAWS BE UPLIFTED AND OBSERVED!!!

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      Gukurahundi Chief Seke, yeeh for sure, let the laws be observed by first arresting Mwale and those blood-shot-eyed Gukurahundi thugs who bashed Tswangirayi’s head to near smitherenes in 2007!!!

  32. Peter, madhirezi haubvire muning’na!!

  33. its a fact that Peter’s accident resulted in the death of two people. Now formal chages of culpable homicide are being laid. Its a fact that there are some people who have killed other people for their political affiliations and no formal charges have been laid. There are mothers, children, fathers, grand mothers who were killed in cold blood by Gukurahundi and the law never took its course. why are you talking abt the law in zim as if there is law at all. People had their hands chopped off in 2008 and the law never took it course. Pliz stop insulting us about the law taking its ‘course’. It is this selective application of the law that makes people think retrogressively. All of you are stupid not to realise that the law in in this country applies to ordinary citizens and members of the oppositions. lets see members of chipangano being charged because they also kill. Why are pilceman not doing their job when it comes to that but we are quick to say let them do their job when its death as a result of an accident. Before we talk of law, lets all make sure there is a rule of law in the country. Law should not apply to ordinary citizens only but to the clegy, politicians etc.

    1. Phunyukabemphethe

      My point exactly!!

  34. I think that wad just an accident shame on peter do u think he wanted that accident to happen wish him the best anyway

  35. Hope its a mere formality, Peter would not have loved to kill his brother.

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