Mutodi speaks on arrest

BUSINESSMAN-CUM-MUSICIAN Energy Mutodi,  who was arrested on Thursday for allegedly cheating people in a land deal, has blamed what he described as bogus land owners some of whom he said were freedom fighters, for duping him in the land wrangle he is involved in.

Report by Kupakwashe Makonye

Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Mutodi said land constraints had militated against his ZimTrust housing cooperative in fulfilling his aim to provide housing services to his clients.

“It is important that I mention the fact that ZimTrust has been duped by some land owners, especially cooperatives led by former freedom fighters. The organisation has been robbed in excess of $1 million by bogus land owners who collected deposits from us only  to change goalposts  after receiving the money,” he said.

Mutodi was arrested while coming from the Civil Court where he had a pending maintenance case on Thursday. He was spotted by a policewoman, a homeseeker he allegedly swindled and was immeditely taken to Harare Central Police Station.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Paul Nyathi said investigations were in progress. He said the arrest was in connection with an alleged fraud case which was not revealed to NewsDay.

“The Criminal Investigations Department is still carrying out investigations, but the matter is linked to an alleged fraud case,” said Nyathi.

Mutodi said that he had approached several local authorities and other responsible authorities with a begging bowl for land but his efforts were futile.

“There are certain ills relating to our human capital management that clients have raised and I would like to promise our members that human resources shake up is imminent at ZimTrust. Reports of clients being misinformed or ill- treated are worrisome although the solution is far-fetched,” said Mutodi.


  1. Iwe Murodi get away waitorei mari dzevanhu iwe usina land yacho . Zimbavha u belong in jail.

    1. everything that belongs to zanupf is corrupt.mutodi is a zanupf member that is why he is corrupt. we should remove zanupf from power at all cost.


    get land first and then collect money from clients,it sound right i believe,try it and you will never get arrested and embarassed again young man. wake up………..

  3. His story does not add up. If you want land you have to buy it and he should have enough brains to know the process of how to LEGALLY acquire land in Zimbabwe. He is stupid if he gets carried away by the short term Zanu-PF band wagon.

  4. vaMtodi musanyebere vanhu. Kokana musiri tsotsi makatitizirei nemusi weChitatu 6 February pamaiva mavimbisa kutipa mari dzedu? Chikwadi chichabuda pachena.



  6. So motodi nekuziva kwaunoita unoda kutaura kuti waipromisa vanhu mastand iwe usina land yacho?unonyadzisa. Wakajaidzwa.

  7. Mutodi is a conman. Why didn’t he notify his clients of his inability to secure land before he was arrested? He was not supposed to collect money from his client iye asina land yach. Addressing a press conference now can not make aggrieved clients to see him in good light. His clients can never sympathise with him. Chigorodanda ngachidzosere vanhu mari dzavo.

  8. mutodi dzrera mari yevanhu ,usade kuzvita mungwaru

  9. Sean Timba.Vakomana batai munhu.

  10. Zvino uchabhuroka shamwari…uko mkadzi anoda mendenenzi uko vanhu vanoda mari dzavo…kkkkkki anashiga shiga dzungu mchaenda kupi manje

  11. We don’t want criminals in this independant Zimbabwe.

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