Mugabe empire expands

President Robert Mugabe’s empire is set to continue expanding following a pledge yesterday by Mashonaland Central governor Martin Dinha to give the First Family more land in the province.

Report by Everson Mushava

The pledge by Dinha comes shortly after the First Family took over 1 600 hectares of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed agro-producer Interfresh’s Mazoe Citrus Estate in the same province.

Addressing mainly Zanu PF officials, supporters and diplomats at the official opening of a state-of-the-art Amai Grace Mugabe Junior School, Dinha said if the First Family still needed land for more projects in the province, he would gladly provide it.

“I would like to thank you (Mugabe and his wife Grace) for building this school in Mazoe,” Dinha said.

“We offered you land and we will continue to offer you land for other projects if you want it. We will do it in broad daylight and we are not ashamed of it. Detractors can say what they want, they can write what they want, but this is our land in Mashonaland Central and we will do what we want with it.”

Referring to Interfresh, Dinha said the company had failed to run the citrus farm hence the decision to take it and give it to the First Family.

The Mugabes also own Gushungo Dairy Estate in Mazoe, formally Foyle Farm.

Dinha said he was happy the school had been built at a place where it is believed the legendary Zimbabwe spirit medium Mbuya Nehanda used to stay and close to a place known as Baradzanwa where she was allegedly hanged by the colonial masters in the
late 1890s for her resistance to colonialism.

However, there has been confusion over the exact site where Nehanda was hanged with some historians arguing that she met her fate at a tree along Josiah Tongogara Avenue in Harare which fell last year.

Apart from the primary school, Grace is reported to be harbouring ambitions to build a high school, a university and a hospital. There were also plans to establish a wildlife sanctuary in Manzou, among other projects on part of the land taken from Interfresh.
Families who had been resettled at Manzuo, formally a National Park before the land reform programme in 2000, have already been evicted to make way for the game park.

Mugabe’s family is also reported to have taken over award-winning Gwina farm near Banket.

Mugabe already owns the 1 100-acre Highfield farm in Darwendale near his Zvimba home, which he bought.He is believed to have proceeded to take over five more neighbouring farms from white commercial owners between 2000 and 2008.

Efforts to get comment from the Ministry of Lands on how many farms the First Family now owns yielded no results yesterday as the ministry was said to have no electronic database, but hard copy files of offer letters.

Unconfirmed reports say Mugabe owns up to 13 farms while his close relatives, wife and in-laws own a total of 26 farms, to bring the total to 39.

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  1. “……….Detractors can say what they want, they can write what they want, but this is our land in Mashonaland Central and we will do what we want with it.”


    1. What we are seeing here is lunacy and greed without boundaries this man already has a record breaking 13,000ha acquired for free even the largest white farm was not even half this. As for your question. Some animals are more equal than others enough said. The “T” word is received for…

  2. Was Nehanda a Zezuru?

    Just wondering because she seems to be associated with Mashonaland?

    1. its true, nehanda rakange ririsvikiro remazezuru,zvekutiudzakuti nehanda mudzimu wenyika i idea yevakangevari pachigaro yokuda kusurppresser mamwe marudzi anemidzimu nemesvikiro avo.

      1. Makuyikuthi uNehanda wayeliZezuru, yini maje amaKaranga nama Nyika ezisikela ehwahweni?

    2. Mbonisi whether she was a zezuru or not its not the question but the fact remains that people do not know exactly where the medium was hung.Dinha wants to justify his arrogance and stupidity of giving the same people large tracts of land while the majority of the people are squashed in the rural areas.Sure how can people remove resettled people to pave way for the wild life.That which they were denouncing during the colonial era is what they are appreciating now. Surely we can see of a small log splinter in someone’s eye but not seeing a log in your eye.

    3. george bachinche

      Nehanda was very Zezuru. She was of the Shava clan.

  3. Minister Dinha, with due respect you are representing yourself and not the people of Mashonaland Centarl. There are so many people in Mash Central who want and are being denied. Give your own people and not people from other regions if you real care.Mazowe is historic for our madziteteguru please take not of that. Secondly I visited Mazowe recently and discovered that mpre than 900 hectars of land is under crpos and citrus fruits. Very impressive and prodction is taking place. The accussation of under utilisation might be not true. Please check and have evidence on the ground. Thirdly though the idea to have a University etc is noble but consider that thye land in question is prime and meant for Citrus fruits. The quality and yield of Citrus fruits respond to specific soils. The primary school in question is very expensive noone from Mashonaland will be able to pay the schools fees that are being asked for except perhaps the elite, ministers etc. The orphanage story is just being cooked up to justify grabbing of the land. The people in Mazowe will one day rise up and claim their God given land.

  4. welcome bek mbonisi mthwakazi. l missed your comments.

    1. Don’t just welcome me back, I asked a question and I am still waiting for an answer, here we go:

      “……….Detractors can say what they want, they can write what they want, but this is our land in Mashonaland Central and we will do what we want with it.”


  5. @mbonisi

    Nehanda is a spirit that manifest itselt at Matonjeni in the 19th century-as the voice speaking from the stone. Because no-one headed it, the spirit moved to Masvingo (Domboramwari) where it was not hakened either. Take note that this spirit existed long long back and it guided the seating and unseating of Rozvi kings-so, it is the spirit of an entire nation (mzimu weLizwe) (Mudzimu wenyika) and it follows specific royal blood. The Nehanda spirit medium of Mazowe,-from the Hwata (soko) (kaNcube) clan was tracked from Dzimbahwe. Hwata left Dzimbahwe -Chirimuhanzu area in the 16th century together with his brother Svosve who remained in the Wedza area (remember the Wedza chief who pioneered land invasions?Thats an off-spring of the subject) They were headed north west and close to their heals was also Chiduku of the Hungwe (Moyo) clan.Chiduku (moyo) and Svosve (Soko) were cousins thats why some of the Svosve people coverted selves to (Moyo-“ndizvo”) meaning they are ‘moyos’ but ‘halfway’. Anyway, like I said, Hwata is pure KARANGA (hapana asiri mukaranga weduwee) but because he dwelt in this land for this long, the confusion is that he is Zezuru. Nehanda’s spirit medium was Karanga by origin and Zezuru by domicile. But just to sum it up, there really wasn’t any such thing as Zezuru in the Munhumutapa kingdom. Selfishness, and cessesionism bread that nonsense called Zezuru, Korekore, Nyika, Venda,Nambiya, Ndau, Nyanja, and so on. The spirit of nehanda could not have left matonjeni to travel to a foreign clan far away in mazowe if indeed there was no karanga royalty in the medium. Nehanda was Karanga, Zezuru, Korekore, karsanga, nyika, ngau, venda, nambya, kalanga and so on is an offshoot of Mutapa kingdom. please. lets not forget

    1. shame apa wareketa senge Vachigwedere

    2. One nation of the past who inhabited the great Matopos was very clever. They wrote on the rocks for everyone to see that they were there 2000 years ago.

    3. @ Shame. My understanding is that Hwata was/is Mhofu Mufakose and not Soko/ncube. It is also possible that as people moved from place to place totems and lables changed. Remember we are often given titles and names by people we interact with or those who observe us from a distance. Zezuru means highland and so kuti Muzezuru simply means one fro the highland . Genarally, the Zezuru area is on higher ground compared to, say, Muzarabani or Hurungwe.Is Nehanda a national spirit. Most likely. History says the original Nehanda, Chaminuka, Kaguvi and Murenga never set foot in Zimbabwe. They came as spirits that possessed people who came into the country. These people have spread all over Zimbabwe, thus making Nehanda a national spirit.

      1. @Kache Mhofu
        All the people that you find using the totem Mhofu emigrated from Buhera-Nyashanu area KwaChitsunge. Now, like I said before, Hwata has a brother Svosve resident at Hwedza as we speak-and he has retained the Soko-Jena totem (Soko YeVaMbire) Hwedza today is called Mbire-after the Mbire district of Muzarabani north west. I have alluded to that fact before that Hwata and Svosve emigrated from Chirimuhanzu-and the Chisrimuhanzu people had earlier sojourned in the Chipuriro districts (Guruve) .Now, that is Mbire isn’t it? If Hwata changed his totem to Mhofu, honestly speaking, that is not the Hwata from which the spirit medium of Mbuya Nehanda reighed from. The one under discussion is the brother to Svosve who emigrated from Dzimbahwe. Be watchful, there are many people who go about laying false claims to names and totems these days.

      2. george bachinche

        This seems most plausible.

    4. My friend forgo this lunacy whether you call it made up history or you just wrote imaginary history about spirit medium. To justify the lunacy of the looting by this man. Just grow up for starters. The current Zimbabwe boundaries are just a Cecil John Rhodes idea. The Madeness of try to tie all the four corners to some imagery former single kingdom is childish as its madness. Just grow up. ZANU spirit medium has been running amock in the borders created by Rhodes. If Smith and his UDI had not happened we could be still having Rhodesia & Nyasaland I wonder what you fools will be writing to created a unitary history of spirits madness and nonsense.

      1. Hei, hei, unehasha muzukuru, but chokwadi nddooo chawareva. ZANU PFication has eroded the minds of many. Smith’s UDI continues to rule until today. The so called constitution is a manifest of the Lanchaster with doctored wording here and there but in its totality its the British Agenda being pushed by ZANUists and MDC-Traitors all working in cahoots

    5. Unoita sokuti unogona write a piece in the newspapers but mugabe shld have more land than anyone then toti there is no policy of one man or woman one farm

    6. Hwata was not Soko. He was shava

  6. Shame, just like your name, remove kalanga , venda ,nambya and ndau from your mutapa nonsense
    because these poeple were and will never be your karanga thing.And also nehanda never sat foot in
    matojeni. It is just wishful thinking that you associate nehanda with matojeni.
    Ungaphindi futhi lento yakho yombhedo wena shame.

    1. @Ndabitshekile….thats a good one mtasekhaya…while this Shame guy seems to hav n idea of wat hes talkin abt,hes unfortntly lacing it wt loads of hogwash(uyaxoka)…. wat royal blood esiShoneni??? no such….jus wishful thinkin

    2. @Ndabitshekile
      Yebo mtwana omtwana kaNyatsimba Mutota. Kanti awuyazi ekhaya eveli wonke abantu engibhalile. Ngaibona inhliziyo yakho kuthi ishlupekile lento zemfundo.Yekela ng’betshele. First, i scribe truths-historically verifiable facts. there is nothing wishfull in what I write. Second, Nehanda was not a person that walked on twos. Nehanda was (is) a spirit. The spirit of (Unkhulukulu) Mwari-please just confirm with our ancestors whether Unkosi never spoke to them through the voice that was head from the stones at Matonjeni.Please further confirm when this voice started to be head at Matonjeni or Domboramwari in Masvingo. Matonjeni, as it is presently called Matobo was a sacred place where Nkosi Umkulunkulu communed with the bantu habitants of the Matonjenin area. originally these where San, displaced by the Rozvi (now Nambya) living side by side with the Venda (Matonjeni is venda), the displaced Ndebele. I encourage you to visit Hwange Meseum and research into whether the Nambya people did not migrate from Dzimbahwe-migration maps, artifacts, lingaua eveidence and so on is all there, so I am creating nothing new but simply provoking archived facts.Third, the Kalanga are Mzilikazi’s Rozvi captives-at least that fact is known even as far as Sydney-Australia and the Canary Islands of West Africa. .Haven’t you heard the Kalanga of Plumtree say ‘ Ndokubhaya nebhanka lanku’ where do you think they got that from-it simply means ‘ndokubaya nebanga rangu in the Dzimbahwe lingua? With such proof Ndabi, how can I honestly make that my own wish?The Venda-most of whom sojourn in the Limpopo province of RSA were Mapungubwe subjects long long back-and the citadel of their kingdom was Dzimbahwe.Unfortunately, history is difficult to rearrange and errase. The Ndau? Well these live in the Chimanimani, Chipinge, Marange,parts of Bikita and Chiredzi. Do they not commune in the Dzimbahwe language? of course history has records this people mixed up with some Soshangane refugees hiding from furious Shaka Zulu-such as the Dhlakhama’s, the Sithole’s and so on, but that is not to say the NdaU ARE cHANGANE. The bulk of these people are found on the Mozambican side-from Manica province.But even the manica province of Mozambiquew was part of the Mutapa empire-from Chicuala-cuala to Sofala province bordering Malawi and Tanzania in the north (including Cassa Blanca of Gorongoza-Matsanga’s hide-out-just imagine!) I know that you bone of contention is that since the Nambya and kalanga are domiciled in the geographic region presently called Matabeleland,nothing, and nobody should come forward to provoke their true identity. But isn’t it all there in the hwange Museum for all eyes to see? And when the Nambiya and kalanga speak, isn’t it there for all ears to hear that these are Dzimbahwe people? I have never advocated for a mass deporatation of anyone back to Dzimbahwe-for there is terrible famine in Chivi, Bikita, Mberengwa and so on-how can anyone be so cruel to suggest that? All I have said is these people came from Dzimbahwe-voluntarily or by force. Dzimbahwe is their mother-and Masvingo Ruins is the tits that suckled them as much as it suckled the Zezuru, the Korekore, the Nyika and the Kalanga. Oh, lest we forget. Mzilikhazi did not cross the Limpopo river with the Nambya, Kalanga, Ndau and Venda in his pioneer column. They were here by the 19th century. The only empire then was the Mutapa dynasty which Khumalo pillaged and palverised, ravaging man, women and beasts like a Dark Ages demon. Is that also wishful thinking on my pay part? Isn’t that also writen in the anals of Dzimbahwe? Where am I fabricating facts/

      1. Hi Shame
        Are you related to, or were you taught by one Aneas Chigwedere? Ndiwo matauriro ake.

        1. @Regai

          No, actually Aeneas Chigwedere was one of my students.So its the other way round. Chigwedere speaks like me. But thats besides the point. The point is if Shame and Chigwedere speak alike on the subject matter, then truely speaking they peddle factually verifiable maters.What motivates both to speak alike is the voice of truth, and reason-common sense. Tomorrow, as sure as the sun rises, there will be yet more droves of Chigwedere’s and Shame’s who speak with one common mind and one voice on these matters. We can do nothing against, but for the truth.

        2. Impressed, impressed, impressed! You don’t deserve your name!

      2. When mzlikazi moved north of the limpopo akauya akadzingirira makaranga ayigara munzvimbo yese yematebeleland matonjeni ndeedu mbonisi mtkwazi and others shld trace their history from shaka the zulu not here thats why tichiramba devolution

      3. When mzlikazi moved north of the limpopo akauya akadzingirira makaranga ayigara munzvimbo yese yematebeleland matonjeni ndeedu mbonisi mtkwazi and others shld trace their history from shaka the zulu not here thats why tichiramba devolution some of us are zimbabweans by historical mistakes

        1. Mbonisi is mental disturbed

  7. nehanda was korekore period.

  8. Handizivi kuti vanhu ivava vakazvarwa sei. Hapashaikwi vanotsikirirana kudira rumbidzo nekuita zvinofadza president nguva dzose. Shuwa kuevicta mupeasants nekuda kokuti President afare chete. Iyo nguva yatiri yagara inonetsa. Gvt yvapedo nekudissolvewa saka vanotsvaka mabasa eCabinet voita mashura nezviratidzo. Whatever happened to the one man one farm concept. Kana toti land reform ndeyemashefu eZPF hanzi matumwa nemadetractors. Chisingaperi cheishura.

  9. kana dinha ukavapa hazvina kana basa ,uri kuda kuzama kudzorerwa pachinzvimbo manje haulume zanu pf hailume

  10. When will you answer me? I am still waiting for an answer, phendulani bo, lisabani manje? Retsaba eng? KE BATLA KARABO?

    “……….Detractors can say what they want, they can write what they want, but this is our land in Mashonaland Central and we will do what we want with it.”


    1. Mzilikazi Chitakochangonya

      This Dinha fellow never mentioned tribal rethorics like you Mbonisi do. And he said Mashonaland Central and he never bullshitted on any other Provence not Region. He never said anything bad about those detractors. Are answered Mbonisi??

  11. @Lukenyangadza

    Partially, what you say is correct. Nehanda was a spirit medium of the Zezuru people as far as you know. But nehanda, the spirit, was larger than that. Maybe if you can answer this question. Who are the Zezuru people, where did they come from, where are their geographic bounderies? For a start, the heartland of present day Zezuru includes Mazowe,Bindura, Chiweshe, Goromonzi, Murehwa, Hwedza, Mhondoro,and Chitungwiza. You will remember Kaguvi and Chaminuka were also spirit mediums, the former in Bindura, and the later in Chitungwiza? What of Nehanda? let me give you some Zezuru emigration history. Chief Nyamweda and Mupawose of Mhondoro (Betreace Area) actually migrated from Uhera(Gutu Area)-their brother Nembudziya proceded to Gokwe. Chief Sadza of Chivhu (originally Sadzauchi is pure Uhera (Buhera of manicaland) Chief Hwata(Soko) and Chiweshe migrated from Chirumhanzu, Masvingo (Originallyy the Chirumhanzu people (Mhazi) came from Chipuriro (Korekore country). Chief Svosve (Soko) of Wedza is brother to Hwata and they left Dzimbahwe together. Chiefs in Murehwa, Chiweshe, Goromonzi, are Korekore, Karanga and Nyika emigrants. For example, Chief Mutasa of Manicaland (Shumba Tembo) is cousins with Chiweshe (Shumba Nechinanga/ Nyamuzihwa) and they split due to kingship strife and left Mutasa in the east. As you leave Mazoe for Glendale, Shamva, Madziwa-unto Mt.Darwin, you are sure this Zezuru vinile coating will be peeling off into Korekore. So these people you are fond of calling Zezuru are an admixture of whirlwind emigrants who sojourned in a land allocated geographical borders by Rhodes. Munhumutapa did not have such provinces as Korekore, Zezuru, karanga, Manyika, Nambya, Venda, Kalanga and so on. This Nehanda spirit did not just paratroop into Mazowe from nowhere when you started hearing of it. The spirit is of old, associating itself with Matonjeni, and the throning and derthroning of Mutapa kings. it only came north east in search of a pure medium ‘homwe yakachena’ because Matonjeni had been desecreted and the Dzimbahwe people at Domboramwari had not hackened unto the voice that spoke from the stone. That spirit followed royal lineage my friend. it did not just possess jacks and jills. Enquire around the Hwata clan as to whether they did not migrate from Dzimbahwe, and whether they do not have Dzimbahwe royal DNA. Then please permit yourself to speak loudly in these intellectuall fora as an informed somebody. I know it is tempting to hogwash truth with hate-consorting the nehanda spirit as a political myth created by some power hungry philosopher, but the real point is nehanda was more than Mazowe and the Hwata clan my friend. Nehanda was and is the omnipotent spirit of the Dzimbahwe dynasty, seven centuries ago or thirty centiries to come. Nehanda was the voice of God himself. Except, it only takes the spiritually wisened to know and accept that. Mwari spoke to our ancestors through his designated emisaries in a special way unique to the Dzimbahwe people.

    1. Now you digressing, going on and on about Nehanda – my question about Nehanda was just a side issue. Otherwise this article is about the Gukurahundi’s greed and land grabs. Now answer the question I asked earlier, and stop this Nehand talk?

      1. Mbo my brother amaShona will never answer yo question.Tiri ma cowards.,dont u know that

      2. @Mbonisi

        A very ungrateful tuga

        Mfanami, ukhohliwe ukubhadala amafees ezemfundo zelong distance education in Racial Eugenics. Ngalokho, angifuni ukhupendula into uyabuza. No more free lessons untill you are fully paid up. After all, you already have the answer to your question. But just for the sake of clarity, and out of compassion for my dear hard – headed, toll-gate minded long-distant Matabili student Mbonisi kaMtwakhazi, let me leave you with one question and a half. What claim does Cecil John Rhodes, the colonial cattle rustler (oh yes the guy was a rancher and a cattle thief in one-crossing the Limpopo all the way from London (obviously running away from something like asthma and poverty) with nothing but a few gun-totting savages) have on portions of land in Dzimbahwe? What claim does he have to call it my land? And to think that his skeleton is retired peacefully on top of the Matonjeni rocks, as if he is in his grandfather’s legitimate graveyard? Isn’t that ironic? Matonjeni of all sacred places? Where the voice of Umlimu spoke? Laying a colonialist in the sacred hills of Matonjeni? Isn’t this one of the areas on which you and me agree? That no colonial son of a bitch must lay claim to Matonjeni and be buried peacifully either on top of or under the feet of its hills? Is that not disecration of bantu ethoes of the highest order? And to further have the ghost of Rhodes laying more claims to more land in this country either in person or by proxy. That’s bullshit isn’t it?

        1. Rubbish!

        2. @shame, thanks for sharing your knowledge. This Matabili you mentioned, is it the same Matibili of the President? Can you also kindly help us by tracing the President’s origins please? Ndatenda mwanawevhu.

        3. Mugabe was right when he said rhodes grave shld be removed from matonjeni and that shld be done the museums shld put that in action becoz if the british still maintains the sanctions mugabe shld just send rhodes remains to the uk

  12. ndezve madzimbahwe izvi,unoda kuti titaure zvako,tauro ka iwe,isu tinotaura zvedzinza redu-changamire dombo,munhumutapa ndovedu!

  13. Khalid Sheikh Mohamed

    I think Dinha and the Matibilis are looking to far ahead. After the election, people like Dinha will be in Chikurubi while Gushungo and his concubine will be in exile in Vanuatu. The peolpe of Zimbabwe will reclaim their country from the Gukurahundi party.

  14. not supportn dinha bt h z not syn they wnt t b seperated 4rm da rst of zim

  15. Ndabaitshekile mfowethu you can not change history. Whether you like it or not Venda, Kalanga and Nambya are Shona. They split from the main shona tribe with the arrival of the Ndebeles. With the passing of time their shona dialect got polluted by ndebele in the case of the kalanga and nambya and sotho in the case of venda. I have personally stayed in Beitbridge, Plumtree and Dete. Being convesrant in shona myself communication was not a problem as the dialects are the same. So you can take your pick.

    1. How can they be Shona, when SHONA is a whitemen’s creation? Before the coming of King Mzilikazi or the whites there was no such a thing as Shona and the Nambiyans, Vendas and Kalangas were always there.

      So stop claiming people just to increase you population and boost your miserable poor self-esteem.

      Develop and progress yourselves instead, so that you can feel confident as a people and stop claiming all and sundry.

      Even Chewa/Maliwian people are tired of being claimed by the Shona, when it suits you, yet tiomorrow you turn around and insult them as Mabhurandaya, Achimwene!!

      1. Mzilikazi Chitakochangonya

        Let me reiterate Mbonisi, Mzilikazi was never a King either in Zululand or Zimbabwe instead he was a vagabond.
        And it’s not an issue of the Munhumutapa people wanting to increase their population but an issue of proper identity. U seem to suffer from inferiority complex mfowethu. Shame has brought light in the darkest corner of your brain.

        1. Please understand, a King is King to his people. You were not part of his people, therefore he wasnt a King to you, but to us uMthwakazi – get it?

  16. @Mbonisi. Because you and dinha have the same tribalist mentality does not mean all ZIMS. You must also remember there is no province, district, ward, vilage nor cell called Mtwakazi in ZIM. Its All Zim.
    The answer to your ask is that you and dinha are misguided elements of our ZIM society.

    1. Its you who is misguided, you love evading reality. Mthwakazi has always been there way before you were born. That you don’t know about this does not mean its a new name of phenomenon.

      Go to Matebeleland and Bulawayo in particular, or better still talk to historian Phathisa Nyathi. There are so many organisations and institutions with the Mthwakazi name. It does not have to be official to be real to you little boy.

  17. Veduwe press yakasarira sure. Gwina Farm yakatorwa kare. Ko Mash Central ndoyega here?? Kana vane mari and not tribalist vadiyi kuenda kuMatebeleland nekuChivu kwaGrace.

  18. Nehanda, Mkwati, Kagubi! Then what was the name of the spirit medium based in Matiojeni (the Mlimo of te Matopo) who trigered the first Chimrenga. It is clear that he was not Zezuru, Korekore, Karanga etc. By then, the area was dominated by TjiKalanga speaking people. God via Mlimo of the Matopo communcated with the nation in TjiKalanga Language during those days. The man was, and it is on record; assasinated by a hired American Scout.What was his name? All our ‘stupit historians’ are not mentioning his name why? Definately the man was more supreme by Nehanda. Infact some authoritative source say Nehand was just district medium spirit. Her prominance was because of her connection with the dearth of a (priminent british citizen) district administrator of Mazowe,Poter.

    1. @Nkalanga dumbu

      Now, you are talking mfanami.
      That spirit medium who started the first Chimurenga was called ‘Murenga’ and that spirit medium was resident in the Matonjeni area. The word “Chi-Murenga” means “doing as Murenga did”. Now so that the case is put to rest “Chi” is a Dzimbahwe prefix for “After…” “Murenga” was the over all war spirit inspired by UMlimu/Mwari himself. I know you therefore want to ask whether Murenga was Shona or Ndebele. Murenga was Kalanga, a Rozvi captive. Tha should answer the rest of yo questions. In fact, on matters to do with war startegies in the first rebellion, spirit mediums like Kaguvi, nehanda, travelled as far as matonjeni to consult Murenga on what was supposed to be done. Even the Kalanga like I said before, have Dzimbahwe Royal DNA among them. No one should take that away from them.

      1. Impressed, impressed, impressed…you don’t deserve your name!

      2. Paita kuwiriran kwaNkalanga naShame apa, ngayigebhe. Handei tiwone, nhasi…..

  19. What is the relevance of Nehanda and Kaguvi if they were spirit mediums and could not save themselves from being hanged by the white man. WHAT WAS THE USE OF THEIR BEING SPIRIT MEDIUMS. Lobengula was a mere mortals by he had the common sense to disappear after seeing his army defeated and not give the white man the pleasure of catching him and hanging him. While a spirit medium could not foresee that the white was going to catch then and kill them. what was the use of them being spirit mediums then.

    1. @ Reuben. Jesus did not run away from his enemies and he could have killed them easily but did not! Spiritually gifted people act in ways strange to the common man.

    2. @Reuben Ndlovu

      VaNzou, you could end up saying the same of Jesu Kristu isn’t it? That what was his relevance if he could not save himself from the Jews if indeed he was the son of God? Now thats silly. Spirit mediums are not there to serve themselves, but the people obver whom they are appointed. Lets also not confuse witch-doctors and spirit mediums. a witch-doctor is a wizzard-can also be a witch, can kill to serve self-is very selfish unlike a spirit medium. The spirit medium can die for the people over which it was appointed asoversseer. This includes notables like Murenga, Chaminuka, Kaguvi, Nehanda and many others. After all, everyone mortal dies my friend, so why avoid the question. Although Lobengula deprived the White people of his neck on the hang-man’s noose, he succumbed to the Tsetse flies of Zambezi, and died of sleeping sickness while fleeing north. Now which is more glorious? I know of noble gallant liberation fighters who died fighting. I think what Lobenhula did was at varience with the ‘Murenga” spirit of war. That was a wee bit on the cowardly side. Consigning his whole Majaha impis to perish at Shangane whilst he was cowering away into the foliage of Zambezi? A true king would have been in the forefront of the battle lines. I must say I hold Mzilikhazi KaKhumalo in much more esteem as a much more noble impi leader and fine fighter than Lobengula. Only if Mzilikhazi had not died. None of this Rhodesia nonsense would have been around.

  20. zvana mbuya ne handa hazvina basa izvi ma demons ari kuto shupikawo zvawo hatichina basa nazvo izvo ndiyo mweya yakabata nyika yedu kuti isa budirira.lets pray to God so that he forgives us for believing in these demonic spirits which we have handed over our nation to

  21. @Mbonisi,Mzilikazi tht yu always brag of was a coward who flee persecution from Tshaka and crossed Limpopo and settle in kwaBulawayo his indunas were only known of abducting woman,food and animals from Mashonaland .Lobengula is a disgrace in our history he sold Mashonaland fr a teaspon of sugar and demanded more for into his drinking well,gross ignorance from your galoble forefather who died of smallpox,Nehanda was defiend and resolute tht one day the people will be free ,she was hanged for the voice of reason her legacy wil prevail in many generations to come consistently uncontested .

  22. Dinha was rejected by the people of Bindura . He represents nobody. Come next elections he will be in the dustbin of history .Nehanda and Kaguvi were hanged at the present Market Square . Fort Salisbury’s prison was located there. This Baradzanwa talk is a distorted tradition. The whites hanged their Mashonaland victims in prison because in 1898 the gaol had been constructed.

    1. King Mzilikazi was not acoward, he was tried of raiding cattle from weak tribes is South Africa and having to donate his hard work as tax to Tshaka. He had the common sense to see that he was not powerfull enough to defeat Tshaka so he moved away to form his empire.
      Just like a lion or wolf when they hunt they choose the weakest animal so that heir hunt has a better chance of success and the shonas were a natural choice. THis practise is wrong but that was during savage times when people were not educated and did not understand what they were doing, but for the Gukurahundis who are educated, know about international law, human rights etc there is no excuse for the genocide commited. You cannot compare things that were done by uneducated ignorent people to a person with eight degrees (they must be fake i think).
      King tshaka respected Mzilikazi. A wise leader has the wisdom to fight when he sees the possibility of winning the fight or to flee when neccesary and look for easier targets. Thats what Mzilikazi did, even Cecil John Rhodes delayed figthing the Ndebeles by pretending to negotiate for peace yey he knew he was building a railway that would bring reinforcements and ultimately fight and defeat the Ndebeles later.
      The British in history allowed thier arch enermy Rommel to escape in war because they respected him as an excelent tallented millitary leader

  23. People are being fooled into believing that the First Family is involved in a philanthropic exercise that will benefit the less privileged people in Zimbabwe. It boggles the mind how anyone can embark on initiatives of this magnitude and extravagance after presiding over the worst economic downturn ever recorded in a non war environment and the sea of poverty and hardships that engulf the nation today. It is a proven fact is that this area has abundant reserves of known but unexploited deposits of gold and /or other minerals. Therefore building and acquiring large tracts of the surrounding land will lock in their ownership and future extraction. Its not the oranges.sand educational institutions on top, it’s the gold and other minerals underneath STUPID!

    1. @Weston, Please go to youtube and type ‘nicolae ceasescu execution’ to see what could happen to thieves who steal resources from the masses in Zimbabwe.

  24. Oh Rob and Disgrace,it seems you’ve now entered the last phase of looting. The reason why multiple farm ownership has been left to go on is largely because Mugabe has so many farms. The good thing is that come next election you’re out those properties become state property. Its unfortunate that our country is run by a mafia.

  25. @mbonisi,dinha,mbonisi and welshman have same tribal mentality.
    This guy dhinha is just bootliCking mugabe for his political life unbeknown to him that zanu is going to lose the elections. fortunately mugabe is busy preparing himself for safe landing and unfortunately rest of zanu pf murders will suffer.

  26. @Rueben Ndlovu

    Whilst i do not condone the butchering of innocent harpless citizenz by military men, I don’t think letting up on one vice and hammering the other on the basis that one had gone to english schools whilst the other had not is proper. It is equally folly to assume that there was no international law in Mzilikhazi’s time. Are you suggesting that education itself, military conduct rules, and foreign policies started with the white people and this side -Africa was a dark closed chapter? For your information, Mzilikhazi was properly schooled. He had degrees in Political Science and War Starategies (Man haven’t you heard all of Shaka’s Assegai -totting impis (of Which Mzilikhazi was a regiment commander) used the Horn Formation in battle to trap the enemy and anihilate him?Now, of all European history, did you ever hear Napolleon, Rommel or Pompei strategising as advanced as that?) Mzilikhazi had a diploma in Tax and Finance-otherwise how was he able to to remit taxes to Tyrant King Shaka Zulu? That should tell you Mzilikhazi was properly scholled in governance, and accounting. The fact that today he is regarded as a thief and cattle rustler is because he ran away with catlle not his-he failed to remit to Shaka what was Shaka’s. Now an accomplished Shaka impi pillaging harpless weak unarmed civillian tribles north of the Limpopo. You want to cover that up as ‘The Dark Ages” because you have had an opportnity to go to an English school and reflect matters backwards? WHat then would you say of the Stone Age San people chased away from the Matonjeni caves by the iron-age Khoi-Khoi is you want to maintain Mzilikhazi was an innocent milk-suckling baby? Mzilikhazi Khumalo was a loose cannon merciless savage fullstop.And his son Lobengula was no better. You think establishing a whole human abatoir and naming it KoBulawayo is uneducated and dark ages? Don’t try to hide behind the fingure. Face it and admit the Khumalo savages were better than no-one in the butchering of harpless unarmed civillians.

  27. I have read all the valuable comments but what beats me is this: if Shona is some form of mother language at least to the Venda by virtue of the Shona people having once been a formidable “aryan” people, why then is the Shona language a combination of Venda, Sotho, Zulu/Ndebele, Swahili, Sepedi and goodness knows what else dialects with “r’s” replacing “L’s”… Mbonisi you seriously cannot ask us to account for what some rear-end-licking loose cannon like Dinha said. What you need to understand is that at present you Ndebeles and us Shonas are in the same boat. Don’t forget that this Zanu PF has also committed atrocities on the Shonas as well. From the days of the liberation struggle comrades used to murder people who dared refuse to support them ie held divergent political views. I am yet to hear of any such incident committed by Zipra forces. Then came the 2008 genocide after Mugabe had lost the election Shonas were slaughtered for daring to say they’ve had enough of Mugabe. The real enemy here is Zanu PF and we are in the same boat. It is Z PF and its officials treating Zimbabwe as their personal fiefdom hence you hear such gutter statements as it is our land and we do what we want with it.


  29. “…Detractors can say what
    they want, they can write what
    they want, but this is our land in
    Mashonaland Central and we
    will do what we want with it.”

    Thats an arrogant statement at its best.Wow these Zanu Pf people really are getting high on power and think they own and can do whatever they want with this country, sad.Giving land to someone who doesn’t really need it and trying to convince everyone in an arrogant manner, that its within his right just doesn’t cut it and shows the sad attitude our so-called leaders have.There are thousands of landless people out there who are more deserving of land are being sidelined and living in abject poverty.This hero worship and sycophantic actions towards Mugabe by Zanu Pf people has become ridiculous and annoying.The other thing that is also annoying is lack of respect to private property and Zanu people’s twisted mentality that they can grab whatever they want.This is a country which needs investment and this smash and grab tactics will not do us any justice in the eyes of potential investors.Other African countries are making remarkable progress through investment like Namibia, Ghana etc and are governed in a sensible manner at least by African standards.Why can’t we be the same?

  30. Mbonisi is a shallow minded underdog who mind has been infiltrated with tribalism and hate speeches of the shona people.Mr Mbonisi u shld know that most of the ndebele politions preach of Gukurahundi instead of campaigning of a unified zimbabwe like Save Mhondoro yenyika with some of your ideas my friend mbonisi u are scaring us to vote for ncube coz it seems like there z going to be another genocide directed against the shona

    1. You are a natural coward, igwala psychologically influenced by Mugabe Gukurahundi tribalistic politics of hatred of anything Ndebele/Mthwakazi, hence your unjustified, and irrational fears. You can keep your votes, we don’t want them in a new and democratic Zim that respects every citizen’s right yo participate in the politics of their country in whatever capacity.

  31. tichatora zvese izvi kana mdc yahwina. itai zvese zvamunoda, asi nguva yenyu yava kupera manje. i was with kuruneri yesterday. he said it all

  32. For starters we do not care about this Nehanda spirit if its the one causing hunger and tribalism enough said about it. You can feel the blanks what I think about it.

  33. I personally like the idea of a wildlife sanctuary. Humans are a parasite on earth and have destroyed enough number of natural habitats and have driven dozens of species to extinction. Further more, the slowing down of development is great for a third world country. It means a rich culture is preserved for that much longer, instead of turning into a Godless, instant gratification, energy consuming, polluting bunch of pop culture consumers. As much as I like development and prosperity for all, Zimbabwe is better off left beautiful, natural, and culturally rich.
    Just saying.

  34. Oh, and the shift to a monarch, a royal family… mmm
    Common, they already call them “The First Family,” gifting of land e.t.c
    Tell me Im not the only one who knows its already happening. You all seem to think its a money/greed thing… tut tut. You all should really read your history books.


    LOS BIENAVENTURADOS. Some people really are blessed, even in heaven its obvious they would live the same luxurious lifestyle.

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  37. Say “thanks” you to your parents that they gave you the globe

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