Motor Action eye move to Midlands

PREMIERSHIP football could be back in Gweru and Kwekwe this season if Motor Action get the go ahead from the Premier Soccer League (PSL).


The club, which will fall into the hands of Harare businessman Farai Jere next week, is contemplating using Ascot and Baghdad stadiums as their home grounds.
Last season, the Mighty Bulls hosted their home matches at Motor Action Sports Club and Gwanzura Stadium.

Motor Action director Eric Rosen told NewsDay Sport that the club envisages rotating their home matches between the two venues in Gweru and Kwekwe in the forthcoming season, in a move aimed at boosting the club’s support base.

He said the club had already submitted their proposal to the PSL and now await a response from the league’s leadership.

“This is something we are looking at as we are trying to spread the game to other parts of the country as well as market the Motor Action brand and boost our support base.

“We have already tabled our proposal before PSL and if they give us the nod, we will be using Ascot and Bagdad for our home matches on a rotational basis,” he said.

Rosen added: “This will be easy for us because the PSL fixtures will have fixed dates and that would allow us to plan in advance which venue we would want to use. That will also enable us to market the games well in time.”

The Motor Action director said the club leadership was yetto approach Gweru and Kwekwe City Council with their proposal and open up negotiations as they are still waiting for a response from PSL on their proposal.

“We are yet to open talks with the two local authorities, but I don’t believe that should bea big challenge. Once we are given the green light by PSL, we
willstart negotiations with the two councils on the use of the facilities, for now the matter rests with PSL,” he said.

Last season Gweru had Hardbody in the Premiership while Kwekwe last saw premiership football in 2008 whenLancashire Steel were still active.

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