Miracle prophets, MDC-T are evil — Sibanda


WAR veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda has blasted “educated evangelists” accusing them of misleading people through “ungodly prophecies” and teachings which he said were inspired by the devil.

Report by Everson Mushava

He slammed them for their study of human philosophy.

Addressing church and traditional leaders, business people and Zanu PF supporters at Mubaira growth point in Mhondoro, Mashonaland West Province, Sibanda said the influx of false prophets signified the end of the world.

“They are not guided by God’s wisdom,” Sibanda said. “The Bible warns us of false prophets who will move mountains. We should not be mesmerised before they move the mountains.”

Sibanda’s attack could be seen as targeting a new crop of prophets, among them preacher and Spirit Embassy Ministries founder Uebert Angel. Angel recently claimed he holds a finance degree from Salford University, United Kingdom, when his “miracle money” stoked debate.
But the war veterans leader said God’s Word did not need degrees, but wisdom “from above”.

“They claim they are educated. They say ‘I have so and so degrees’. They use their understanding of human philosophy to preach and make false prophesies. These prophecies do not come from God, but from Satan.”

Sibanda is on a whirlwind tour of provinces under an operation code named Budiranai Pachena — meeting community leaders as he drums up support for President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF ahead of general elections expected later this year.

In his four-hour address dominated by Bible references, Sibanda openly told church leaders to flush out Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T card-holding members from their denominations while chiefs and headmen were told to chase away MDC-T supporters from their communities.

But MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said if there was anyone who needed God more than anyone else, it was Sibanda and his Zanu PF party.

“Zanu PF is using the Word of God in vain because its hands are dripping with blood of innocent civilians they murdered in past elections. Jabulani Sibanda should seek God’s forgiveness,” Mwonzora said.

Zanu PF has turned to churches for support as elections draw near.
Sibanda said MDC-T was satanic and advocated for alien practices such as homosexuality. He said: “Holding an MDC-T party card is tantamount to holding a brick to build Sodom and Gomorrah.

“I am surprised that you allow MDC-T party card holders in your churches. Since when has Satan worshipped God?” Sibanda asked church leaders, adding churches have become a haven of sin because they had been invaded by Satan in the form of the MDC-T. The meeting was attended by chiefs Chivero, Ziruvi, Mashayamombe and Ngezi, among others, and their headmen, most of whom had reportedly been ordered to attend the meeting.


    • I suspect Jabulani is on a mission to thoroughly discredit ZANU PF. His utterances do not benefit ZANU PF at all! Thanx Jabu.

      • taura zvako. i suspect some satanic and evil intentions from this guy to discredit musangano. watch out for him oohh!

  1. Jabu is now decampaining the party in front of you guys like Bright Matonga. why do you let someone achitaura zvinyadzi kudaro akapfeka bhachi remusangano. President pindirai mwana wapanduka uyu. muno muzim. munhu anogara paanoda as long as one is a zimbo. political parties come n go but tinosara tiripo. takarwa hondo ikapera tikasara so lets we not forget that there’s life after elections n the so called political gurus will go into hiding. So many pple varikupenga nengozi dzevanhu vavakaponda during elections campains n not even a single cent from those who used is assisting their families. guys lets be wise dont take this guy serious haana kunyatsorwara gwirikwiti rikapera. just watch him anomhara manje-manje. vakawanda vaipengereka like him n were cut to size. inonzi ZANU-PF yedu.

  2. Evil is when u beat up fellow brothers in the name of Zanu. Evil is when u unleash a reign of terror on your fellow countrymen. If there are evil then you are the devil. Shame on you enda unorima. Whst have you to show for the trouble u have caused.

  3. “Holding an MDC-T party card
    is tantamount to holding a
    brick to build Sodom and

    Sibanda uyazikhulumela Shame!!! On this homesexuality am with you. So as Zanu-Pf yu have decided to do your Campaigns emaChurch? Very clever Neh!

  4. Sibanda is a criminal. He must be arrested fo his words promote violance. actually he is playingDOWN his Boss’ call fo no violance. IF Zanupf keep on employing dis thug it means they support violance. then the president must just keep quite abt cllng fo nonviolant campaigning .

  5. Sibanda does not realise his party now supports homosexuality. They say they managed to force the mdcs into agreeing to those things in the draft constitution which are dear to them. Evidentlly anti homosexuality is no longer one of them.

  6. Sibanda thinks that Zimbabweans are so guillable to such an extend that we forget the suffering that we went thru at the hands of ZANU PF in 2008. His party is more evil than anyone else in Zimbabwe

  7. I advise the war veterans leader to stick to what he knows best, which is repossession of land and politics and leave the church business to Christians. The Zimbabwean constitution allows freedom of worship and please dont choose for individuals who should attend church services an which church they should go to. If we want to know more about which churches to go to and which pastors and prophets to follow, we refer the bible and pray, then God will guide us. We dont listen to what is said by failed politicians on a rally. Did you really listen to your speech or you were making so much noise that you couldnt hear yourself? Spare us the nonsense. Give us bread and butter issues not clowns.

  8. wish sibanda would sit down and read the word before going to the podicum and preaching falsehoods. very misinformed and misguided.

    • Which Bible is Sibanda quoting? It seems he is going against Biblical teaching. The Bible implores us to love our neighbours but Sibanda wants us to”flush them out” Whatever that means. I believe ZANU PF should seek the services of a psychiatrist to help some of these guys who seem to be suffering from Post traumatic Stress Disorder.

    • Manga majaira kuponda vanhu zvichipera zvakadaro. Zvino gore rino Jehovah wamutsa maporofita. Haiperi yega nyaya iyoyo! Gotekote waita basa shamari. Bokaz.

  9. PS: Vamugabe vakati variko vachakanganisa zita ravo – hezvo zvakuitika, musatikanganisirao zita remusharuka wedu nekuda dzvene. mukuru kana tamupa basa rehutungamiri regai ariite muzvakana paatadza muchanzwa toridza mhere kuti aiwa mukuru apa mabaya dondo

  10. MDC-T is not in anyway surprised by jabulani sibanda’s campaigns. If anything, they expose zanu pf more than MDC-T. Nevertheless I like jabu because he is a faithful MDC-T cadre who is destroying zanu pf from within. Keep it up jabu you are doing a good job as you once did with you 1 million men march. Manje Morgiza zvake zvirikutoita achisapotwa na Jabulani Fakevet Sibanda (Fake zanu pf cadre). Jabu haasi kubudira zanu pf pachena…….

  11. Jabulani Sibanda,Watch-out!! How come zanu pf allows such a devilish monister to campaign for them? Zanu pf is doomed.

  12. y is this dude going against the motion….mr president sir tell this idiot zimbabwe no longer has time for hate speech………hakuna muera shumba akadayi….he is a fake sibanda!

  13. y is this dude going against the motion….mr president sir tell this idiot zimbabwe no longer has time for hate speech………hakuna muera shumba akadayi….he is a fake sibanda! cut him loose pliz…..

  14. Are these gatherings sanctioned by the police??? Where is JOMIC in all this??? This guy is busy going around reversing the gains of the liberation struggle and contradicting the Commander in Chief!! Who does he think he is? Nerimwe zuva gava richadambura musungo. He pretends to be more Zanu PF than Zanu PF. He is still living in the stone age era. ZveChikoro hapana. Batai Munhu maComrades

  15. We as ZANU PF we shocked and disgusted with what Sibanda is doing,we fully condemn and de-associate ourselves from this stray rabbis dog.He is soiling our party beyond repairable towards elections.Our President is on record of preaching peace and condemning violence….Our supporters are now getting confused because of this barbaric self proclaiming war vert.Cde Mutasa please cut the tail of this creature,its now too long.ZANU we are a born again party which do not wish to spill blood of our brothers and sisters again.MDCs are true Zimbabweans so as we the ZANU P.Sibanda i tell u if you do not control your tongue and keep on waffling and continue costing our Party we will make things nusty for you.

    • Ndiri wekubhuruwayo shamwari phunyu, nditoriwo mundevere sewe, just want to put some gukurahundi action upon these Gukurahundis

  16. vose vanoblema jabu ndimi vatengesi vakauraisa vamwe vedu munguva yehondo. Hamuzivi kuti jabu arikuchengetedza rusununguko rwenyika kuti rwusafe rwatorwa navatengesi. Munyarare! Hamuna kumboona nhamo yakaonekwa navanhu ava kuti inzizimbabwe. Nhasi mosunda dura nekuzvimbirwa.

    • pliz politicians dont try to support your evil ideologists with the bible.you are playing with fire.one of these days you will reap.politics is of the devil.thats why u kill,lie,hate and scold each other.

    • Dr Cde Kereke, hamuna kuionawo hondo yacho ask the late Chinoz who died for this country. Takamama ikozvino moda kuunza demon remabhebhi munyika, hachitongi Tsvangirai

  17. jabu, truly you are decampaign zpf. how can u say chiefs must chase out people aligned to mdc? ko kumusha kwako hauna hama dzinosuppota mdc here? you statements are so divisive. do you what is freedom of association and assembly?

  18. Mr Sibanda Jesus did come for those who sin as well, you can not chase people away from the church because they are evil, that’s where they get their redemption from. If ZANU PF lost member to MDC T how you are going to bring them vack is what you should be worrying about not to chase them out of the churches, communities because at the end of the day the same ZANU PF will not gain anything. Actually i think you campaigning against ZANU PF.

  19. Zvakaoma;revise Jesus Christ words he rather say “render what belongs to God to God and what belongs to Caesar to Caesar” if mix the two you are not christians murikutiperekedza

  20. well said Mwana Wemuporofita.

    Jabulani you are truly showing the true characteristics of a bad illnatured ambassador of zanu pf.

    You are supposd to be out there looking for voters yet all that you can do is offending some voters. You are doing a great job for the opposition.

    pray for wisdom.

  21. Mdc-t is everywhre is Zimbabwe ,thanks Jabulani ,the same utterances made the people’s party so popuar over the past decade .Everyone knows knows wht zanu pf been doing since 1982-2008 brutal killing in cold blood .

  22. Boy I wish I had the resources! This guy should be shot, he is a nuisance and a disgrace, I feel pity for his relatives who must be feeling helpless and mostly embarassed by this idiot’s ranting. He has taken it up where Chinotimba left it, we shall see, god give me strength and health to see the day when some of these people will answer for their crimes. The day shall come, Sibanda must pay for the suffering he has caused among the people. Chinja!

  23. The true facts are that you can not separate Jabulani from the devil thats why he is so obsessed with him, the two are inseparable, they are one, they do not know anything else other than evil, they eat, walk, talk, sleep, bath evil.

  24. Uuuuuuu ifungwa dzemusangano here idzi? hey hey hey zvakutyisa izvi. igotoita strategy yekuwina maelections iyi. Gushungo misai munhu uyu fast, change course. taparara with this as a strategy haishandi, haishandi

  25. i have never read about this Jabulani cum war vet preaching hate speech in matebeleland. We kno yo agenda jabu. You wl never win

  26. Jabulani Sibanda is just one senseless and ignorant individual who do not know where the wind of change is blowing to. His boss Mugabe is busy preaching peace but he choose to go against him. If Robert Mugabe is sincere about violence free elections, then he must send this idiot to jail and rot there because that’s where he belongs! Zanu Pf will never win any free and fair election in Zimbabwe. I would like to warn you Sibanda and your Zanu that this time we are ready for you, if you use violence we will match you and if you use guns we will use bigger guns than yours. Be warned accordingly!

    • You are very wrong Mr Tatsikudzwa. Jabulani Sibanda is not a Seventh Day elder and he has never been one.Neither is he a Christian.He is probably a Minister in Satan’s government.

  27. Jabulani,

    Who are you to judge God’s people.May the God we worship deal with you, you are over stepping now. Christianity will never be judged by corrupt and evil politicians because although you hold such positions our God controls everything.

    I feel sorry for your lost soul. May God remember you and all those who follow you.

  28. Obert Mpofu na Gidza vazviverenga here izvi? These two guys have ZPF strategy right. Here comes this rabid and loose cannon. He does exactly the opposite of obert and Gidza startegy even that of vp. Kutuka makandiwa handi kubhururutsa shiri here? I hope P Commissar we ZPF notices this and does something. Ibhora musango iri!!!

  29. I know the gay, satanic men. They presided over 1billion percent inflation. They took over farms in a disorderly manner, causing widespread hunger & malnutrition. I know the satanic gay men. They took over the Anglican church illegally banishing true worshipers to the bush. They printed useless money causing panic & pandemonium amongst citizens.

    I know the gay prophets, they said Mugabe is a son of God. They have degrees in violence. Oh yes I know the sons and daughters of abomination, they will rule kusvikira madhonki amera nyanga! Oh yes I know them, they own diamond mines & give little to the state & the poor.

    I know the children of Satan, they planned Gukurahundi, Murambatvina, wavotera papi & many illegal, genocidal operations! I know the children of Diabolo! They destroyed industry through unwise price controls, they took over firms that did not belong to them & ran them to the ground

    Sons of the most evil. they lost elections & refused to leave office. Daughters of Lucifer, they caused a mass exodus of Zimbabweans to neighboring countries & diaspora, tearing families apart, causing social ills and community breakdowns. Sons & daughters of dark spirits, they killed our fathers, raped our mothers in front of our eyes.

    And they have the guts to hoodwink us! Down with them. Down with Satan! Down with Jabulani Sibanda & his psychopaths!

  30. Thank God for Jabulani. For the first time ever am impressed with what he has just said because he is telling the truth. Please do not judge Jabulani. He is, just like any other person created in the image of God. He is a child of God and concerning salvation matters only God knows what stands for him. Who knows what will happen to him before the Lord takes Him away. He has an equal chance to be saved just like you and me. Remember salvation has to do with God’s mercy and grace and God can save anyone because He is God. Jabulani is not to blame for what he has noticed in the churches and God has just used him to tell people that there is false doctrines in the church. The propblem is us, christians, we have compromised with the word of God to the extend that we can not draw a line between the kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan. Then Jabulani and ZANU PF can take advantage of our false doctrines to shame us. The church is polluted with satanism, false doctrines, agents of the devil anaMakandiwa and the likes of Eurbet who preach wrong and false doctrines. Preach it Jabulani. Noone is qualified to judge you except God himself. After all noone is perfect, we are all the same. I beg for God’s grace and mercy in our lives that he may forgive us and purify us from all unrighteousness, it is my heart’s desire that jabulani, the President, war verts, the MDC supporters, the ZANU PF supporters and anyother person may turn away from wickedness and be saved. I also pleased with leadersof various churches to preach the true gospel that comes from the Bible, the gospel that convicts and brings salvation to people, no to miracles that do not bring spiritual changes in people’s lives.

  31. nxaa, VanaSibanda waitwa seiko iwe iwe iwewe, stick to politics and instilling fear into innocent rural folks, kana door rechurch unoriziva kuti nderipi pwaaaah. When a country moves away from the presence of God it becomes an old country, look what happened to lucifer when he thought he could do better without God, he’s now known as the old serpent!!! Tarisai the state of our country and tell me if it shows the presence of God. If my spiritual father Prophet Makandiwa and his spiritual brother are fake prophets aiwa nguva ndinayo ndiwudzeiwo the true prophets of our time vasiri mubhaibheri. Why vanhu muchida kupa mbiri kuna satan than God the creator of heavens and earth and “everything” that dwells in it, if you don’t believe in the book of life (BIBLE) musangorutsa kutaura zvisina basa!!!!!!!

    • Mwana wapapa uchenjere kutambisirwa nguva with what you call prophesy, Some of these prophets of yours are not living according to the word, ask me and I will tell you where they get their powers and I will ask you the kind of language they use which belong to darkness. Jabu is however a true MDC-T supporter we are always together in most of our meetings. Ask me my phone Number and I will invite you to a meeting that will take place soon

  32. If you are a christian, ask yourself why you can not forgive Jabulani, and who are you not to forgive him? Jesus Christ the only Son of God died for you on the cross for your sins. He forgave you unconditionally. You should be glad that at least the Holy Spirit is working in Jabulani’s life. He knows that there is God and according to what he said, he is preaching the truth, false prophets who are using the name of God vanyanya. So called christians ask yourseves, what has gone wrong?. Simple, you have compromised and dined with the devil.Jabulani achakurakashai neshoko raMwari makasara musina kupfeka nokuti you have compromised and you are doing exactly the same things that the devil does. Well done Jabulani. These people should not poit fingers at you, they rape, murder, perform worldly miracles, steal, divorce and do all sorts of things in the church, preach to them. Where on earth has God allowed you to exalt anaMakandiwa like Jesus Himself.

  33. Mr Jabu pachokwad hamuna ruzivo rwepolitcs.muka zvidza muprofita mazvidza nevano mutevera.saka kut vangani vatendi ve Zanu varikutevera vaprofita ava vava kutobva ku Zanu vachit inovatidzisa kupinda denga?yor dstruction of Zanu part is VERY BIG dude

  34. “WAR veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda has blasted “educated evangelists” accusing them of misleading people through “ungodly prophecies” and teachings which he said were inspired by the devil”

    I think people are missing the point here and getting a little bit emotional for nothing. Whether this was said by a war veteran or a war deserter or a war coward does not matter. The fact is -is it true that ‘educated evangelists are misleading people through ‘ungodly prophecies’. Fortunately enough, it is true. Ubert Angel and Emanuel Makandiwa are just nothing short of that. Divine Counterfeits. Jabulani Sibanda may appear radarless on one or two things but on this issue, bilieve me you, he is 1000% correct. He should have gone further to encourage people not to go to these types of churches where diablos pretents to be a heavenly sentinel. Infact there is no way Cde Jabulani Sibanda could be wrong about these two little devils. Last of Last week but one, the two approached Cde Gideon Gono to neutralise his earlier chidding of miracle money sermons-and at the end of that meeting, we were surprised to learn that actually, they pledged a lot of their followers’ votes to Cde Gono’s party before consulting such followers-only if the Govenor could turn his back on these false tricks with false miracle moey they were playing on their followers. It is further said Cde Gono, a business man that he is, just shook their hands and crowned them the tittle of Cde Prophets. Do you think Jabu does not know these things? Cde Prophet Emanuele Makandiwa and Cde Prophet Ubert Angel come from the same stables as Cde O- Vet Jabulani Sibanda. They dine together, wine together, feast together, sleep together. So when Cde O-Vet Jabulani Sibanda rises up and announces that the two cde prophets are fake, you should know when to listen. He is telling the truth. He knows these things. After all, wasn’t cde prophet E.Makandiwa right there where the two million signatures were officially launched bythe show grounds? Didn’t he put his own on that paper? Cde O-Vet Sibanda is just throwing sheds of light to illuminate the true identity of these two divine counterfeits. Cde O-Vet Jabu Sibanda is an elder at the Seven Edvence church? So what? So are you saying in his hay days, when the holy spirit was mighty on his head as church elder-and before he decided to become an O-Vet (they tell me you can just wake up and make these kinds of decisions in this free country with great democracy and freedom of choice), he would have quoted you his favourite verse from revelations something which says “Fallen, fallen is babylon, that great city and mother of halots. Come out of it my people.” Now, would you say that’s a reference best suiting UFI , Zano Piyefi or the MDCs? . Whatever, but Jabulani Sibanda is right about false prophets and their divine counterfeit spiritual sons and daughters

    • Thanks brother for your Godly insight and comment. may God bless you. Continue to preach the truth, ZANU PF or MDC we need a Saviour, we have all gone astray.

      • Dovi, with much respect, you do not know, Jabulani can actually go to heaven iwe uchienda kuhell. God can save a person even at the last minute. He is God. God uses people for a purpose. I have been in countries where there is sound economies and good standard of living but quess what, people there do not need God, they are comfortable. God loves Zimbabwe so much so that we actually go into all these problems for his will to be accomplished. Its possible that if the world ends today they may be more Zimbabweans in Heaven than any other country, the reason being people are always on their knees seeking the Lord because of the problems that we are into. God could have hardened ZANU PF for his purpose of salvation to be accomplished. Do not insult or judge Jabulani, he is just a sinner who needs a Saviour just like you and me.

  35. sibanda and his zanu(pf) are the real satanists who go about murdering people,burning people’s houses and injuring people. the people of zimbabwe know zanu to be murderers from the days of the liberation struggle. sibanda is the son of lucifer.

    • Thanks for not commenting, howvever its possible that Jabulani can be used by God to preach to Makandiwa and Eubert including their followers so that they can be enlightened to the fact that they are into false doctrines and prophesy that do not bring spiritual deliverance. God can use anything, even a donkey to accomplish his purpose. Who is perfect? Jesus Christ only is perfect.

  36. Sibanda is doing a very good good job, that is showing the whole world how evil and autocratic despotic Zanu is. It must be rememebered Zanu has 40 000 civilian massacred persons it must final answer as to how such huge number of civilians were killed. Therefore Sibanda keep the ball rolling, role it some more you belong to the evil party role your ball

    • Parties, be ZANU PF or MDC have good and evil people, good and bad systems. What Zimbabwe needs is to be mature in governance in fact in all aspects of life. Our nation as a country is an idol worshipping country, our God has become the land, the gold, the diamonds, galas, Makandiwa, Gono, Eubert, miracles, money, Rhino horns etc. We are so evil that we are not able to manage God’s resources. We are busy kutukana, kushorana, kuitirana shanje, kuba, kutuka, kuuraya, raping etc. Why can’t we build our country together and leave a legacy for the future generation. I speak to all political parties.

  37. Jabulani Sibanda may the LORD ALMIGHTY deliver you from your stupidity !!! Surely you have given a new meaning to the word stupidity…

  38. iriwo benzi rekwaSibanda u uuuuuuuuuu ndaritadza ini, hakusi kwave kurasha pfungwa here are you saying kuti 50% of the population who support MDC should be decimated kkkkkkkkkkkk varume batai munhu asati aenderera kwasara kudya sipo achigeza

  39. “Regai zvikurirane tozosarura pakukohwa” Jabu u ar 100% right go as fast as u can to discredit your party +bhora musango ka1

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