MDC-T blows whistle on soldiers


The MDC-T yesterday claimed that scores of soldiers and their spouses were being registered as voters at Tredgold Building in Bulawayo in what the party suspects is a ploy to boost potential supporters for Zanu PF ahead of crucial elections slated for this year.


The MDC-T said the soldiers were being registered at Office 16 by the Registrar-General’s Office and the army.

“The voter registration exercise for the public was halted in Bulawayo last month amid speculation that the Registrar-General’s Office in Bulawayo only allows people aligned to Zanu PF party to register to vote,” the party said.

“Scores of people are being sent away from registration centres while police and army personnel are being allowed to register to vote.

“A visit to Tredgold Building revealed that ordinary people are not being allowed to register to vote.

“This trend is now widespread as scores of people were arrested in Lupane while trying to register to vote. About 40 people were arrested in Lupane a fortnight ago while trying to exercise their right to vote in the coming local and national elections.”

The MDC-T said there was a deliberate ploy to frustrate civilians from registering as voters to aid Zanu PF in the polls scheduled for July.

“As part of their efforts to make sure that neutral people are not involved, the Zanu PF machine has mobilised State operators to stop them from helping people to register as voters,” the party said, referring to the recent clampdown on civil society.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora said the party was appealing to the principals in the inclusive government to intervene.

He said in rural areas, particularly Manicaland, kraal heads were denying perceived MDC-T supporters reference letters to register as voters.

Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa defended the army’s involvement in the voter registration exercise.
“If they say soldiers are Zanu PF and should not vote, we will also say all trade unionists are MDC and cannot vote,” he said.

“You can’t separate soldiers and Zanu PF the same way we can’t separate trade unions from MDC.”

A voter mobilisation exercise led by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has stalled due to lack of funds.


  1. this z a fucking lie, wen will this MDC T thing stop? I suggest one thing fr you Tsvangirai, get your ass up and fight like a man and STOP crying like a divorced woman. You keep liying to pipo and instead of preparing fr elections. PEOPLE! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE ORDINARY PEOPLE BEING TURNED AWAY AT TRADEGOLD” IT’S A BLUE LIE.

    • Kkkkk identify yourself and stand by your words its the zanu pf chauvinism and dogma that prevents you from telling the nation the truth but well we don’t need your express hallucinations to know the widespread skirmishes with voter registration and attempts to subvert the will of the people will meet with stiff resistance this time. We will save ourselves

    • @colonel
      why are offended when dirty election practices are being exposed.
      I myself was turned away in Hre this week with the officers saying they had already closed yet there was a queue of ladies who had come with a letter from Ushewokunze Housing Coop who were being registered.
      Besides this nonsense and partisanship, RGM shd know im going register anyway and vote MDC-T.
      A vote for my future and family.
      No two ways about it.

    • Need no robotics professor to see Mugabe is vying for a voters roll with half dead people, a quarter army postal votes and no new voters.

  2. I wonder if the writer is familier with Tredgold Building 16 has been registering people for years, everybody and to say ordinary citizens are turned away.
    there is no evidance of research, its a footprint of Harvest House. a call came thru to Newsday office wih Mwonzora planting his lies. if Newsday lies disgiused as fact is true why not seek comments form MDC-T Bulawayo province spokesperson person.
    if feel pity for Trevor Ncube. to allow mediocre journalism is in his stable is shocking…wake up before the real funders of ur projects that have been hijacked by Tsvangirai are exposed

  3. MDC T is a joke, I don’t think you guys r not ready fr elections..Tradegold office 16 registering ZANU PF supporters and turning away ordinary pipo? Chineke! lies won’t take u to State house Mr Tsvangirai, you are betraying your followers man can’t u see that? These are useless lies.

  4. This does not came as a surprise. What is disappointing is the naivety of MDC to announce to the whole world they are ready for elections when such ZANU chicanery is going on. It is naive to expect ZANU to play fair. The MDC should announce their minimum expectations of what it takes for them to participate in elections. Make sure you make loud noise about the existence of CIO operatives in the ZEC office. Insist on SADC taking action. What is the point of crying foul after or during the election.

  5. Everything about this story is true. The same is happening in Harare.
    On the 12th to 13 February we went to Market Square Reg Offices as a family to register to vote. On day1 we failed to register due to overcrowding and notibly there was a high number of uniformed soldiers.
    2nd day we were denied chance to register with the officer saying they had closed registering voters to ‘members of the public’ by 10am.
    It is only through insistence that we registered on day 3 but before 10am.

  6. I suspect the intelligence has taken over the voter registration.
    In Harare they have changed the normal rooms where the usual registration is done.
    Furthermore there are new faces now conducting the exercise whose first question they ask you is where do you work a clear sign they have certain people they are targeting.

  7. Thank you Newsday for bringing this case to light.
    Tsvangirai is foolish seeking recognition and accreditation for the forthcoming election when his supporters are being denied the basic right to vote.
    Foolish indeed

  8. With Ali and Gaddafi gone, Mugabe has a 1 in 10 chance of luring a new vote to zpf.
    Believe me new voter registration is never going to be done or else it shall be done for a few days with little or no publication.

  9. Zanu has kickstarted the election champaign with clear tactic of ambush and surprise.
    Dont think Mpofu shall ever avail money for voter registration.
    Ironically Chihuri recently made a frantic call to all uniformed personnel to go and register to vote yet two NGOs were intruded and ramshackled on suspicion they were promoting the same cause- voter registration.
    Zanu PF cant grasp the feeling of impending electoral defeat. Hahahah

  10. hey hey hey you pipo don’t tell us about Harare, if this is happening in Harare y then are they saying Tradegold? STOP LIYING AND GET YOUR BLACK ASS BUSY! There is NO such a thing happening in Tradegold. ZANU PF is capable of anything, YES we know, but this is a lie.

  11. Sorry you ZANU PF guy its only shows that this is trueth becouse why are you denie while there is evidence of which iz testfied .if you say this is lie lets do it wethout regester to vote ,one man one vote with only valid zimbabwean ID,PASSPORT OR D LISENCE if you are serious that the talken are all lies . I appill this to the president and Priminister and the cabinet.

  12. I am a civil servant working in the said office 16 Tredgold Byo. I am surprised to read such nonsense purportedly told by the PM. Firstly our ethic is to treat everyone fairly and without fear or favour. Soldiers and policemen are citizens of this country and have a right to vote like everyone else. They can vote for anyone they like so there is no absolute guarantee they will all vote for one party. If a person has some form of positive identification and proof of res we have no reason to turn such a person away. For starters we do not even know what an MDC supporter looks like or what a ZPF supporter looks like at face value so we can never screen. The real truth is that mr PM is not sure of his chances this forth coming elections and is trying to play a blame game which is typical of course. A poor farmer always blames the rains. The PM’s open zip and shut mind is beginning to haunt him. If pipo are being harassed in other centers it could simply be because generally civil servants are frustrated with the PM for false promises of remuneration and Biti’s arrogance

    • civil servants angry abt pm/biti s false promises?u r not a genuine civil servant.a ghost worker a cio 4 that matter reiterating skewed hostile zanu pf utterances counting on tsvangirais chances of winning the election?zanu pf z gone.

      • You are right. It’s so obvious ‘Rambo’ is not what he purports to be. I am challenging you to prove you work in the office you say you do. Kusanyara!

        • You are right. It’s so obvious ‘Rambo’ is not what he purports to be. I am challenging him to prove he works in the office he says he does at Tredgold Bldg. Kusanyara!


  13. I wek @ registry and I so reprised that some idiots like Rangarirai go as far as calling us ZANU PF guys, jus bcoz we refused to succumb to this bullshit. @S.Rangarirai, am not even sorry to tell u that u r a professional imbecile.. I think it’s high tym u consider visiting a mental institute, u hv severe psychological disorder my friend…I repeat ‘ THIS IS A FUCKING LIE’ TSVANGIRAI MUST DO BUSINESS AND STOP CRYING LIKE A KID’.

  14. whether the sun rises fm byo binga or p/tree…morgen open zip puppet gold digger tsvangirai will never ever in yours or his life rule zim. ini ndaka tora ivhu izvozvi fodya yandaka rima yakawanda zvekuti murungu akaiona haabvumi kuti mushona akairima. saka zvekuti tradegold what what muchinyepa hazviunze hupfu mumba….( once a black man always a…….)WAIZIWA.

  15. It is not Tredgold Building only where registration is going on. Go to Market Square pamaBirth soldiers are queuing everyday to register as voters with a special office for them to do so. MDC-T should polish up their intelligence if they are to win over this zanu pf rigging machinery

  16. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who was conducting a little research on this. And he actually ordered me lunch because I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending some time to discuss this issue here on your website.

  17. let ur conjernz guide u in all ur actions towardss electionz coz wat wi are abt to du determines e future o us a our son’s sons.dntget bewilde wt suggestions brt onto e ppr by journalist who are being funded wt westerners.also let wi not ignore e fact at wi playing wt killer warriors a cheaters in zanu pf.yep guyz i admire a little o ur thnkn but one thing is wen u hv two fools dnt judge at is one is a better fool coz ere aint shit like at.remeber we are choosing btwn being indepndnt a being enslvd.wtout land redrstrbtn a indegnstn in any cntry indpndnt fm e worst u never indepndnt.u admire politicl charity lecture in mzansi a hate e article zimbabwe aworkenyn u traitors.

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