Cops, RG under spotlight over revenue


THE police and the Registrar-General’s Department this week came under spotlight in Parliament where Members of Parliament called on the two institutions to remit whatever revenue they collected to Treasury.

Report by Veneranda Langa

The legislators said more than 30% of the country’s revenue was being collected by several government agencies, but the money did not find its way into State coffers.

The calls were made during debate of a motion by Magwegwe MP Felix Magalela Sibanda seeking to compel government departments and parastatals to remit all revenue to Treasury.

“I left Bulawayo yesterday and was greeted nearly every 10 kilometres by roadblocks and I have taken statistics in Bulawayo and found out that commuter omnibus operators pay
R500 000 rands spot fines per day and all these monies should be sent to Treasury,” said Magalela Sibanda.

“I have also visited the Registrar-General’s department where thousands of people queue for $257 and $50 passports per day, but where does all this money go to?” he said.

Sibanda alleged the RG’s office and Police could be making money as big as the budget of Lesotho.

Recently the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa claimed the ZRP was the most corrupt department in the region.

Seconder of the motion, Zengeza West MP, Collen Gwiyo said these departments were in breach of the country’s Constitution.

“The fact is that there is laxity on the part of the Executive in terms of complying with the Constitution of Zimbabwe regarding revenue collection.”

Gwiyo said the permission given the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the RG’s offices to keep money they collected should be cancelled as it was meant to be operational only during the Zimbabwe dollar era to cater for runaway inflation.

“Our concern through this motion is that the purpose of the moratorium has outlived its usefulness because we are now in a multicurrency environment where the prejudices of the Zimbabwe dollar are no longer an issue.  It is high time revenue is remitted to Treasury,” he said.

Kambuzuma MP, Willias Madzimure said the problem was the absence of a proper revenue collection system, adding that cash collections should be banned.

“More than 30% of our revenue is being collected by several agencies that do not remit the collections to Treasury.  The problem is that in the absence of a system that makes these entities accountable, it opens them to a lot of corruption,” said Madzimure.

He said even if there was a provision that these departments should keep a certain percentage of cash, that percentage should be allocated to them by Treasury.

Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross said ZRP’s actions were an outright defiance of President Robert Mugabe’s recent call to stop corrupt tendencies on roads.

“When the President made a very strong statement, the roadblocks were withdrawn for two to three days but they are now back with a vengeance.  When I was travelling from Bulawayo to Harare the other day, I came across 22 roadblocks,” said Cross.

Legislators also said Marange Resources under the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe was 100% owned by government, and there was no excuse for failure to pay civil servants using money from the country’s natural resources.


  1. The biggest problem is Mugabe himself. He may have made a statement about corruption, but if he was serious he would have just called the Chihuri and ordered him to stop corruption, remit collections to Treasury. This would have been implemented. Chihuri and others know it is politiking when Mugabe makes such statements, so they pay no attention.

    MPs themselves are to blame. Some of them have been in parliament for a long time and they still do not understand how parliament and government works. If they were serious, the Executive would take them seriously, and changes would be made, or their recommendations would carry weight.

  2. true there should be something done about that if you are going at Harare you get there tired about those roadblocks some of the et conductors bafakw insimbi ezandleni when they try to resist the issue of paying the money

  3. chihuri as a zanu pf commissar masquerading as a police theif is to blame. Spot fines are illegal. Their z69[j] book now has a top copy instructing officers to remit the money in his account at a bank called pghq. should stop spot fines if pple are seriouse with corruption.

  4. When it comes to salary juniors are told that biti does not want with money,but they are busy buying bmws for commissioners,ford rangers for chief sups,benz for senior ass coms&navaraz.when it comes to juniors sanctions&biti factor surfaces

  5. Chihuri and Tobaiwa, when the next Government comes, you shall be charged for criminal abuse of office and failure to comply with the law for not remmitting these funds to treasury. Unfortunately for you guys, you shall be charged and imprisoned in your individual capacity, though you are not using all this money for your benefit. Take heed.

  6. Chinamanaso wanted biti to give home affairs money to process ids and voter registration yet the ministry is getting a lot of money from passports, ids, zrp spot fines etc. Why are we suffering yet the country have got everything.

  7. In the past decade, it is well known that Augustine Chihuri has personally been benefiting from the spot fines and bribes that the Police take at roadblocks. This man and his cabal pretend to be the guardians of national sovereignty when in fact they are using the coercive arms of the State to personally enrich themselves. It is for that reason and the gross human rights abuses they have been committing, that they shiver and pooh their undies at the prospect of a change of government. They are just bandits who will soon account for this.

  8. Check this!! These guys were allowed to keep the money by law during the ZIM quacha era. If the law has not been changed, where is the outcry? Besides it is the duty of the useless Biti, to move the bill in Parliamnet to effect the change of the law. Otherwise the blame is on this Biti. He should identify leaks of revenue and plug them. This is the basic responsibility of the Finance Minister. Otherwise he is damned useless.

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