Cold-blooded murder shocks Karoi


KAROI — In a gruesome murder that has left Karoi residents shocked, a 27-year-old man fatally struck his father with an iron bar in a suspected domestic dispute.

Own Correspondent

Police have since launched a hunt for the suspect identified as Learnmore Zimucha.

Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara yesterday confirmed the murder of 53-year-old Peter Zimucha of Plot 13, Sangalalo Farm, Karoi.

Police said on January 30 at around 10pm, the now deceased, his son Learnmore and their employee Chamunorwa Mutengera (21) finished curing tobacco and retired to bed thereafter.

The following day at around 1am it is believed Learnmore, who had earlier been reportedly angered by his father, woke up and went to the now deceased’s bedroom armed with an iron bar.

He then allegedly struck his father repeatedly with the weapon all over the body. Police said Mutengera was awakened by the old man’s distress calls and rushed to his rescue, but the suspect charged towards him. Mutengera fled the scene and informed a neighbour, Vengai Dakuwa (42).

The two returned to the homestead, but found Peter lying dead in a pool of blood. Learnmore was nowhere to be found. The matter was reported to Karoi rural police and the body was conveyed to the Karoi District Hospital mortuary.

Meanwhile, a sombre atmosphere engulfed Mbizo Section 9 suburb last Monday following the gruesome murder of a 64-year-old woman allegedly by her husband over a yet-to-be disclosed domestic dispute.

Midlands police said the suspect Clemence Mhandire (72) allegedly murdered his wife, Tecla Matavire (64), in cold blood on Monday night following a domestic misunderstanding.

According to police documents, Mhandire had an argument with his wife whom he then struck with a log until she fell unconscious.

After the incident, Mhandire allegedly reported to his neighbour that he had murdered his wife and then handed himself to Garandichauya Mbizo Police Station.

A preliminary post-mortem report indicated that the woman sustained a fractured skull, leading to her death.

Her body has since been taken to Bulawayo for a full post-mortem. Mhandire is expected to appear at the Kwekwe Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.


  1. Munhu akauraiwa uyu anga ari mukwa wangu and we buried him on satarday bt ivin @ body viewing maziso akaputsika uye mazino panga pasisina bt u cud c kuti imhepo,people shud pray pliz

  2. Dont be surprised by this happening, its the zanu way, they taught people that you can kill and nothing happens to you especially that young man shud be a border gezi trainee.

  3. Mutongi Gava is synonimous with wisdom as depicted in Shona folklore, yu are exactly the opposite! Dai vanhu vose vanouraya vanhu vari ve ZPF, MDC ingadai isina maseats kuParliament! Yu seem to have plenty beef with Border Gezi trainees, ndekupi kwazvisiri? Kunyora kwako kuchaita kuti vanhu vakuvadzane pamaelections, hatidi Kigali Mail hate propaganda.

  4. Its cultural. Gukurahundism in the killing fields of Mashonaland.

    They carry knives, axes and knobkerries everywhere – traditional weapons!!!

    • Musuni ka nina nguMbonisi. Mataibili was right after all. He should have wiped away all the Ndebele fools. Next time BATAI MUNHU…

      • Its known where this is coming from. Dont try to hide it. Who killed the over 200 people in 2008 and was never caught?

    • With all due respect Mbonisi you are out of topic here. Your Gukurahundism Rethoric does not apply here’
      ‘They carry knives, axes and knobkerries everywhere – traditional weapons!!!’ Apparently these weapons are associated with supporters of a ‘vagabond king’ Mzilikazi and their football team that was thrushed two nil by Sundowns. Don’t pull that crap on MaShona.

  5. Vanhu vanouraya vamwe kazhinji kacho maZanu PF period. MaBorder Gezi trained killers full stop. Call a spade a spade. Mutongi gave is right.

  6. Joseph Goebbells, Hitler’s spin/Dr, once said, “An untruth repeated many times will eventually be taken for the truth!” The “over 200″cliche has lost meaning Mr Reformist, all figures >200 become probabilities, thats not scientific. The other day yu said “thousands”, just how many? If yu dont have the actual figure dont generalise. Informed sources, however,say this guy is actually of Nguni decsent, a dissident (Yes ukhutylamuka vayakhutanda, its in Mbo’s DNA, ask Buthelezi!) of the last raids who naturalised over the years’ Nhasi wafara cde Mbo!

    • Mposini you are overstaying your welcome, try words of Unity ,Peace &Love othewise you will be blssed.

  7. shit happens thats why kune chinonzi murder. Lets not point fingers, the murderer must be sentenced to death, i think its fair.

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