Cape Verde cry foul over ref

PORT ELIZABETH — Cape Verde said the refereeing was not fair during Saturday’s 2-0 loss to Ghana in an Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) quarter-final.


The islanders’ coach Lucio Antunes and his players said referee Rajinjapasad Seechurn from Mauritius should have awarded them a penalty in the second half.

“This was our fourth game and in our first three games, there were no questions — now there are questions. You should draw your own conclusions,” said a disappointed Antunes.

“They (the organisers) would want to see Ghana move into the semi-finals or do you want 200 spectators to watch Cape Verde against Togo in the semi-finals?”

“There was a penalty when Djaniny was fouled, but the referee did not give it to us,” said defender Fernando Varela.

Cape Verde reserve defender Guy Ramos said: “We have serious misgivings about the referee in today’s game. Ghana were lucky with the calls by the referee.”

Ghana skipper Asamoah Gyan maintained the penalty awarded to his team was a correct decision after he was brought down nine minutes after halftime.

Substitute Mubarak Wakaso converted the kick and added a second on the break five minutes into stoppage time.

“It was a penalty. I was ahead of the defender and he took me down from behind. I respect the referee’s decision,” Gyan said.


  1. I agree with the coach.Cape Verde were beaten by CAF,i suspect!

  2. definately,CAF had it all figured out,i agree with you coach.its so disheartening.

  3. not only on cape verde, the Togo vs Tunisia game was even worse, the referee was terrible, he really wanted Tunisia to go through, more over he was a referee from the host nation ‘SHAME ON YOU HAYATOU & COMPANY’

  4. who said gyan was the best player in africa? ghanaians know that if fair play had prevailed, they would have really sweated for a win. its unfortunate our soccer is slowly becoming movie where the result is pre-determined. some teams are main actors and will never be beaten in a movie, the main actor doesnt die.

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