Calls to reintroduce ZJC

ZANU PF Rushinga senator Damian Mumvuri on Tuesday urged the government to consider re-introducing the Zimbabwe Junior Certificate (ZJC) to ensure that only students with good results were allowed to proceed to Ordinary Level.


Mumvuri told Senate that the 81,6% “O” Level failure rate recorded last year could have been caused by the gap created by the scrapping off of ZJC examinations.

“I believe the absence of continuous assessment which was created by removing ZJC is an oversight which is costing us,” he said.

“We must call for the reintroduction of ZJC so that there is continuous assessment.” Mumvuri said the high failure rate could also have been caused by shortage of qualified teachers, amid reports that the country had a shortfall of 30 000 qualified teachers.

“Statistics indicate that Zimbabwe currently has a teaching staff complement of about 106 000 teachers out of the required 136 000 teachers,” he said.

“We are short of about 30 000 qualified teachers and most schools, especially in the rural areas, have to rely on relief or unqualified teachers.

“This is one of the reasons why we have poor results. They (students) are taught by unqualified teachers,” he said.

“The Deputy Minister of Education, Lazarus Dokora, told me qualified teachers refuse to go to rural areas to take up posts.

“They would rather stay in the urban areas.

“We must introduce incentives to lure the teachers so that they go there and help the rural folk who are by far the majority of the people we have in the country.”

Education, Sport, Arts and Culture minister David Coltart attributed the poor Zimbabwe School Examinations Councils 2012.

“O” Level results to the crisis that beset the education sector before the formation of the inclusive government.

He said thousands of teachers had deserted the service between 2005 and 2009 disrupting learning activities at most schools.


  1. We all know the reason for such low pass rate. Remember the education sector was in shambles for aalmost a decade. These are the rusults of bad governance, dirty politics and gross mismanagement. Truly speaking these students lack basics. all we pray for is stablity in politics, we dont want a repeat of the past decade.

  2. ZJC must come back so that we can see the perfomance of our kids, Fours mwana achingodzidza pasina chaitika here nhai

  3. Fantastic proposition, children are failing form 4 dismally because after writing grade 7 exam, the only other exam they are confronted with is O-level without sufficient exam skills or experience.

  4. You are right Tafara, i wonder why they scratced the ZJC.after writing Grade seven exam , children will read hard and putting more presure and skills in order to pass ZJc and after ZJC they will work hard again in order to pass O level after O level they will do same. we can’t do away with ZJC, thats a way of promoting lazziness to our children. for those four years they will be relaxing and they won’t even take education serious until they fail.

  5. Reintroduce Zimbabwean dollar. Kwenyu kuida here ZJC. Do you have the capacity to conduct such a public exam. The ZJC was racialistic colonial policy of deselecting 121/2% of Africans who would pursue O level out of the multitude who were in the junior secondary level. Why was it stopped in the first place.

    1. Reintroducing ZJC has nothing to do with bottle necking but it can assist schools assess the quality of education they are offering just students with 36 points at Grade 7 proceed to Form 1 the ZJC helps both the students and the adminstration have independent assessment..we could have two tiers where those who do well sit for O level after the next 2 years and those struggling sit after 3 years prior to the ZJC exam and so on. 4 years without independent assessment is rather not right. Remember this is assessment not sanction!

      1. True poet you are. There is no better way to put it. Thanks, and hoping that the powers that be reading contributions on this platform.

  6. Ask Zanu why JC was scratched and they will point sanctions imposed on Mugabe and allies. No question was asked on 1999 zjc results whereabouts where the hell is parents’ monies?

  7. stupid rose!!

    1. How is Rose stupid? Could it be maybe you are the stupid one, why dont you give us your own contribution like Rose?

  8. i think poor pass rate is due to poor economic perfomance.teachers are not getting enough salary so they move out of the country to look for greener pastures. this is the reason why there is shortage of teachers in Zim.

  9. Njalo you have hit the nail on the head. Teachers can not afford a decent living on their salaries, get assaulted in the rural areas for not supporting Zanu PF, school fees are beyond the reach of many, because food 3 x square meals a day are beyond reach of many pupils are always hungry, at govt & some pvt schools there are shortages of books equipment & teachers, many experienced teachers have relocated to Botswana South Africa UK, there is no electricity for pupils to study at night, at the moment it makes more sense for a young boy or girl to korokoza gold than go to school because when you finish school there are no jobs… If introducing ZJC will solve all these problems then go for it…

  10. silly Guutter Poet!!! why are you supporting silly people, everything ask zanu why not ask mdc-t thuggs who invited these so called sanctions, sanctions are not easy to lift but if you invite them its easy for the western to impose them on you narrow minded thuggs

    1. Instead you should contribute positively to the debate going on here. These are our children not the englishman or american child. Get it!

  11. Z.J.C will be great to re-introduce. Why is it necessary for everyone to reach O level? We need to start to save money early, and let those who are not good enough follow other avenues that are commensurate with their academic capabilities. We need farms workers, mine workers and people who will sweep the streets and they do not have to spend their hard earned parent’s money to reach A level or O level. Do not blame teachers for failures when the kids themselves are impervious. Each school should employ teacher pyshcologists who can tell early parents what their chn are capable of achieving and route them to appropriate instituttions of learning and Z.J.C is an early indicator level. Do not just push every child to University just because the parents can afford, the result is that dangerous graduates are produced to the detriment of the country, when these people could probably have been good motor mechanics, brick layers or farm foreman. Screening is necessary.

  12. There are many factors that affect the perfomance of pupils in schools.To start with a lot of pupils are now bread winners(ndiye Baba,Mai nemwana)anofunda sei?.lf a Teachers’ needs are met to a certain extend he/she can be able to motivate pupils.However ZJC exams will help Teachers,Parents to know the perfomance of their pupils before proceeding to ‘O’ level

  13. Whatever reason that caused children to fail this year, Zjc must be reintroduced, whi doesnt know practice makes perfect.Until today we have mock tests on fridays in all our schools, what are they for. This is is to promote children into answering questions under exam environment over a stipulated period of time. This creates competition all over; teachers and children. For whatever reason it was scratched out, whoever that person wanted to please, considered diptank in psychology; for me its all stupidity. Asi zvimwe zvacho varume tisaremwa nekungoti pesepese zanupf,mdc , hee mugabe. Let us apply policies that are goog for our future and our children. Zjc chikoro.

  14. ZJC is a good move but as long as teachers are not hapy, it won’t help. They want reasonable salaries. Give them what they want and you will see.

  15. teachers must teach kids thats it. its not a matter of salary and pleasing each other by giving him/her hefty salaries
    if you love your job, do it perfectly and rewards after wards. i think these teachers needs a whip!!!

  16. we have myriad of issues that is contributing to high O level failure rate. i will point out one issue that i feel needs urgent correction by the parents. our society do not know how to handle technological changes. as long as your kids are fond of facebook and whatsup do not expect miracles. batai vana venyu vasaita sokunge ndivo vakavingwa netechnology pano pasi. zvimwe munofanira kukorecta mega coz vamwe vana vanoita sevachatsikwa nemota vachingotinya tinya tumafoni and vanotorara nawo. shame!!! vevamwe varikupasa wani.

  17. Rimwe rakambotaurazve one unifom, nhasi rimwe rot zjc

  18. This guy called Peter strikes me as one of those big matofo or is it madofo.Why do you have to politicise everything and where is the link between the suspension of the ZJC in 1999 and sanctions? One day you will tell us that you have failed to make your wife pregnant because of sanctions.If you really want to be a good analyst I advise you to go to school especially to the UZ.They will sharpen you.

  19. To hell with politics on this issue,guys its a morkery to our education system to have a housemed or sweeper with 5 o’levels like is the case right now zvinoderedzera fundo yedu,akonewa form two no to form 4,taneta nemaform 4 emabhakosi plse even colleges shld be stopped from conducting such recruitments hazvineyi nevarungu izvi.

  20. This is no different from the diesel from rocks saga……..okay, let’s cull students at Form 2, what are 13/14 yr olds to do if they can’t continue with schooling? I’m even more shocked most debaters here are supporting this ridiculous idea. The lack of political will in our country is tragic…forever treating symptoms and not addressing the problems. The solution to problem is very simple, reward teachers accordingly and the results will come…..culling 14 yr olds from schooling is not a solution, wake up Zimbabweans.

    1. wen ar yu pple going to accept that not everyone who sits for exams or is taught will pass?Give the teacher incentive send the child for extra lessons..whichever way if the child concerned is incapable period..even if a teacher from Mars takes up that child it wont work..yes with motivation the teacher can help those who CAN improve..some children will NEVER pass…parents avoid wasting money paying incentives hoping this will help change a grade 7 pupil who had 36 units to achieve 9 As at O Level..wake up parents stop dreaming

      1. Regardless of passing there’s much to be learnt from school. Using your logic, only about 18% of kids should bother with schooling? Now that’s just pain ridiculous. What planet do you live on?

  21. we lk that bcz fr the past decade the pass rate decreased& the gvt shld increase salaries fr teachers& good assesment iz required

  22. we are wat we are coz of the screening process done after zjc results……tangatava kutoita se matric yeku jozi…..pliz bring bek jc…

  23. ndini uya uya


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