Zimta dispels strike threat

THE Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (Zimta) said it has lined up provincial annual general meetings (AGMs) across the country to discuss, among other things, deteriorating conditions of service for its members.


The meetings come hardly a week before the first term commences with other unions threatening to mobilise their members to down tools when schools open next Tuesday.

Zimta chief executive officer Sifiso Ndlovu, however, dispelled the strike threats.

“The provincial AGMs are in preparation for the national conference to be held in April,” he said.

“We also want to give people feedback on a number of issues and the developments in 2012. The AGMs should have been done last year, but when we came to the close of the year, there were a lot of things happening and we pushed it to this year.”

Bulawayo province will have its AGM tomorrow as well as Harare, Matabeleland South, Matabeleland North, Masvingo, Mashonaland East and Manicaland provinces.

Midlands, Mashonaland West and Mashonaland Central provinces will have their AGMs on Saturday.

“Usually we get resolutions and the year’s agenda from such meetings. We expect delegates from districts and branches to attend the AGMs.

“What is fundamental to our members are the issues to do with the conditions of service. These are the issues that we expect to be discussed at the provincial AGMs.

“The meetings have nothing to do with the reports that we are seeing in some papers that there are possibilities of a teachers’ strike.We cannot speak about a strike now.”

“Our strike usually comes after these meetings, but we are not anticipating that delegates will come to these AGMs with an idea to strike.”

Ndlovu said Zimta was committed to re-engaging the government after stalled consultations with the Apex leadership.

Since the formation of the inclusive government three years ago, teachers and other civil servants have been pushing for an upward salary review to cushion them against poverty.

However, Treasury has insisted that it cannot meet the demands due to cashflow problems.

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  1. zimta matanga futi kamweya kebetrayal. U hev betrayed trs on numerous ocasions. Wy dont u wek up. Cant u c at gvt is buying time. Vamwe vakavaka maconference centre, vamwe vachitenga vic forosi yese. Musatamba nesimba revanhu saNcube naMtambara. Muchamhanya. Fight 4 e cause of trs not political posts

    1. Ngito, ZIMTA has always been awake to the fact that it is pro-ZANU PF side of govt. ZIMTA is there to suppress and quell dissent, a job they have performed par excellence. Teachers still subscribing to ZIMTA are the ones who should wake up and cease those subscriptions.

  2. Merrily disjointed, hey?

  3. ZIMTA is correct because at first you teachers you were being used by the MDC to strike against the ZANU PF gvt.

    1. Clifford. Striking against government or striking against poor remuneration?

    2. Clifford, in 1990 teachers went on strike, nationwide. That was way before conception of the MDC. ZIMTA was the sole association. Dont parrot the ZANU PF mantra simply because your family got a parcel of land during the violent land grab, making you accessory to murder of farmers like Stephen Olds.

  4. Each time schools open strike trike whats that

    1. Mari yacho inobvepi. Biti akati hakuna mari, so why strike.

  5. zimta majaira kutitambudza.ko chiiko chamunoda.munonyepera kuda maticha imi muri nyoka.ko nhai vanhuwe tatadza here kugadzirisa chimusangano ichi chiite mushe

  6. heart of a lion

    Another strike. i was in the rural areas and know most teachers r most focused on the tobacco in their field than the welfare of the students. The problem is with hyper inflation that destroyed the moral fabric of our system we have every1 trying to milk the system. I’m in states right now and believe me zims is not that expensive so u cannot be asking for us wages when the cost of living is not remotely close. I can’t even say the teachers do an outstanding job that merits extra merits. Kids nowadays r lagging behind

  7. heart of a lion

    forget zanu pf, mdc t mdc m or w zapu etc…. and think of the children as they will b the ones to take care of the future bullshit focus on money is draining the already weak system. rwanda had no educated leader and look of the root they chose. Lack of education leads to chaos so if u think 2008 was bad god bless us in the future.

  8. Its one of the endeless confusion that Zimbos are facing and this will only add to stress and i feel sorry for us Zimbos. Do not lose hope zvichanaka one day. they say no pain no gain. strike or no strike lofe goes on.

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