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Woman robbed $9 000


POLICE have warned residents not to move around with huge amounts of money amid reports that a suspected robber pounced on a Mount Pleasant woman in Harare on Monday and got away with $9 000 before a forex dealer also lost $2 700 to a robber in Chitungwiza.


Harare provincial spokesperson Inspector Tedius Chibanda confirmed both incidents and identified the Mount Pleasant woman only as Enrich.

“We received a report where a robber attacked the Enrich home along Pendennis Road, Mount Pleasant (Harare) and stole $9 600 cash,” Chibanda said. It is understood that the robber went to the Enrich home at around 9pm, opened the door and confronted Enrich.

“Wielding a knife, the suspect demanded cash from the complainant who offered him $2 300 which was in her handbag, but the suspected robber reportedly asked for more. Enrich then allegedly led the accused to her bedroom where she handed him $7 300 more from her trunk.

Chibanda has warned residents not to keep such amounts with them.

“People should not keep large sums of money at home as they risk losing their cash. You should keep money in banks and if you want to do large transfers, do it via banks to avoid such situations,” he said.

In another incident, a forex dealer from Zengeza 4 in Chitungwiza lost $2 700 to a regular customer who had come to change money.

Leonard Dzabvu was at Zengeza 2 shopping centre when he was approached by a customer who purportedly intended to change $10 000 into South African rands.

Dzabvu allegedly entered into the customer’s vehicle and the two started driving around until they met other men in Zengeza 1 who were not known to Dzabvu.

“Dzabvu was sprayed with an unknown substance and became unconscious. They took $2 700 from him and the accused ran away and left the car with the complainant lying in there,” Chibanda said.

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