VP death shakes Zanu PF

THE death of Vice-President John Nkomo is likely to bring a new dimension to President Robert Mugabe’s succession plan and prompt questions on the relevance of the 1987 Unity Accord.

Nqaba Matshazi Staff Reporter

As per Unity Accord, the deputy will come from former PF Zapu members, with party chairman Simon Khaya Moyo and Mines and Minerals Development minister Obert Mpofu being the most likely candidates to replace him.

Moyo, a former aide of PF Zapu’s founding president Joshua Nkomo, is the front runner in succeeding the late John Nkomo, considering that he is already in the Zanu PF presidium.

Mpofu has also not hidden his ambitions to ascend to the vice-presidency, as he contested Nkomo in 2009.

The Mines minister hopes his popularity and influence in Matabeleland could propel him to the top post. Mpofu, who signed off a letter to Mugabe as “your ever obedient son”, hopes to rise to the vice-presidency through a combination of hard work and patronage.

Deputy Senate President Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu, the remaining most senior PF Zapu member at the Lancaster House constitutional talks, is also interested in the vice-presidency.

Retired Brigadier Ambrose Mutinhiri has also made his ambitions known, saying he was the most senior member of PF Zapu.

But Mugabe is likely to appoint a person from Matabeleland, for tribal balancing in his party.

Nkomo is the third Vice-President from the former PF Zapu to die in office in the past 14 years, after Joshua Nkomo and Joseph Msika, further testing the Unity Accord.

The Unity Accord between PF Zapu and Zanu PF brought to an end a pogrom in Matabeleland and Midlands provinces that saw the killing of more than 20 000 civilians.

On the other hand, Nkomo’s demise is likely to spark contestations for the Zanu PF chairman’s position.

All along the position had been preserved for a former PF Zapu member, but in 2009 after the elevation of Nkomo, Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa unsuccessfully contested for the seat.

The death cannot have come at a worse time for Mugabe who is battling to unite his party ahead of elections this year as Nkomo’s ascendancy had left Zanu PF badly divided.


  1. How does Obert come into play? He crossed to Zanu before the Unity accord so to say he was Zapu is silly.But I have no interest in the goings on in this party of thugs.

  2. Ita mushe anga siye mari yemadiamonds kuzoita VP ………… iwewe journalist iwewe fungawo mbichana

  3. Sooner or later they gonna run out of former PF-ZAPU members from Matebelaland. What then? The grand plan will be finally completed. That unity accord thing is a farce! It was buried in 2009. Those few left in ZANU-PF are just singing for their supper – they have no mandate from the ZAPU members who endorsed the accord in 1987.

  4. How sick we can become, pasina zuva we are talking of succession and that very soon they will run out of people. How pathetic and demonic can we human beings can become. Instead of mourning with the Nkomo family and other Zimbabweans, we stoop so low to think of succession. Do you think the family left by VP are thinking of succession. Ngatiratidzei unhu tombosiya zvekunyora zvisina basa. The VPs’ death has shaken Zimbabwe and not ZANU(PF) unless if we are saying ZANU(PF) is Zimbabwe. Let grow up and know what to write at a particular time. May the VP’s soul rest in eternal peace.

  5. Whats wrong with discussing opinions. Isnt it they say the show must go on. It doesnt mean that if people discuss opinions they are not grieving. Whats happened has happened. Dont write like an ‘ever obedient son’ You want this country to come to a stand still to show that we are grieving?

  6. mapipi unonyora semunhu anofunga….ndizvo chaizvo.

  7. I’m not grieving,I don’t care I wish all of them could be struck by lightning

    1. god doesnt operate like that.who know,you may be the first to die.

  8. Most Shonas will always shed those crocodile tears because he was a useful tool in the 1980s Gukurahundism.

    I say crocodile tears because, they would have never wanted him as the next President of Zimbabwe after their Gukurahundi Mugabe because he was a Mthwakazi.

    So, please wipe your crocodile tears and please shut up. We are sick and tired of the pretence!!


  9. azorora mdara uyu

  10. Kanti umuntu otiwa ngu Mbonisi uzondelani ama Shona kanje? You are such a rotten tribalist of which I have no description. Who in their right minds would not pained by the Gukurahundi massacres? Even the perpetrators themselves have acknowledged that as a moment of madness. So where does this Shona thimg come in. Mind you the Shonas constitute eighty five per cent of the Zibabwean population and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it. I for one would not mind at all being led by any one from any corner of Zimbabwe as long as he or she is not like you, ‘ Tribal twit’

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