Nama preparations at advanced stage

PREPARATIONS for the annual National Arts Merit Awards (Nama) to be held in Bulawayo for the first time have reached an advanced stage.

Report by Khulani Nkabinde Entertainment Reporter

National Arts Council of Zimbabwe deputy director Nicholas Moyo in an interview said the ceremony would be held at Large City Hall on February 16.

Moyo said a total 35 awards were up for grabs from the eight arts categories.

“We also have new awards for poetry and comedy,” he said.

Moyo said stakeholders were delighted to have the event in Bulawayo following an announcement by National Arts Council of Zimbabwe director Elvis Mari last year.

Past Nama ceremonies have been held in Harare.

“We are excited that stakeholders took ownership of the event ,” he said.

Moyo said 1 000 guests were expected to be seated inside the hall while others would have to follow proceedings from huge screens outside.

“I came here to meet the Bulawayo taskforce and give Bulawayo assurance that the awards will be held at Large City Hall without fail,” he said.

Moyo called on artistes to work hard.

“People should continue to do good work. Good works live longer than the creator of the work,” he said.

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  1. Excellent, it looks like Mthwakazi’s anti-Bambazonke and devolition campaigns are slowly but surely bearing fruit.

    Fight on brothers, fight on sisters – fight on for fairness, justice and equality in diversity. Next one should be in Gweru or Mutare – Harare is not Zimbabawe, and Zimbabwe is not Harare only!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It should not be where the NAMA are held that matters, it should be the value of these awards where artists nominate themselves and a panel that has not seen the works being nominated makes a decision. These awards are a farce. The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe that has no grants for artists and cultural organisations, no scholarship funds or support of any kind to the growth of the arts hides behind these worthless awards to justify itself. How many hundrends of people will travel from Harare, will be accommodated and fed by the sponsors of this event were awards are shared on rationale that has nothing to do with artistic excellency? All that money should be spent on supporting job creating artistic ventures and on sorting out problems hindering the growth of a real cultural industry in Zimbabwe. Start politicizing NAMA like this and you will see no end to devolution politics playing havoc to the work of the National Arts Council or that of the the Ministry of Culture. Harare is a capital city of Zimbabwe. There should doubt about that.

    1. Vakuru,

      1. Your point on value addition, and the development of the arts, is valid but just one aspect of the many issues that need attention;

      2. Where national events take place is important given that these are NATIONAL EVENTS, not regional or local events – this is not politicking. I thought there is now an understanding in Zim that anything that is NATIONAL should endeavour to include everyone and every region – that is why some according to their view believe the Welshman-led MDC is not National but regional;

      3. A Capital city is just the seat of government, nothing less and nothing more. It does not have to be the most vibrant and well developed city where everything happens. For instance, Washington DC is not where everything happens in the US, neither is it the most developed/advanced city.

      Just next door to Zim, Pretoria/Tshwane is not necessarily the biggest, most advanced and vibrant city in South Africa – Johannesburg is and yet it is not the capital. Your understanding of what a Capital city is all about is kindagarten stuff – the typical black African understanding so to speak, as obtains in almost all the countries North of the Limpopo. This is why all their Capital cities are overcrowded, congested and poorly serviced!

      1. Since when did the black Africans south if the Limpopo assumes the highest mantle of intellectual excellence? The last I checked a pass mark in a senior school certificate was 30%.

  3. Lets not try to address indirect issues using NAMA. You mbonisi you are a poluted some one. This is Art not those issues of trying to pool the blanket to your end.

    Ok who so far of Bulawayo companies are willing or have pledged support for this NAMA. Arts Council do not have the money and its expensive taking the event to Bulawayo at this moment of time.

    Fine lets watch and see, after the flope of the event you will start crying fowl. Umoyo is trying to play a home link -back home politics, telling lies that we are fighting the war in Harare to take things to Bulawayo. Guys lets live that mentality behind and do business, all that is useless.

    Why to day all of a sudden events of Arts Council faces Bulawayo, all of them and not Mutare, Masvingo or Gweru. Ok moyo of Arts Council and Damasane heard of Culture in Ministry of Education both are from Bulawayo. Ok kikkkkkk- sorry for you

  4. People need to know that national events are not for the capital city alone look what is happening in south africa they rotate their national events and also i would like to urge our local business people in byo to pull up they socks and plough back to the committe by supporting arts industry look what delta is doing to our arstist in byo let us local companys follow suit lets not cry foul when such events are hosted in other cities when you do not parcipate to sponsor this event wake up mthwakwazi

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